Nosh @ Bangsar Telawi

Hello All!

I am back again!! This time from the shopping heaven, Bangkok!
The trip was pretty good and relaxing!
Just that the weather is terribly hot @@
I didn't take many pictures this time because the weather made me sweat like hell!
Dah...No mood at all for the camera!

Btw, how's your labor holiday last week?
I spent my day off with my babe.
We decided to meet at Bangsar for an early breakie.
So, I suggested we go the Nosh, after I read some good reviews about it.

Nosh has a very simple and clean logo!
Indeed, I think it looks like a boutique more than a restaurant.

Even their menu has the same simple and clean concept!

Sin Yi is my good friend during my study in Sunway Coll.
Although we didn't meet up so often after we graduated, but we still get along very well everytime we meet each other. I guess that's because we both know each others too well! Haha!

As usual, I ordered my favourite Cappuccino, but this time comes with hazelnut (RM12)!

Sin Yi is not a coffee lover, so she ordered Chocolate Trinity (RM14).

And here's my big breakfast!
The Nosh Full Monty (RM30), comes with sausages, beef bacon, turkey ham, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, and sliced tomatoes!
It's a super big portion till I skipped my lunch and dinner after this!

Sin Yi's Turkey Ham Melt (RM19).

And with 2 extra sunny side up eggs (RM6).

Gonna start my breakie now! Hehe!

Not so sure which one I should eat first? Hmm..let's try their sausage first!

Sin Yi with her breakie and hot chocolate.

Nom Nom Nom! All the food are very good from Nosh!
We both really enjoyed a lot!

We came in the early morning where nobody was there.
Yeap! We are their first customer on that day! Haha!

Nosh is not only for good food, but also to chill at a nice and warm environment with just a cup of coffee!

You can also choose the outside seat if you want too.

I will DEFINATELY come back again soon as I think the food from Nosh are much better than the others which located around the same area.

Ending this post with my outfit of that day!
White T-shirt: Wander Peeps
Jeans Vest: Simpleclosetco
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas from HK

7, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-2201 3548

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