Holland, Amsterdam!

Its Flyday! It is the last day of the week, and it is also the end of the Sept!
What have you been done in the past 28 days?
My Sept was a bit busy!
Work ~ Not only my full time job, but also some part time income!
Wish more money come towards me! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa
Exercise ~ I am praticing lots of work outs recently like jogging and swimming, wanna have my healthy and hot hot body! Ha....

Thanks GOD! Today is not a busy Flyday, so I shall take a break to do my private stuffs in the office (All the China people have gone to their one week whatever National and Moon cake festival holiday). So I'm gonna blog my last year trip in Holland, Amsterdam! Many nice pics about this trip are coming up ya!!!

Okie...cut the craps!
I was there, the same time as I was in Paris, Belgium, UK etc....
Holland is the 4th city we stopped by during our Europe trip.
Oh yea...gonna mention that this is not my first trip to Holland but definately my first time to do sight seeing in this lovely country. (I was there in year 2009 for my work and customer visitings, you should know if you do follow my blog!).
So this time, I feel so so so excited that I can travel around here to see how interesting about this country!

Amsterdam is popular with their "coffee shops" which legally sell the soft drugs, and the open zone of the red light district, sex shops sex theaters etc. And the thing I love to do here is cycling inside the town.Yea! coz you cant really do it in Malaysia where it might be too dangerous with the busy traffic ALWAYS!

The early morning, after the breakie..We start our one day journey in Amsterdam!
I love croissant since my uni times in US,while I was doing my part time job at the student dining centre! Together with the ham, salami and of cause my favourite sausage!

After the breakie at the hotel, we went to Zaanse Schans Museum, where it shows us (1) the making of wooden shoes (2) different size of windmills, (3) the making of different yummy cheeses.
For me, this place looks more like a village!

1st destination inside the village is the wooden shoes!
Lots and lots of wooden shoes lol

The workshop of the wooden shoes

He is trying his best to tell us the story of making the wooden shoes.
The whole process of making one unit is about 15 mins without any painting

Me and lots of wooden shoes at the workshop!

Close up pic with the colourful wooden shoes!

I am inside the big big wooden shoes...
Say HELLO to Amsterdam :P

I saw the very first windmill (pretty small) inside the village!

And then the 2nd destination inside the village is the cheese factory

This dutch lady is demonstrate us how the cheese being made.

Are you a cheese lover?
Oh yes..I am NOT really?! haha!

Me with the cheesy lady :)

Oh finally! The windmill!!!
Lots of different windmills behind me!

I got my second signature in my travel passport with the windmill!

If you ask me why am I so in love with Holland.
I guess is the pretty blue sky, and the cozy weather!
LOVE it....

Cant stop myself taking the pics with my lovely windmills.

Nah...there you go, the biggest windmill among the others!! Hahahaha

I am here, Zaanse Schans!!!!!

After the morning visit in the Zaanse Schans Museum, we dropped by here for our lunch and sight seeing! VolendamVillage!

It is popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Other than its gorgeous traditional architecture buildings, you can also see the Dutch traditional costumes here!

It is one of my favourite place in Holland.
I love the cool early winter breeze and love the view at this place.

Ok! Time to have my lunch! Hungrieeee
Lets Go!!!!!!!!!

Lunch starts with the soup and some dry vegies...

And then lots of potatoes are given free to us....Guess they are pretty cheap over there ah?

The main course of the lunch is Fish & chips

Thats my personaly habit ~~~ take a shot before I start my meal! Ha!

De Koe ~~~ The restaurant I had my lunch in

After the lunch, we do some walking and seeing,
Enjoy the Volendam's street...Enjoy the Dutch architecture...Enjoy seeing Dutch people with their doggies...Enjoy the people sipping their coffee...Enjoy the shores...Enjoy the breeze,
Just ENJOY Volendam!

I love the calm and peacefulness of this place.
Or should I say I love everything here?!

After that, before we go on the Amsterdam canal cruises, we stopped by at the House of the Heineken! But only pictures taking...Haha!

This stop means so much to me coz I used to be a drinker fans of Heineken...hehehe ♥ 

Can I have them all back home?!?! Hmmmm

Look at the pic! Everyone was like so rushing to get into the boat, and I am the only one who busy taking my pic with the boat!..haha!

I'm inside the boat with the following nice view!

Happy mummy and happy me inside the boat.....

After the canal cruise, we heading to the Amsterdam downtown, the most happening town in the city! Hurayyy!!!!

It is not a normal coffee shop but legally selling soft drugs.
They have over 300 over of this coffee shop in Amsterdam!
Everytime when you passed by the shops, you will smell something strange from outside!

Here is the most famous place of Dam Square!

No money to pay off the ride, so just take pic besides them...Haha!

The Dam Square is always crowded and busy!

Westerkerk church!
It's the first church in Amsterdam that allows the marriage of gays and lesbians.

Nice view! 

At the end of the day, we are at the red light district! The famous tourist place in Amsterdam!
I would say it is wonderful to visit here!
There are over 300 tiny room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a windor or glass door. The rooms are usually lit with a red light, hence the term Red light District of Amsterdam.
Please be reminded that you are not allowed to take photos of the working girls! If not, you will have troubles!

Oh ya! It is so damn easy to get the different sex shops, sex theatres, etc.
You named it what you want, and they will have it!

After all the sight seeing, we have our dinner at this Chinese restaurant!
No food photo taken coz I was too tired yet hungry to grab anything in front of me......Haha!

Thats all for this post!
Hope you like it!


I am so excited with my coming Europe trip in the next 2 weeks!
Scotland my first time
And Holland my third time!

Oh yea...Bon Voyage to ME!!!!


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