Time flies too fast.
Today comes the 21 days in July, and it is also my second post in July!
Sorry that my mind stuck too much with my works everyday, no inspiration to write anything.
I guess this shall be my last post in July because I am flying off to Bangkok next week with my parents.
Yes, finally a long holiday for me to refresh before stepping into the second half year.

Today, I am gonna blog about one of the visit I did during my stay in London.
I supposed to post this up during the FIFA world cup, yet too bad no time to collate the information and pictures I have in my drive.
So, what makes my today's post related to FIFA?!
It's actually the CHELSEA stadium and museum tour in London!
Before I traveled to London, I was told by my friend that I should visit one of the football museum in UK even if you are not football fans.
Since people said so, I decided to take half day from my trip to visit it.

We took the early subway to the downtown.
Took us about 45 minutes to arrive our destination.

It was a long Q to get the ticket when we arrived in early morning, but lucky we booked the ticket in advance online.
Thanks to Zayz for the perfect arrangement!
The entry cost £17 for adults, with the fully guided tour last about 1 hour.

Let's follow me to support the Chelsea!

It was a big place with big green field, and a big auditorium!
Blue and green look so perfect together in the whole place.

It was amazed by seeing such big field in person, where I usually only can see it on TV. LoL!

Along the way from here, I will bring you to visit various stands inside the stadium!

The first stand is the press room.
This is where the players meet up with the reporters for all kind interviews.

The wardrobe with different jersey is their home & away dressing room.

The resting area for the players.

Gym room. 


After that, the guide lead us to the tunnel and dug out area.
This is where the players get ready and run out to the big field for the matches.

Ready...Get Set...Go!!!

The whole trip was real fun!

He is the leader who showed us around the stadium.
My face look damn nervous when my friend asked me to take a picture with him..Haha!
He is such a shy, but cute and tall British guy!

I bought a Chelsea cap after the stadium visit, as a small token of support for Chelsea!

After that, we also spent sometimes to walk around the museum.

If you are one of the Chelsea fans, I am sure you will want to spend your whole day here.
So much of the Chelsea information are available in here.

Met these little kids with their jersey on!
They are very shy indeed when taking this picture with me! Haha!

It is such a big place to hang out.
£17 is totally worth for the visit once in your life time!

Thanks for such a fun, informative and unforgettable experience!

I am glad that I made a decision to visit here even though I am not a truly football fans because this tour is truly a memorable experience in my life.


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