Where to Shop and Eat @ Ximending Taipei 台北西门町

After dragging for almost a month, I'm finally back with another post in Taipei.
Writing travel posts is not easy, not to mention how much time I spent on editing the photos, also writing the travel content can be challenging too.
It's really energy draining! #refreshingmemories
Anyway, welcome back to today's topic of visiting the Ximending in Taipei.
We went to Ximending 西门町 twice during our 6 days there.
I guess we should get enough chance to see and explore this one of the most popular tourist spots in Taipei.

Let's rock in Ximending upside down with us!

Nothing much changed since my last visit in 10 years ago.
The place is still very busy with plenty of shops, restaurants, and people.
Ximending is known as the most fashionable and happening shopping area in Taiwan as it offers a wide range of trendy clothing and accessories in different styles.
It is similar like the Myeondong in Korea, Shibuya in Japan or Mongkok in Hong Kong.
It's definitely a good place to shop because you will be able to get whatever you want at here; but I find the prices at Ximending are slightly expensive compared to other places like Shilin Market.
I realized Shilin Market has better bargains with wide selection of clothing and accessories.

That's the Ximending Red House Theater 西門紅樓.
Too bad we were out of luck as it was under construction at the time of our visit.

I had no idea where to go and what to buy in Ximending, so I just simply walk from one store to another store.
I walked into a shop named, Vi Lage which located just opposite the big building of Uniqlo.
Vi Lage main focus is selling a lot of bags from a local brand, Robin.
If you know about this brand from the Taiwanese magazines, you probably know about how unique and beautiful the designs are.
Also, I was really surprised at how good the qualities are for the prices they selling.

There are so many elegant, colourful, fun bags out there to choose from the shop.
From large-purse type bags, to shoulder bag styles, as well as multi-functional bags to different carrying options.
No matter what designs or styles you are looking for, you can find "yours one" that fulfill your desire.

We were lucky to have met Tao Zi 桃子 while we shopped.
She is a very passionate and patient girl who can talk and share which bags best suit to your needs and styles.
Also, she has very good taste in picking the right bag to match your characteristics and outfit styles.
Each of us purchases at least 5 different types of handbags from her.
If you happen to stumble upon Vi Lage and met Tao Zi, try to get special discount by mentioning my name or my blog.
You probably can get some discounts from the pretty Tao Zi. :)

Before I went to Taipei, my mum mentioned about the made in Taiwan shoes.
She said her friends told her about the good quality shoes in Taiwan, and also the prices are not very pricey.
We went to the same shop that Stella visited a few months ago.
Stella said I must bring at least 1 - 2 pairs home because she said I won't be able to get those comfortable shoes at such prices in KL.
I bought total 4 pairs and have been wearing them for a few months.
They are so comfortable to walk in, even a day full of running errands.
I spent average TWD390, about RM55 (due to our current poor exchange rate) on a pair of shoes..

Mr Chow is the owner of the shop.
A very friendly guy who recommended us which shoes are worth to buy and gave us the best price of it.
Shoe lovers! You will not want to miss this out from your trip!

Well, if you asked me about the clothing stores in Taipei,
I find the clothes in Taiwan are quite expensive, and also the choices are not as fun as in Korea and Hong Kong.
Both Korea and Hong Kong are always my favourite shopping places.
However, I stumble upon a shop named, Sassy which seems like a franchise shop in Taipei.
There are at least 2 outlets in Ximending, and 1 outlet in Shilin Market (this picture is taken in Shilin Market).
This boutique has quite a lot of nice clothing and most of them are in affordable prices.
For example, I purchased one set of outfit includes one top and one bottom at TWD350, about RM50 with great quality and design.
I think it's pretty worth it. :)

Now, let's move on to the food hunting in Ximending.

Stella wanted to try the braised foodstuff from Lao Tien Lu, Lu Wei 老天禄卤味 since her last trip in Taipei.
She couldn't get it at that time because she said there was always long queue and so many people were in the shop all time.
So, no matter how, she must give a go this time. #lol

I can't remember what we got from the shop, but all of them are seriously good!
Go taste it if you are in Ximending, then you will understand how satisfying we are on this picture. #haha

Lao Tien Lu, Lu Wei 老天禄卤味
Add: 55, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District Taiwan Wanhua, Ximending
Tel: +886 2 23615588
Opening hours: 930 - 11pm

We didn't plan for what to eat in Ximending.
Mei Guan Yuan 美观园 is one of the recommendations from the locals we met at the accessories shop.
It's an old fashion Taiwanese style Japanese restaurant which started business since 1946.
The food wise are not super fancy, but the quality and taste were surprisingly great, and also they are very reasonably priced.

I can't remember the exact name of the dishes.
This is a set of Teriyaki bacon, which comes with some vegetables, Chawanmushi (egg custard) and a scallop salads.
Each slice of bacon are really super satisfying!

Kay had her all time favourite, Japanese cold soba.
Happy girl is happy with her meal. :)

The fresh and thick salmon sashimi that we had.

The crispy fried pork chops at here.

I believe there must be a reason why Mei Guan Yuan has survived for over 70 years.
We enjoyed our food here, and definitely not come as a surprise to us why Mei Guan Yuan has thrived for so long.
Apparently, there are 2 Mei Guan Yuan on the same street.
So, make sure you go to the right one, otherwise you might feel utterly disappointing.

Mei Guan Yuan 美观园 
Add: 36, Emei St, Wanhua Dist, Taipei City 10844, Taiwan (same street as Ah Zhong Mee Sua)
Tel: +886 2 23317000
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily (close on the 2nd & 4th week of each month)

Recently, Taiwanese-style Castella Cake becomes so popular in KL.
Since it is originated from Taiwan, we gave it a try.
The queue was so long in the middle of the Ximending shopping area, we waited like 10-15 minutes for that.
Sadly, we don't really like it; maybe I'm not a big fans of sponge cake, so you may get your own prejudices and have a taste of it while you are here.

I remembered the first Taiwanese Mee Sua I had was at the Ah Zhong Mee Sua 阿宗面线.
The stall remains the same like in 10 years back; with a long line of people queuing up, no tables, no chairs, only people standing by holding a big bowl of mee sua.
I've heard a lot about Ah Zhong Mee Sua in recent years; saying the place is overrated tourist attraction and the taste is not as good as before.
Since I was there, I just gave a try no matter how full I was. :)
I find the taste is just as good as I expected it to be, and I still think this is one of the best mee sua that I had so far.
Oh btw, I love my mee sua with some vinegar, chili oil and garlic. #真的有好吃到啦!
Next time, I will go again when I'm in Ximending.

Ah Zhong Mee Sua 阿宗面线
Add: No 8-1, Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108
Tel: +886 2 2388 8808Opening hours: 9am - 1030pm (Mon - Thurs), 9am - 11pm (Fri - Sun)

Thanks for all the good memories in Ximending. #hugs

That's all I want to share for this post.
I hope you enjoyed this post, because I spent my whole afternoon on writing it. #hehe
Also, hope that you will find some useful information that you can tag along on your Taipei trip.
I will see you on my next post soon. :)

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