I miss my holidazzz

三天的labour day假期过完了,好不舍得呢

Let's check out the pictures from my Melaka trip.....


After 2 hours plus hour drive,
We had chicken "ball" rice in Jonker street.
It was really good...

The shop had crazy long Q!!!!

And then tea time with Asam laksa
The taste just so so, but I am in love with it..
I actually went back in the next day for the same dish as well.

The weather is too hot...Didnt really have the photo shooting on the first day.
So, we went back to the hotel early.

Before the dinner, we showered, and relax a bit
And then started self shooting at the hotel lobby while waiting for our Melaka tour guide, Alex

She is my darling, Nicole wong from Singapore.

And he is Tony Ung...Strange surname I told him...
He is from Sydney...A super funny guy to hang out together.

Dinner time we had Satay Celup
Satay Celup is one of the famous dish in Melaka
Loving it soooo much...might because I am the luk luk fans.
Seriously, deeply in love with it so so so much!

Yea..I know it looks very fattening and filling.
But still my favourite...Dont care how much calories I will gain after this.

I total had 23 sticks by myself...really really full

This is the restaurant that we went...
Alex said it is still not the best one.
Cant really imagine how good the taste will be if we visit the most famous one.

After dinner, we had some whisky before bed time.

The next day....

Had brunch at this little restaurant, Donald & Lily
Highly recommened by Alex
They served Nyonya side dishes...

Tofu Rojak

Ayam pongteh...我超级喜欢!

Finished 5 dishes by 3 of us!
And only cost RM 30 with 5 dishes, 3 drinks and 1 dessert.

Very nice cendol to cool myself down in the super warm weather

Thumbs up for Donald & Lily

After the heavy brunch, we walked around the city

Holland? Haha...

@ St Paul church
I hate the hot weather so much!!!!



I love city of Melaka but not the weather in Melaka

Went to cruise because of the persistence from Tony
Cost Rm10/person

Not a bad experience.
Worth to try it if you are in Melaka

Really enjoyed the time together with darling.

Before the dinner, we had some whisky again...haha
Tony is really a drinking kaki

Had portuguese seafood dinner at this restaurant.

Ikan Bakar

Very very fresh..and only cost Rm8/each

Special spicy prawn...

Highly recommened by Alex.
Its a drink with coconut mix with vanila.

Again, drinking time after heavy dinner.

Thanks for Alex hospitality in Melaka.
Appreciated for the nice food recommendation!

Bye bye Melaka..I will be back for the nice food!

Before heading back to KL,
We had lunch at a nyonya restaurant, 亲切

Again, my favourite ayam pongyet

Another thumbs up for this restaurant!

Another recommendation...
Mille crepe from Nadeje cafe in Dataran Pahlawan mall
Roughly about Rm8.50/pc

Heading back to KL at 2pm plus.


The end of the story in Malaka 2011
I look forward my another short gate away very soon...

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