IDW 200 Design Collections - All-In-One Package for Home Interior Design

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog.
How's everyone doing?
New Covid-19 cases are on the rise again in Malaysia, I hope everyone is keeping well and safe in the Corona situation.
Remember to follow the SOPs when you are out and I believe things are gonna be alright soon, stay positive!
For myself, I reduce frequent outings, enjoy staying at home after work hours with my family.
By saying that, home has become my most favourite place now...well, you know, I used to travel at least once in every 3 months, so indeed this is kind of a new norm to spend more time inside ever since the outbreak happened in one year ago (wow can't believe it's been a year since it started).
Since home has become our daily base and place to hang out, me and Lik plan to refurnish and remodel our house to have a new view after 6 years of staying at this house. :)
Honestly, we didn't spend much effort and money on home interiors since we got married as we thought we would be moving out to somewhere near to the city center. :)
Yet, we changed our mind since last year; so from the day we decided to stay back, we have been looking for interior design and decoration all over places, such as pinterest, magazines, and thankful that we found IDW 200 Design Collections to give us a hand. :)
The design book offers many interior home decorating tips and ideas if you're starting from scratch which makes the whole process of decorating is so fun and easier than you think!

IDW Design & Build is created by a lovely interior designer couple named IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol.
They both started building IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd in 2007 after they completed their Diploma studies in interior design at University Technology Mara (UiTM) in Shah Alam.
In IDW, they are passionately committed to transforms dull interior to an amazing living spaces, by handling projects that require full design consultation from the preliminary design phase, detail drawings, submission to authorities, contractor selection, project monitoring until the completion of the project.

After venturing into the interior design industry for almost 14 years, being as passionate interior designers, positive thinkers, and studios learners, IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol decided to provide the first insight of how Malaysians could spark ideas to build their own home from scratch. 
That's how the IDW 200 Design Collections has produced in 2021.
The IDW 200 Design Collections has prepared 200 collection design and complete detail to follow to suit your styles and desired; from modern classic to modern contemporary, and everything in between, these collection of inspiring design schemes will shift the way you see houses in Asia. 
The exclusive hardcopy template design area fits the structure of the house in Malaysia and most part of the world, using contemporary design ideas and concepts.

The book has total 423 pages, features more than 200 different interior designs and decorations of different rooms and areas; for instance, living, dining, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, family corner, walk-in wardrobe, office, foyer, and Muslim prayer. 

Living Room

Let's start the book collection with living room.
There are more than 30 interior designs and ideas for your reference; some designs are very grand, some are minimalist, while some are modern, I'm sure you will find one to fits your home sweet home.  :)

You probably don't know I actually come from the furniture background.
My first job after graduation was working in the furniture trading company, where we help customers from overseas like UK, Australia, Amsterdam and the USA to manufacturer their furniture design in Asia countries.
Along the 7 years working experiences, I always believe that furniture do play an essential role in interior designs.
The size, shape, colour and design of the furniture helps to give rooms an unique character if you know how to match it well with the interior design components. 
And I'm impressed how the designer at IDW Design has created this modern living space by putting a lounge chair in dash of yellow colour with the classic sofa set in black. 

Dining Room

After went through the book, me and Lik decided to change our current rectangular tempered glass dining table to 5ft round dining table in white marble to fit out dining area:)
Well, I always like round dining table because I find round shape is better in creating an area for everyone to gather around and chill together. 

A white marble top dining table stands in contrast with the dining chairs made of polished metal.
For a combination of marble, geometric pearl white wallpaper, and silver embodies the modern chic style and also good ideal to create a relaxing and sophisticated vibe for a dining room.


Kitchen is often called the heart of a home as it is a place where it makes everything else come together. 
Ever since I've learned a lot about cooking during MCO periods, I always dreamed of having a big, open kitchen in our house.
Loving the marble countertops and traditional wooden cabinets in the kitchen, making the space feel bright and more cozy.

It's amazing on how the collection provides the technical drawings of each designs, very detailed, informative and useful!
The floor plan, the shape of the interior of the house and the complete drawing of interior design are good for contractors to do the renovation cost and time for sure!
It is certainly a great startup investment for those who have been saving their money for their final house. 

