Hey peeps!
Never thought that I would come up here again after the last week post
As not so busy at work, I got some free time to do another post before 2013 ends.

Today, I am gonna blog something different than usual.
It's about the drama I recently watched!
I think this will be my first drama post here...So do support ya ^^
 Ok, back to the topic......
Since I just came back from Korea 3 weeks ago,
I was so into everything about Korea, like food, drama, music etc
* So, please bear with me till my Korean dreams light off ya! *

I get introduced through my colleague to watch the recent "HOT" drama
The Heirs 繼承者

I actually have been quite outdated about the Korean drama since 15 years ago when I first started with the Winter sonata, Beautiful life and Autumn in My Heart
All this while, I was only interested in HK drama, and  guess that's because of the AOD (Astro On Demand) channel, 
also friends around only watch HK drama where we can have the same topics to share everyday.

I have spent 1 week to finish The Heirs which has total 20 episodes
I must say it's an excellent drama since I have lost in touched after 15 years ago!
 The story is good + interesting, all the castings are pretty and handsome especially everyone loves "LEE MING HO"!
No doubt that I have also fallen in love with this young guy now!

This drama follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families’ business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control–except their love lives.
Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it’s a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home, Kim Won schemes to takes over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who’s arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she’s the daughter of his family’s housekeeper.

 I really enjoyed the sweet couple (Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang) in this drama
And all the romantic moves in between this couple
Oh God! Kim Tan just done everything tooo sweet man!



 Plus, how can you run away but not love Lee Min Ho?!?!
He is such a perfect prince charming in every girls hearts!

Another reason I enjoyed this drama is the weather in Korea!
How I wish Malaysia can have winter one day in future!
That's what I always told my Holland partner that I was borned in a wrong place!


Anyway, I will give a high rating (4.5/5) and recommend you to watch this drama ^^
It has this incredible charms that you can't resist it.
Now that I have finished the drama, and I will surely miss Kim Tan a lot!

I would want to end this post with the preview of this drama!
Enjoy ya!

 Hope you will like the drama like I do....

Again, Happy New Year to everyone!


P/S Great thing for 2013 is I wrote 24 posts compared to 23 posts in 2012!
Good Job on me!
I will update more often in the coming 2014 yay!
Do support....^^

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