Anlene Heart-Plus @ Preventing 3 Highs, the Key to Healthy Heart

I don't like milk.
My mum said I didn't drink enough milk since I grown up.
I know milk makes healthy bones, but I just find it's taste and smell are very strange.
Till I met the new Anlene Heart-Plus, then I changed my mind.
Anlene Heart-Plus is a new milk powder contains specialized nutrients in a dual action formula with HeartMax to support your heart health, along with MoveMax to support good mobility.
The taste of the new formula from Heart-Plus tastes unlikely milk, but comes in tasty vanilla flavour.
That explains why I like it very much. :)

Anlene has been a famous brand to produce a new great daily product that not only taste good, but also support the improved health and well being of people.
By considering for a healthy lifestyle in Malaysia, Anlene creates the only high calcium milk in Malaysia by adding the original MoveMax that support bones, joints and muscles, with the new formulation HeartMax that cares for the heart while supporting movement.

Heart-Plus is formulated with the benefits from MoveMax of Collagen, Calcium, Protein, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B, C, D and E, plus the extra nutrients of Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) and Potassium with the additional benefits from HeartMax:
#1 Plant sterols helps to reduce cholesterol.
#2 Potassium is known to help maintain normal blood pressure.
#3 Some studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acid may help to reduce triglycerides or fats in the blood.
#4 It's been tested to be low in glycaemic index (GI) because it is important to take low GI foods to help manage blood sugars in the body,

According to Dr. Chee Kok Han, professor and cardiology consultant at Hospital University Malaya,
#1 Nearly one in every two Malaysian adults has high blood cholesterol.
#2 Nearly one in every three has high blood pressure.
#3 One in every six has Type 2 diabetes.
#4 Nearly one in four heart attack patients are below 50 years old. 
The 3 Highs include high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar are the main risk factors to non-communicable diseases, which accounts for an estimated 73% of total deaths in Malaysia.
Besides, Cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes are also the biggest contributor of non-communicable diseases.
Knowing these facts, it is really important for us to be more aware of and control the 3 Highs through our healthy dietary and lifestyle habits to achieve a better heart health. 

On the other hand, Dato' Sheila Majid, the Malaysia's beloved jazz queen said that it's not easy staying active after 32 years in the music industry, and keeping up with her family at the same time.
To do what she loves, she has to stay physically active, eat healthily for her overall health and well-being. 
She urges all young and old Malaysians to start taking care of their hearts and control the 3 Highs through regular exercises, balanced diet and drink 2 glasses of Anlene Heart-Plus everyday.
Only with a healthy living, you can continue to do what you love.

So, how to maintain a healthy life?
#1 Take the right nutrition.
#2 Follow with regular physical activities to create a lifestyle change.
#3 Maintain a healthy heart profile, perform an annual health check to monitor your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.
#4 Maintain a healthy body weight with BMI (body mass index) range between 18.5 and 24.9 and manage your stress.
#5 Stop smoking.

Anlene Heart-Plus is now available at major retail outlets nationwide.
For more information about Anlene Heart-Plus, and tips of staying heart healthy. head over to the official website at or follow Anlene's FB page at

Guys! Start a healthy living today.
Please do not let the 3 Highs get in the way of what makes you happy!

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