Jornguan Thai Rice Snack @ From Little Farm Thailand

Hey guys! Let's talk about your favourite snacks today.
Some of you guys may find that eating snacks randomly will make you look fat as they tend to be fattening and also high in sugar, so am I.
I do not usually eat snacks, but if I do, I will always choose the healthy snacks that has healthful fat, a little protein, high fiber or maybe those baked snacks. 
Every since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I had been stocking up different snacks while doing grocery shopping since I spent more time at home watching movies compared to before.
Snacks and a movie is such a great companion!
And recently, I came across a healthy snacks imported all the way from Thailand that I would like to introduce to all the snack lovers. :)
Right! Since we can't travel to overseas now, what's best you can taste the world from the comfort of your couch?!

Jornguan Thai Rice Snack is from Thailand.
It is produced by Little Farm, who first produced homemade Thai garlic bread using well-selected elephant garlic, delicious bread and fresh.
The brand has been produced and distributed in Thailand since 1987, and also soon be found in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and United States.
It's very excited that we now have Little Farm in Malaysia, with one of their signature Jornguan Thai Rice Snack which has been rated Top 5 Thailand snacks locally. 

The rice snacks are made with healthy Northen Thai black sticky rice.
They are baked non-fried, which means the rice crackers are baked but not fried.
I always like baked snacks as they are healthier than fried snacks, and also the process helps to reduce fat and calories while retaining the taste and consistency.
Besides, another reason I like about these rice crackers is because they are made with 3 Nos, which is no preservative, no artificial flavouring, and no MSG.
Oh well, not to forget to mention that each serving has a total of 220g calories. :)

It comes with 3 different flavours, you'll never get bored!
1. Butter: for people who have sweet tooth, try this!  
2. Chili paste: specially made for spicy food lovers
3. Sea Crab: it's great for seafood lovers and also people who do not take spicy 

My most favourite goes to the butter flavour.
The rice crackers have a very nice butter-flavoured sweetness with crispy, crunchy, chip-like texture which perfect for eating by itself.

Jornguan Thai Rice Snack is available at several convenient stores in Malaysia now, such as Family Mart,, Fourbrothersmart, MyNews, Supervalue Mart, 00 Mart etc.
You can also purchase online through Shopee at
For more information, do check out their FB page at

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