Foodporn in GuangZhou

Hello everyone!
As said, I am going to feed you the food from my GuangZhou trip.
It was not my first time visiting the city, and I've been lucky enough to try out different kind of food every time I went there.
I always couldn't resist the food in GZ, especially their Chinese cuisine, they are sooooo good!
Anyway, let's start now!

Jiu Mao Jiu 九毛九 is a "ShanXi" cuisine which recommended by my boss as he said he likes one of their dry noodle.

#1 This is the noodle that my boss likes a lot!
It is a handmade noodle with a mixture of pork belly, tomatoes and green bean.
It is a bit oily, but trust me, you will never complain about the greasy side until you try it!

Their noodle are all handmade, they even have an open area to show how they handmade their noodle. I guess that's the main reason why their noodle is so chewy!

#2 I always like to order dumpling in China because their dumpling skin is very soft and thin.
I don't like those with very thick skin which has very strong flour taste and smell.

#3 We ordered this pork ribs when we saw many locals ordered it, so we trust it must be good!
No doubt that the ribs are very juicy and soft! I think it consider a must order from this restaurant.

#4 There is a very nice Starbucks located at where I stayed in Shamian Island.
It's just about 2-3 minutes walking distance.
Having a cup of coffee is a must before I started my long long day.

If you have the chance to visit GZ, please do not miss out the Shamian Island.
I strongly suggest you to drop by this beautiful place to add an extra bonus on your trip.

#5 This is one of my favourite starter in China, spicy sour cucumber.
It is so refreshing before you start any main courses.

#6 DanDan noodle, it is a spicy soup noodle with peanut recipe.

#7 This sticky BBQ prawn is a bomb!
I almost had all the sticks by myself. #lol

#8 Serving any kind of steam fish on a table is pretty normal in China.
To be honest, I would appreciate if they could order something else to replace it, because fishes in China have many bones. #dontlike

#9 My another favourite, cabbage cooked with pork belly and dry chilies.
It is one of the common menu in China.

We had one of our lunch at Mao Jia Restaurant.
This restaurant has few branches all over in China.

#10 This is their signature dish, 红烧肉 braised pork cubes. 
I know it looks very fattening, indeed it is because it cooked using pork belly.
But trust me, you will not complain about the fat at all after you have your first bite!
This is so so so good!

#11 I don't really know what is this call, but the soup is a bit milky with lots of mushroom, carrot and grass noodle. Taste ok!

#12 Crispy chicken is another must try in China, probably in GuangDong province.

#13 Told you; steam fish is very common to order in China, probably for Chinese. #haha
If you are not good in finding the bones, please do not try this because this one has more bones than the one I mentioned above.

#14 Garlic fried vegetables are always the best choice after all kinds of rich food. .

#15 If you like pig tripe, you must like this as well.
Pig tripe mixed with fungus and green pepper is surprisingly tasty!

#16 One of our supplier always likes to order soup before the main course serve.
It is a seafood soup with clamps, abalone, and fungus.

#17 MUST TRY, Steam scallops with vermicelli!!!
It must available at all kind of Chinese restaurants in China, as I heard from my China colleague said so.

#18 Well, this kind of steam fish is totally fine.
It's a steam fish fillet, so it is safe to eat without any worries. #hehe

#19 A kind of pork starter.
I don't really like it because the meat is a bit too hard.

#20 Looks like a simple steam prawn, hence it is not after you dipping it with their in-house chili source.

#21 It's my first time having this kind of boiled spicy squid.
It is not very spicy although all the "red" looks a bit scary #lol, anyway, the squid is thoughtful chewing!

#22 Simple broccoli with garlic without any special gravy or dressing always taste lovely!

#23 I had a cup of 3D cappuccino in PanYu which only cost me less than RM15. So cheappp!

#24 This is another starter that I like. I realized that I like sour starters a lot! #haha

#25 Believe me, any recipe that comes with chili is always GOOD!
Same to this spicy sliced beef a lot!

#26 My boss likes this spicy fried fish very much, while again, I don't like fishes in China. #sorry

#27 I had this bun for a second time, and I have to say the taste of the bun with the dried vegetables is sooo strange! It doesn't fit to my appetite at all!

#28 The pork ribs mix with green chili tastes so good! I almost finish all the green chili. #lol

#29 My most favorable dumpling ever.
The content with a mixture of ground pork, ginger, onions and chives make the dumpling so juicy!

#30 My all time favourite roasted duck, not only in Malaysia, but everywhere around the world. 

#31 It is so important to order any homemade bean curd/tofu in any Chinese restaurants. 
The rich gravy of this tofu can make you pour onto more than 1 bowl of rice.

#32 Another great bomb!
Couldn't describe how good it is, I really wish to have them all by myself!

#33 Vegetable soup cooks with sweet potato, it's something special after all the other simple vegetables with garlic. 

#34 They said it's a kind of healthy food because it has all healthy ingredients like pumpkin, mushroom, sweet corn, yam etc.

#35 I seldom try curry in China because they always said Malaysia should have a better curry paste. However, my first try with this curry squid is just way to great!

#36 Just another type of steam fish again!

#37 Dry chili chicken is everywhere in China. You can either get a bigger chicken cube or very small one. Depends your luck in any Chinese restaurants there.
This is good to go with you beer!

#38 Loving how they mix all kind of vegetables with the beef cubes. The meat is so chewy!

We not only have Chinese cuisine in GZ, but also tried a Japanese food which recommended by our colleague there.
#39 Gyoza

#40 Tamagoyaki

#41 Gyudon, literally beef bowl.

I think that's all for today's post! Yay or Nay?!
But hey! I just made myself hungry right now!

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