My Aug Bangkok Trip

I know it is a bit late to update my Bangkok trip in Aug.
Ha...Guess I was too busy with something else in my life.
Not really get the time to come up here and loading all the nice pics.
And so, today, i decided to sit down and there you go, My Aug Bangkok Trip!

Travel period : From 27 till 31 Aug 2010.


1st day, in the early morning,
We went to Khao San Road to book the floating market trip for tomorrow schedule.
Khao San Road is a famous backpacking place for the whites.

Have the early breakfast in local Mcdonald.
We do not have any pork burger in Malaysia, so I do think it was delicious.

Sawat-dee Kaa to Bangkok

After the early breakfast and booking, we finally arrived at ChatuChak market
I highly recommened this cool place to the shopping kaki.
You can get lots of cheap, nice and special designs stuffs through here.
Not only stuffs from top to toe, also household stuffs, pets stuffs and more.
My legs were almost break after the half full day SHOPPING!

This is just something like our nasi pattaya.
The taste is horrible. I can'e even finish it.
Yukssss Yuksssss!

This is a coconut ice-cream.
Taste a bit too sweet, but it can definately cool you down during the super hot sunny day.

Dinner time,
We decided to go to the PatPong street, which they named it as red light street as well.
I peronsally don't find this place very interesting. Maybe Im not a guy....

But, the only thing that catch my attetion in the Patpong street.
is the attached pork rice which you can find it many places in Bangkok.
But the one we got from Patpong street is the best! Super and duper yummy.
I never had such a good pork rice before!
Double thumbs up for the below little stall.

It is just right opposite the Starbucks located at Patpong street.
It is a MUST try!


2nd day, very early morning,
We all heading to the MUST GO attractions: floating market

You can feel the tiredness from my face.
Yes, I was like fainted evertime when I sat in the van.

On our way, we found this special chili meat ball.
They are good, just that a little bit too spicy.

And this, the big size sausage..
Haha...Sausage is always my favourite!

Here we go....We arrived at floating market after 1 1/2 hour drive.
Long drive huh!

We were taking the small little boat to go around the market.
It only cost extra 150batt per person (RM15 only)
Quite a good experience with a reasonable charges.

This is the snake show..
We don't find it so interesting, so we just walk around the site and took some nice pics.

Lunch time!

After the activities in floating market, we came back to the city for our lunch.
This Tom Yum Kung is located Khao San Road.
The price is quite reasonable, just that we have to wait about 45 mins for the food serving.

Yummy Tum Yum soup.

Accidently saw this intersting money exchange van.
Pretty convenient!

This is superb yummy BBQ pork!

This is just a simple mee hun soup.
I personally do not find it so good, but it seems like a popular food for the local people.

This Thai salad is highly recommened by Su Vern and Mei Yee.

I have my own brand name drink in Bangkok!


3rd day, we decided just to have a walk in the city.

The road in Bangkok city is always busy busy and busy.
The traffic is just as bad as in KL.

Guess what we were doing there?

Passed by the Central World.
No chance to get into the mall, because it had closed down after the red shirts gathering.

On the way to Siam Paragon, we bought some fruits.
This is something like our local guava
Just that it is more crispy and taste sweeter than our local guava

We had a good time in Siam Paragon although the goods there are much expensive.

Met this cutie accidently in the mall.

Just for fun while walking in the mall.

Before the lunch, we relax our mind, feet at the Starbucks coffee.
I pretty love my new hair colour! Don't you?

We have a cheap and delicious Japanese lunch at this Fuji restaurant.

It is so cheap to have the sashimi in this Fuji restaurant.
Guess how much it cost? Only 300 batt, equal to RM 30 only!!!!!

After the half day gone in those expensive malls,
we decided to move our next journey to China town

Tried this bird nest which is recommened by many people who have been to Bangkok.
It's cheap, only cost about 200-300 batt, equal to RM20 - RM30.

To be honest, I dont find the above bird nest from China town is good.
I prefer the one I was holding at 7 Eleven, bird nest collage with only 350 batt -450batt
Cannot remember the exact cost, but the taste was much better than the one from China Town.


4th day, after the early breakfast,
We took the morning flight and back to our home sweet home
with all the good memories, nice clothes and local delicacies.

Bye Bangkok!
I will be back in the next year again!!!


Next Journey ------ Sibu, Sarawak...


Listening to need you now by lady antebellum

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Anonymous said...

The pork rice, so-so only ler.. tastes like "hong bak" only.. even SY, her mom, her sis all oso said so-so only.. 6 of us shared 1 portion only.. u can imagine...

Yaowarat, u really need to go at night. More lively. Day time to dead la~~ no wonder u said it's boring -_-||

Wei, the Yaowarat's bird's nest is really tastes better than the NPB collagen thingy ler.. that one.. sweet.. not natural coz got preservative inside.. the one at yaowarat.. cooked everyday.. not very sweet... healthier

u and thomas bought 情侣 converse ar? haha