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I believe 2020 is going to be a year we all won't forget forever.
We rang the new year and welcome 2020 with celebrations and who knows the year turned into an unexpected year of pandemic in just few months later.
And due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our mobility has become severely restricted; more than half of the world's population are stuck at home, people are trying to keep social distance from each others, we hardly see the gathering of people or tourists group walking in the city, 
Well, not only the pandemic has changed our lifestyle, but also the way of doing retail business is also cannot and will not remain the same like in 5-10 years ago.
It's not easy to retain the traditional bricks & mortar entities such as the chain store model which requires large upfront investment and commitments, people are looking for new ways to do businesses such as reduce business costs in order to survive this rough economical period.
New businesses which requires little investment and provides quick & smart solution such as start-up online businesses may be a good way to start earning passive income.
Agree yay?!

MeCan Trade, is a one-stop e-commerce solution that fosters direct connections between sellers and buyers around the world.
It is a new online platform founded by Mr. Andy Goh (former founder of Oldtown and current owner of Nam Heong restaurant chains) in 2010, a business visionary who strongly believes in technology and big data efficiency, and would like to extend his successful business formulas to rebuild and transform suffering business owners through this difficult period and beyond.
MeCan Trade is based in KL, currently trades in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia, and will be expanding to other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

Why MeCan Trade?
#1 Multichannel eCommerce: it connects sellers and buyers around the world
#2 Borderless Trading: all transactions can be done in your own local currency even for cross borders transactions without any loss in foreign exchange. 
#3 Strategic partnerships: it has strong partners and reputable affiliate network which provides stability and added advantage. 
#4 Big Data Solutions: driving efficiency to your business as it engages SEO and SEM to drive business with the right demographics
#5 End-to End Support: MeCan Trade has a localized team who will facilitate and advise you on operations, marketing, networking, IT and finance matters. 

How does MeCan Trade works?
MeCan Trade takes care of the whole buying process from A to Z; from registration procedures, purchasing, payment to delivery to doorstep.
It requires zero investment, zero risk, efficiently smart and simple program where you can select a large variety of original products directly from the product owner with just a few clicks, yet without having the worries of any capital start up or stocking up inventory. 
So, all in all, after you created your own e-store with MeCan Trade, the platform will then constantly generate sales opportunity for you at anytime, anywhere.

On top of that, MeCan Trade also introduces the MeCan Trade Ambassador Program with an unique landing URL, which encourage budding entrepreneurs with considerable social influence to sell relevant items from MeCan Trade to their network of friends & followers.
This is my newly created e-store at
You can also create your e-store with just simple 3 steps if you have a social media platforms with more than 500 friends/followers!
#1 Register a buyer account to activate MeCan Trade Ambassador feature
#2 Shopping and customize your storefront with personalized URL, 
#3 Start to promote your store and sell products to social network to reap the profits

At MeCan Trade, you can find diverse homegrown brands from around the world.
It is like a global brand store to offer shoppers a vast directory of products across different categories; from health & beauty, groceries, home & living, baby, kid & toy, household supply, fashion clothing etc.

One of the highlight product among the categories is the Vanzo’s air fresheners.
The air fresheners consists of plant-based extracts and free from harmful chemicals as it contains no alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene.
Vanzo established a cooperation with Ogawa & Taiyo Corporation, both renowned companies working are widely known in Japan and even in Asia as the commercial fragrance systems for more than 125 years. 

Vanzo’s air fresheners comes with three different scents in two different sizes, which are dashboards series and aircond vent series:
#1 English Pear and Freesia: an innovative fragrance of mellow scented fresh pear with cool white freesias and a delicate yet distinctive scent
#2 LX Secret Musk: unique scent that brings about the image of sea breeze and a field of blooming flowers
#3 LX Velvet Musk: natural velvet musk scent that encompasses floral and wood notes.

The entire Vanzo product line has passed the MSDS International Standard Test Report, SGS testing, and also received the Certificate of Analysis.
Do visit their official website for more information at

If you are a peanut butter fans, I'm pretty sure you probably heard of Jobbie Nut Butter before.
Jobbie Nut Butter produces 100% all natural peanut butter with no preservatives, no flavourings and no colourings, and no oil added.  
Besides, it also halal certificate, as well as vegetarian friendly. 

There are four different flavours for the Jobbie Nut Butter, which include:
#1 Classic Chunky: peanut butter with crunchy nuts inside. It has a gentle bow of smooth and silky cream peanut texture followed by an uppercut of healthy dose of crispy peanuts inside. 
#2 Classic Creamy: Smooth and creamy texture peanut butter, that gives you warmth, flavourful and happiness after a spoonful of it.
#3 Chunky Pure: sugar and salt free crunchy peanut butter. This flavour is nutty, aromatic with a healthy dose of rough chunks of nuts.
#4 Creamy Pure: sugar and salt free creamy texture peanut butter. The nun that is consistently untainted and pure. 

For more deeds about Jobbie Nut Butter, do check out their official website at

After taking sometimes to understand MeCan Trade, I think this online platform could be a good solution to this predicament, as it ensures complete transparency in every transaction so both seller and buyer can enjoy the benefits together.
To know more about MeCan Trade, feel free to check out their official website at or follow them on their FB page at and also IG profile at
Once again, don't forget to visit my store at too!
See you there!

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