Thai Syok @ Sunway Mentari

Bangkok is one of the places I want to travel every year.
Not only because it has the best shopping experiences, but also the best place to eat authentic and delicious Thai food.
If you like Thai food or spicy food like I do, here's a good place in KL for you to indulge your cravings!

Thai Syok, Thai Food & Yakitori BBQ, is one of the authentic Thai food restaurant located at Sunway Mentari.
Sunway Mentari is the opposite shop-lots at Sunway Pyramid.
If you want to go with Waze, you can key in "Thai Syok Sunway Mentari" and it will direct you to the exact location.
Besides, Thai Syok also has another main branch which located at Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

I would consider the restaurant is an open space restaurant although it has a few set of air conditioner, yet you will still getting fresh warm air from outside since the main door is open all time.
However, the air-conditioners do slightly help for cooling down the warm weather we have in Malaysia. #lol

It has a basic service and interior decorating.
Look! Inside the place is definitely very simple with the mix of furniture pieces and nothing fancy at all.

Thai Syok has a flexible menu with the different signs that stated it's features plus ensuring you get the right delicacies.
You can request your healthy dish to be less salt, less sugar or less salt.
Or if you aren't sure what to have, you can order based on their recommendation such as signature dish, recommended dish level of spiciness, suitable for children, and vegetarian.

Let's kick off the menu with the Thai signature dish, Tom Yam Seafood Soup.
It has three different pricing according to the portions you would like to have such as RM15.80 (small), RM24.30 (medium) and RM39.10 (large).
The taste is not spicy at first, but the spice comes a bit later.
And based on my own preference, I would ask for less salt for my next visit as I find it's a little bit too salty.

Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM10.90 which includes green peas, squid, resin crab-stick onion and a few cashew pieces on top.

Crab Meat Fried Rice @ RM13.90, comes with 2 pieces of crab legs on top of the fried rice.
I find it's a bit too oily which probably you can request it with less oil if you tempted to try it.

Have you tried the Thai BBQ in Thailand before?
It's one of the MUST eat street foods at the roadside stalls in Thailand.
So happy that Thai Syok has brought the same BBQ all the way from Thailand because I am one of the big fans of the Thai BBQ, especially the BBQ pork neck!

Thai Syok has it's own BBQ stall in front of the restaurant and that's why they also named the shop as Thai Yakitori BBQ.
Thai Inspired Yakitori set includes Skewer Pandan Chicken, Marinated Chicken Wings, Marinated Pork Neck, Holy Brass Pork Grilled with Lemongrass, Grilled TomYam King Prawn, and Marinated Pork Belly.
The set costs RM24 and it is only available at dinner time.
All meats stay so well tender, juicy and moist like the one I had in Bangkok! #supergood

Green Curry is one of the famous Thai dish that you will never want to leave it out.
The taste of this green curry is just right; not very oily, salty and spicy!
We have the Vegetable Green Curry @ RM14.90 whereby it has the same price as chicken green curry.
For the pork green curry, just add additional RM2 for it.

One thing I like the green curry from Thai Syok is you can eat it with the thin white noodle instead of the white rice.
Well, you know white rice always has more carbohydrates than the thin white noodle lol! #haha

Something for snack?
Try their all time favourite, Deep Fried Fish Cake @ RM15.80.
It has a very chewy-chewy texture when you bite it as they make it with fresh seafood ingredients.
Suggest to dip it with a little bit of their in-house sweet and sour source!

I believe Pandan Chicken is not something new for the Thai food menus.
Thai Syok's Pandan Chicken @ RM 17.90 for 5 pieces are slightly bigger than the one I eat from other places.
The skin is crispy and the meat is very soft and juicy.
Highly recommend it to you all!

Thai Pork Leg rice is my most favourite in Thailand.
I can have it everyday with at least 2 plates without any doubts!
It's so glad to meet their new recipe, Tomyam Dry Pork Leg at Thai Syok.

It costs RM30.00 for a plate like this.
As it takes 4-5 hours to prepare so the meat is super soft to eat.
Suggest to wrap with the vegetables that have prepared at the side.

There are 3 fishes for your selection which includes Garouper, Barramundi (Siakap), and Red Tilapia.
Other than this Gem Som Soup (deep fried), there are also few other cooking styles which are Te-Chiu Style, 3 Taste of Spicy Sour Sweet, Lemon Steamed and Chinese Steamed.
All prices are based on the market price upon your visit.

Few highlight drinks at Thai Syok are highly recommended as they created their own recipes with our local sugar instead of the Thai sugar which is sweeter.
Starting from the left with Milk Tea, Coffee Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea, and Honey Lemon Tea.
All prices are same which RM5 for the hot one, and RM6 for the cold one.
I personally love the coffee milk tea a lot, and I believe the coffee taste will definitely surprise you!

Do not leave Thai Syok without trying their dessert.
Red Rubies with Jack fruit in Coconut Syrup @ RM 5.20 (crushed ice) and RM6.90 (ice-blended).
The original recipe should come with jack fruits, yet this one comes with mango slices because jack fruits were out of stocks on that day.

I am sure you will love how refreshing it is after all the heavy and spicy flavors!

Lastly, do not forget the most famous Thai dessert, Thai Mango with Sweet Glutinous Rice @ RM9.50.
Can't stop saying it is also my most favourite from Thailand too!
I would prefer the mango slices can cut slightly thicker to increase the texture when it combines with the sweet glutinous rice.

For me, I would say Thai Syok is definitely value for money for the very good authentic Thai food selections.
It's definitely worth a try if you are in the area or if you are the person who appreciate Thai food!
I think that's it for today and hope you enjoy the post for today!

Thai Syok, Thai Food and Yakitori BBQ
No 15, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603 5612 5916
FB: Thai SYok Seafood Restaurant 泰爽辣泰式海鲜餐厅
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 1130am - 230pm, and 530pm - 1030pm

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