LE MENT Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo @ Japan

Every woman wants to have beautiful hair; no matter if she has short or long, curly or straight, smooth and and shiny hair always makes you happy and also gives good impression.
So do I, I also want a nice healthy hair.
Frizzy and dry hair not only makes you look unhappy, it also makes you look older than you.
That's the reason why good hair products play an important role in having healthy hair.
Starting from the age of 20, ever since I started the chemicals treatments like colouring and perming, my hair becomes dry, rough and frizzy.
I was really upset!
I was recommended many hair products from different hairdressers but still they couldn't help.
I came across Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo that come all the way from Japan, and would like to share with you all today.
The main thing about the Le Ment shampoo is to give your hair the boost it needs and also can be your effective scalp saviour!
Imagine if the base of scalp condition is not good, there is no other ways to maintain the beauty of your hair no matter how expensive the hair care products you use, and also how many amount of conditioner you use for your hair.
So yea! Get ready with me to say "Bye" to your bad hair days now! :)

What is Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo

Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo is a salon class shampoo that you can easily improve your hair condition at home.
It is originated from Japan, which ranked as No. 1 at Japan's Rakuten Market in 2016.
The hair product mainly helps for:
#1 damages caused by dying, perming or straightening hair
#2 damages caused as we aged
#3 damages caused by ultraviolet rays
Besides, it also acts as scalp treatment in order to develop silky hair starting from the scalp with a thick foam texture.


#1 The main ingredient contains high concentration carbonation of 5,000 ppm that can penetrate deeply into tiny hair root that the normal shampoo can't.
It mainly helps to clean the sebum and peracidified lipids, and getting your healthy hair back.

#2 The second active ingredient is the Amino Acid composition, which able to wash off alkaline residue and bring back your healthy scalp and hair, especially after having your hair coloured, highlighted, permed, or straightened.

#3 Nutritional supplements that came from all over the world, such as Moroccan oil, Baobab oil, Argan oil, Cupacu oil, Lipidure, Keratin and Fullerene are to protect, soften, and fully maintain the moisture of your hair, from the inside to the end, so that your hair will not feel dry.

#4 Moreover, the shampoo also infused with 9 kinds of extract-based organic plants to nourishes and maintains the elasticity of a good scalp condition, such as lemon, horsetail, hops, European red pine berry, rosemary leaf, calendula, lavender, charmomile and sage. 

#5 The most important thing is the hair product is Silicone free, which means it doesn't contain SLS that you can get long-term healthy, shiny hair without using any harsh or synthetic chemicals.


Le Ment shampoo has a simple design yet an elegant outlook. 
It is packed into a 200g sleek cylinder tin-type bottle with a shade of maroon. 
At my first sight, I actually thought it is a dry shampoo or a hair moose, because the packaging doesn't look like the regular shampoos I bought.
Anyway, the packaging is handy and light if you would like to bring it when traveling, and also the dispensing pump bottle is easier to use to control the amount of shampoo that wanted to use.

Texture & Scent

I believe everyone loves shampoo with good smell.
Le Ment shampoo has a very nice jasmine fragrance that impressed me!
As for the texture wise, it is more like a foam product, not liquid type, yet it creates some foams after adding water with the product.

How to use?

#1 Rinse scalp and hair with lukewarm water
#2 Shake the product well, squeeze an appropriate amount on your palm and then apply evenly to your scalp and hair
Around size of 2 ping pong balls for medium hair, and around 3 ping pong balls for long hair
#3 Massage your scalp and hair before washing off
#4 You can use hair conditioner after this if it is necessary
It is advised to use at least three times a week, however if you are concerned of any damaged hair condition that caused by colouring, perming etc, you can use it everyday to improve your hair condition.

My Experience

I made some before & after pictures after using the Le Ment shampoo.
This shampoo is different with all the shampoos I used before as it comes in a bubble form.
Even though it's in bubble form, it makes great bubbles and lather, just the same amounts like the shampoo I used before.
After shampooing, my hair is not so dry as before, and also not as flat as before!
I feel my hair is lighter, refreshed, just like after doing the hair spa treatment at the salon. 
You can also see from the before & after pictures as my hair is much smooth, silky, and looks more nourish than before. 
On the other hand, it smells really really really nice!

Where to Purchase?

Give yourself and your hair a try with Le Ment Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo.
I believe you will love it!
LE MENT Sparkling Oil Cleansing & Shampoo is only available to purchase at Japan Premium website, and the product will ship directly from Japan. 
One bottle is selling @ RM 120.00, but group purchase is cheaper than individual purchase.
You can get 4 bottles in a set @ RM360 only, which means average price for one bottle is @ RM90.00.
You can check out the product details, promotions before you purchase the products at the below links:
Chineve version: https://bit.ly/2Dec77g
English version: https://bit.ly/2PadEzT

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