Naturals By Watsons @ Nature's Beauty Secrets Unveiled

Hey guys!
Naturals by Watsons has just upgraded it's formulation and relaunched with a new packaging!
If you aren't yet know about this in-house brand from Watsons, Naturals by Watsons was debuted since 2011 with a wide range of hair and body care inspired range to cater different customer needs.
The brand has successfully won it's own loyal following of users because of it's natural ingredients which have been dermatologically tested and are free from paraben, colourants, and isothiazolinone such as MIT, CMIT, BIT.
Because of that, all skin types are good to use the range of Naturals by Watsons with a complete piece of mind!

It's always important to be aware of what we put onto our skin and body due to an increased public awareness of health and wellness.
At Watsons Malaysia, they have their motto of "Look Good, Feel Good" which aims to continuously give the best value to the customers with constant product innovative and research development into their products.
And, Naturals by Watsons is one of a great example of how they have recently double up the formulation with the ingredients of pure oil and extract, which at the same time also enhance the products' effectiveness.

Naturals by Watsons believes that nature has everything you need to look youthful and more beautiful everyday.
They search the world to discover nature's secret ingredients to help you grow more beautiful.
Each range of Naturals by Watsons purify the high quality essence with flowers, fruits, minerals and plants from different countries which rejuvenate and regenerate your beauty in a simple yet effective way.

Naturals by Watsons has a full range of body and hair cares, include shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, cream bath, hand cream and body lotion.
Besides, here in Naturals by Watsons, you can also get all types of products in a wide range of flavours too!

#1 Paw Paw range is the new flavour, which has doubled the repairing action of Australian Paw Paw.
The Certified Organic Paw Paw leaf that infused oil with vitamin A, C and E, can soothe and repair dry skin, also the Organic Paw Paw Extract added moisture can achieve a healthier-looking skin.

#2 Blood Orange range helps to double the skin lightening activity with the effects of Italian Blood Orange.
The Certified Organic Blood Orange oil has anti-aging properties, giving you a younger-looking skin by reducing hyper-pigmentation and blurs imperfections for flawless skin.
The Organic Blood Orange Extract will protect skin from the environment factors such as ambient temperature and sunlight too.

#3 Marula range also has double effects of African Marula which is rich in vitamins and natural fatty acids to protect the skin and hair.
The Certified Organic Marula Oil is rich in essential nutrients and has a protective effect, while the Organic Marula Butter is good for hydration as well as repairing dry and damaged skin.

#4 Argan range has the Argan oil and Argan seed extract from Morocco to double the power of argan to revitalize the skin and hair.
The Certified Organic Argan Oil has the functions to nourish dry and damaged skin, as well as protect skin with it's Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
Other than that, the Natural Argan Seed Extract helps to boost the skin's moisture, and improve elasticity for a youthful skin and shiny hair.

#5 Prestige Rose range has doubled the softening properties of rose.
The Certified Organic Rose Water from Bulgaria, Morocco and France combines the benefits of nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing.
And the Natural Rose Oil also has an aromatherapy scent to calm and relax the mind and body.

#6 Olive range has the olive oil and olive fruit extract from Italy to double the power of olive for intense moisture.
The Certified Organic Olive Oil that rich in vitamins and natural fatty acids infuse the skin and hair with moisture, while Olive Fruit Extract that rich in antioxidants and hydroxytyrosol is to protect the skin and restore the hair's vitality.

#7 Aloe Vera range has the benefit of soothing for dry and irritated skin.
The Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice from the UK can double up the benefit of repairing the skin barrier and combat dryness to soothe itchy scalps, also the Natural Aloe Vera Extract from the USA conditions skin and moisturize the hair too.

So, which one is your favourite now?
I love the good natural scent from Paw Paw range. ;)

In addition, Watsons Malaysia also has the support of Watsons celebrity friends who shared their user experiences of Naturals by Watsons!
Everyone loves Naturals by Watsons because not only it has the right contents to our skin, it's also at an affordable price range too!

Lastly, thanks to Watsons Malaysia for choosing me to be one of the winner of the Instagram posting on that evening.
I got so lucky to get the chance to try the body and hair cares of the new flavour, Paw Paw range.
Oh well, don't you worry! You can also go check out the brand new Naturals by Watsons at the Watsons Malaysia outlets now too!

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