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Finally, I'm back to Hong Kong!
It's been about 5 years ago since I last visited Hong Kong.
For me, it's been quite a long time because I used to travel to Hong Kong for at least once a year.
Hong Kong is really one of my favourite city in the world, and I miss this gorgeous city that full of excitements so much!
The city is always very busy, but it has the beautiful night view with the most incredible skyline, it also has the street foods like curry fish balls that I like, and one of my favourite things to do in the city is to shopping. #hehe
So, me and Lik booked our trip just 3 weeks before we departed in early January.
We traveled from Malaysia to Hong Kong on the 27th January, just few days before the Covid-19 outbreak occurring in China.
We were about to cancel the trip, yet when I asked my friends in Hong Kong, they said Hong Kong is safe to visit at that moment.
So we thought it's safe to do so.
Along the trip, we were very cautious; we wore the surgical face mask without taking it out during the flight, we brought many hand sanitizers to sanitize our hands every seconds, we avoided going to crowded places, and also make sure we used anti-virus spray every time before we entered to our hotel room.
It was a stressful trip ever.
After we came back, we also did our 14-days self quarantined at home to self-monitor.
If you were to ask me again, I think I will not take the same risk again; it's not worth as it's not just the risk to yourself, but also the risk from you families, friends and your loved ones.
Thank god that we both are okay and do not feeling sick or unwell after the trip.
On a side note, I'm hoping you all are safe and try stay at home all the time since the outbreaks continue at several countries, including Malaysia too.
Take care and stay safe, everyone!
So, without dragging it too far, me and Lik did not visit those mainstream attractions since it's not our first time visiting Hong Kong, so we just went to the interesting sights that we never been before, basically they are the Instagram spots that I always wanted to visit.
I've compiled all the photos with some details to share with you guys, so let's get started! :)

Yick Cheong Building 益昌大厦

Yick Cheong Building 益昌大厦 is an iconic residential building complex at Quarry Bay Hong Kong which located on Hong Kong Island.
For some people, the building also known as The Monster Building for its incredibly tightly-packed apartment blocks that feature traditional Hong Kong style.
It's worth seeing such an unique building construction, especially in Hong Kong since apartments in Hong Kong are one of the most densely-paced apartment blocks in the world and they normally are built stretch toward the sky.

Here you can have a view of how some of the people in Hong Kong live.
Each units or apartments are indeed very small, and they all are built with the unique symmetry and striking density.
The upper levels are mostly for residential, and there are some small shops such as laundry, hairdressers, mini grocery stores are located at ground floor.

Tight and tall, dark and gloomy tones of the buildings create a mysterious atmosphere.
When standing on the courtyard, you will see there are three buildings are towered on all three sides, and they surrounded you in every direction.
When looking up at the building, you can catch a small U-shape gap of sky on the top.

If I'm not mistaken, this place had shown on the Hong Kong movie, Aberdeen 香港仔.
The place doesn't show on the movie, but only on the posters, and I think that's how I knew about this so called Monster Building.
Then soon or later, this spot has also been featured in other international movies, like Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction.
I guess that's the reason it becomes one of the most Instagrammed spots in Hong Kong.

Apparently, the building banned tourists from taking photos and videos at the building, but still you will see many photographers, visitors, and tourists come by and take photos.
I think it's important to respect and behave well without being rude or talking too loud since there are still many people staying at the apartments.

How to get there?
Make your way to Tai Koo station (太古站) - Take exit B at the station - turn left and head west along Kings Road - walk straight you can see McDonald - continue to go straight to the next few blocks till you see a bakery shop - turn left to the Cheong building (walking distance from exit B to the final destination is about 6 - 7 minutes.

Hong Kong Tram "Ding Ding" 香港叮叮电车

Many times in Hong Kong, you will spot the historical colourful narrow double-decker buses running on the tracks.
Locals called the trams as "Ding Ding", the cute name comes from the bell sound of trams.
Each trams are wrapped or painted advertisements all over, you can easily find a special one and snap a photo for to feed your IG! :)

Choi Hung Estate 彩虹邨

I've been seeing this Choi Hung Estate 彩虹吨 shot on Instagram for years, so happy that I'm finally here to check in. :)
This is one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong that built in 1964.
Hong Kong is one of the highest cost of living in the world, I read online that the Hong Kong government provided these affordable public housing to those locals with low incomes to live.
The Choi Hung Estate was painted in rainbow colours to make the whole thing look popping, happy and cheerful.

