Clinelle @ Whitenup Brightening Range

I met Ella陈嘉桦 at Clinelle Whitenup Brightening event!
I feel so awesome to be given such a rare opportunity to meet Ella Chen from a close distance.
I like Ella Chen when I first knew her from the Taiwanese girl group, S.H.E.
She always has a bubbly on-screen personality. :)
Thanks to Clinelle for making my dream comes true!

The event was held at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
It was extremely crowded, because everyone comes for Ella陈嘉桦. :)
Me too!!!

It's Ella Chen's first official public appearance in Malaysia after she has given birth on her first baby boy.
It's more than 3 years since 2014 that Ella has been the Clinelle brand ambassador, and this time she was officiated the launch along with the new improved Clinelle Whitenup Brightening product range.

The new Clinelle Whitenup Brightening Series has incorporated innovative approach to create technology-inspired beauty and aesthetics solutions.
The highlighted Advanced Anti-Photoaging Technology has 10x more White Protection, and 3x increase in Lightening Power.
This breakthrough technology strengthen the 3 key ingredients work effectively to penetrate into the deeper skin layers to deliver fast, targeted and unprecedented brightening effect.
#1 Japanese Purple Rice Extracts (Forbidden Rice): enhances the efficacy of Vitamin C to promote fairer, firmer and moisturized skin.
#2 Vitamn C: redefines skin texture and lighten skin tone
#3 Daisy Flower Extracts: prevents skin darkening for longer lasting brightening results, reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone effectively.

Speaking about Clinelle, Ella Chan is very happy with the newly formulated Clinelle Whitenup Brightening range.
The product range helps her to protect her skin from day and night, and also no matter it's being indoor or outdoor.
She is very happy with the visible results after using the products for a few days as her skin looks growing, brighter and spotless.
She strongly recommend Clinelle skincare to everyone as it devoted to deliver good skincre infused with skin-friendly natural ingredients yet effective.

In keeping with Clinelle's brand promise, Clinelle Whitenup range has been proven to be safe, and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
All Clinelle products are dermatologically tested for it's tolerance and also formulated with 7 No's philosophy which altogether excludes potential harmful ingredients; No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol, No comedogenic ingredients.
The RX3 Action, to repair, refine and re-shield skin can help skin beautifully transformed into unparalleled radiant, white after 2 days.

Ella is so beautiful in real person.
I really like her so-true personality and the way she perform herself in the public.
So funny and cute!

I'm also Ella's fans!
Squeeze me in please! #hehe

Now, let's check out the skincare products that Clinelle has from the new Whitenup Brightening range.
It has a total 6 SKUs ranging from cleanser, toner, serum, day cream SPF20, spot corrector essence, and night cream.
But well, Whiten Brightening Serum, Day Cream SPF20 and Night Cream are the highlighted products of the whole range.

Whitenup Brightening Serum @ RM89.90 (20ml) has the benefits of:
#1 Highly concentrated serum to lighten skin pigmentation
#2 Improve skin fairness and even out skin tone
#3 Fight against darkening at skin's deepest layers and activates skin renewal
#4 Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Whitenup Brightening Day Cream SPF20 @ RM65.90 (40ml) comes with:
#1 A non-greasy, light textured day moisturizer to prevent skin darkening
#2 Brighten and even out skin tone
#3 Suppress malanin formation and minimize dark spots
#4 Reduces the appearance of fine lines and boost skin elasticity
#5 Moisturizer with SPF20

Whitenup Brightening Night Cream @ RM75.90 (40ml) is one powerful product of Clinelle and also Ella's most favourite.
What makes it so special is it uses the cultivation of Great Mullein Flowers with Advanced Anti-Photoaging Technology which helps:
#1 Protect skin against harmful indoor UV rays
#2 Continuously lighten skin tone though the night for a youthful glow
#3 Repairs and promote skin renewal
#4 Nourishes and strengthen skin's moisture barrier
The special ingredient of the Great Mullein Flowers provides high protection against UV damage and also continuously absorb harmful UV radicals to transform into light that glows from skin within.
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, electronic devices is also capable to emit UV rays too.
So basically, Whitenup Brightening Night Cream is everyone's skin savior because you can use your mobile phone, tablets, or any other electronic gadgets whenever you want without afraid of the harmful UV rays to damage your skin!

Clinelle Whitenup Brightening Series range is formulated and manufactured from USA.
It is available at Aeon Wellness or Supermarket, Caring, Guardian, Watsons and selected independent pharmacies nationwide.
You can check out the official website of Clinelle at for more information or latest news and events in the future!

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