Laundry Room

The laundry room may not be the first place that people think of when it comes to interior design, because this is the place where we spend the least time; for me, this is just a place to wash, fold and repeat, so it doesn't bother me much.
It's so thoughtful that IDW Design gives some interior ideas about the laundry room in their book collection. 

One of the good ideas if you have a small laundry room by stacking the washer and dryer in a closet next to the kitchen. 
You just have to be a little more creative about how you use space efficiently. 


Everyone has a place in their home where they feel most comfortable.
And my favourite place in my house is my bedroom where I feel the most comfortable and happy.
I mean, we spend about a third of our day in our bedrooms, it's really worth putting in some extra time and effort to make your space a restful, warm place to retreat.

IDW Design Collection offers many ideas and inspirations to reflect your styles and characteristics; from the materials, colours, and patterns where you can create your own perfect resting space nicely. 
I'm very sure that these bedroom decorating ideas, tips and examples will surely inspire you and also impress your guests when they come over for visit. :)

Small pink room ideas for girls bedroom, lovely!

Family Room

If your house is spacious, you can consider to have a family area in the home, which serves a gathering place for everyone to relax and chill together at the end of the day.
You can set up the room with plenty of comfortable seating, built-in wall storage, modern rug, and playful yet neutral upholstery to create a more cozy, relax and welcoming vibes. 

Loving this simple family room design that incorporates tons of textures and colours, from the rug to the wallpaper designs and the shades of furniture. 
These casual materials and colour tones make the room feel family-friendly while still be fresh and stylish.
I like it! :)

Walk-in Wardrobe

Me and Lik recently thought of remodeling and extending our home.
One of the main reasons is to have bigger master bedroom to build a walk-in wardrobe so that I can have a customized place to organize and keep all my belongings in a mannered way.

This walk-in wardrobe layout is exactly my dream walk-in closet with 2-sided wardrobe with a dressing table in the middle. :)
It's good that we can save the interior fees as I'm pretty sure that the contractor would be able to carry out the renovation with that detailed drawing.


A dedicated work space in home helps you set aside household distractions and stay focus on work, especially during this pandemic situation where you maybe have kids to take care of, and also tons of housework to deal with. :)
There are more than 6 different interior ideas to inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your own home, from small to big spaces, certainly enough for you to create a right environment to work everything out to accomplish the best result. 


A beautiful foyer design makes a stunning first impression.
This is your home's entry that your visitors see when they step inside and also the first sight that welcomes you home every day, so definitely worth to make a good one!

Muslim prayer

Last but not least, the design book also features 2 different interior designs for prayer room. 
Here's one of the prayer room inspired by the conservative modern mosque craftsmanship, a variety of fine wood patterns was build in the Muslim prayer room. 

Now that you see how simple new home decorating from scratch can be, decide on your style, prioritize your rooms and get started, and then your new home will look perfectly put together in no time!
What's more! 
The design book also makes things easy for you with the latest technology, the QR code.
All you need to do is just scan the code and all details will be shown on your mobile phone.
This is so convenient that you do not need to bring the book with you when you want to discuss the details with your contractor and also make your shopping easy and convenient.  

There are indeed a lot more to share about this wonderful IDW 200 Design Collections with you all, but just by me sharing is not enough unless you study it by yourself. 
Overall I think it's a good book to invest if you are planning for house renovation as the book offers an all-in-one package to help you ease your home's future planning.
You just have to study and look for which designs fits you most, then the ready-made home layout plan, detailed 3D drawing and renovation guidelines will help you through the whole process. 
The best of all things, you can plan better and save more with this book.
IDW 200 Design Collections is available at and it is selling @ RM397 in conjunction with the Hari Raya promotion.
Go check it out if you are interested or visit their FB page at and IG profile at
And yeap, that's all about my sharing for today.
I hope this post provides you the information you need for your home renovation, and also hope you enjoy reading this post with me. :)
Lastly, take care everyone, and I will see you soon on my next post.

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