As you as you arrive, you will see a colourful basketball courts in the middle.
There are some teenagers were playing on the court, and some old citizens just walking around.
Fortunately, not many people came to take pictures when I visited the place, it probable due to the Covid-19, so fewer people than I expected.  

I roughly counted the painted colours on the walls; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 
The various colours of the backdrop on the buildings are really nice to feed your Instagram.
And of course! I did it for my Instagram too. :)

Since the place was not crowded at all, and the compound is kinda huge, we stayed there for about 2 hours just to chill a bit, and also to get some fresh air out from the busy streets.
Tried some portrait shoots with my new Olympus F1.8 45mm portrait lens too.

How to get to Choi Hung Estate:
Make your way to Choi Hung Station 彩虹站 - take exit to C3 or C4 - find the Tan Fung House Choi Hung Estate 丹鳳樓 - walk through the car park stairs - go to the roof top - you will find the basketball court located on top of the carpark

Mural Streets at Central 中环壁畫街

Central Business District in Hong Kong Island is so Instagram-worthy!
Though I've been to Hong Kong for many times, I didn't know that Hong Kong has their own Mural streets as well.
Most of the murals are located at the Central and Western District in Hong Kong, indeed I seldom came to this area every time I visited Hong Kong.
Good that we make it to Central District this time because I realized there are so many places and streets are just so nice for photo ops! 

The first spot to check out at the Central is the Graham Street Wall Mural.
It is a colourful painted mural by the local graffiti artist Alex Croft's, which has been loved by locals and tourists. 
The mural boasting a vibrant blue background with the old Hong Kong townhouses shine a light on the city's iconic tong lau tenement buildings.

Add: 44 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
We took MTR to Central station, then take exit D1, from there we use google map to walk to the destination.
The walking distance as about 10 - 15 minutes as the Mural streets are mainly located at the the side lanes or alleys.

After the photo stop at Graham Street Wall Mural, head over to another famous painted mural and graffiti art, Uma Nota on another side of a building.
It's a pastel portrait of a women with a laugh pose, and also a flower headdress against the pink wall.

Add: 38 Peel Street, Central

Other than the Street Art Murals, there are many interesting restaurants and cafes around the Central District also feature unique paintings and drawings of their own.
We came across this colourful building, Brooklyn Bar and Grill showing the iconic charming street in Brooklyn while walking around the streets.

Add: 29 Staunton Street, Central

Seoul Bros is a Korean fusion restaurant located at Elgin Street.
The painting on the side wall with the shades of grey and green is another camera-worthy shot at here.

Add: 2-14 Elgin Street, Central
Of course, there are still some other cool street artworks to be discovered at this beautiful and bustling areas, yet I only able to take just a few during my trip.
Do share with me if you spotted more great artworks during your trip, it would be great to know and I will probably go to check them out on my next trip. :)

Stone Slabs Street 石板街

When you are at the Central Business District, don't forget to check out another historic attraction for your picture stop, the Stone Slabs Street 石板街.
I came here a few years ago when I visited Hong Kong the second time.
My local friend, who is a photographer brought me here as he said this little street is attractive, unique and quite photogenic.
This place brought me back again after watching the TVB drama, Wonder Woman 多功能老婆, where Lan Fei and Oppa bidding their final farewell before Oppa become a fully qualified doctor. 

The official name of the street is Pottinger Street which built in the 1850s, but it has been known as Stone Slabs Street by the locals as the whole street is made from uneven stone slabs for walking.
The little street has a mile up hill at 45 degree to go up to the hillside area.

We have a short time here, to snap some photos there while enjoy the moment of climbing up the uneven stone stairs.
However if you have times, you can also visit the shops and those small stalls along both sides of the street, and also some buildings right there that resembles the old style of Hong Kong.

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That's all about today, have a great day everyone! xoxo

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