Libresse® @ Introduces “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to Raise V-Zone Awareness Among Women

Hey, ladies!
Let's talk about our lady parts today.
How much do you actually know about your intimate parts after you and her have been through a lot together for so many years?
I guess it's not a surprise that a lot of you do not know very well about this little essential piece of your body parts as we do not have a proper education about it at the school and also sometimes we tends to forget about it easily as we can't see her properly. 
A recent survey conducted by Libresse®, a female hygiene and health company, revealed that V-Zone knowledge is low among Malaysia women; with 69% who have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman's reproductive system, 63% of respondents have not seen and know what a vulva was, and also found that almost 4 out of 10 women feel uncomfortable using the world "vagina" in conversations, perpetuating the cultural taboos surrounding V-Zone conversations.
Indeed, we should not let our shyness to hold us back from talking about our intimate part, it's important to know and talk about our intimate parts in order to prevent women from taking the appropriate action when faced with common problems like infections or lead to a delay in identifying symptoms of serious health conditions.
So today, let's prepare and learn our intimate part together through the "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign from Libresse®, a "V Boardgame" to break down taboos and educate you about the V-Zone, with real-life scenarios to gain social confidence.

In order to help increase awareness of V-Zone knowledge, Libresse®️ teams up with Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist  Dr. Patricia Lim Su-Lyn to provide credible information about V-Zone health in a fun and interesting way.
The “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign is to offer knowledge and facts about V-Zone health so that more women are informed and empowered about their own bodies, and able to take ownership of an important aspect of their own health.

This Libresse® "KNOW YOUR V" boardgame will be given away via social media, schools and in-store.
It's main purpose is to help women to be able to break the ice surrounding V-Zone awareness, ultimately build intimate and social confidence.
It is set to trigger V-Zone conversations among women of all ages, participants will role-play in everyday situations that women face, from dealing with their monthly period to talking about V-Zone health.
The game guides players and provides solutions that resolve these situations, while offering facts on how women can care for and love themselves, including appropriate care for the delicate V-Zone.

Dr. Patricia Lim Su-Lyn: "Knowledge is power, and women need to be taught from an early age to take charge of their V-Zone health, nobody else can do this for them. This includes taking note of their monthly period cycle and any irregularities, conducting vaginal self-examinations and seeing a gynae annually for check-ups. If it's part of your own body, you don't have to feel embarrassed about checking it yourself and have gynaecologists look at your V-Zone. You should know what it looks like when it's healthy, and notice when something is wrong. It's also not enough that most women only see a gynaecologist when they get pregnant or have an infection. Health screenings like Pap Smears are important to detect possible health problems early."

I've spent my late afternoon playing with the Libresse® "V-Zone Boardgame" yesterday.
It's really a fun way to understand more about your V-Zone, and also helps you to overcome your V-Zone health with quick and simple methods.
I just can't wait to share it with my sisters and girlfriends, I believe they will enjoy playing it too. :)

For more information about the Libresse® "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign and activities, do visit or follow Libresse® on FB page at and IG profile @Libresse_My.
See you soon on my next post soon ya! :)

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