Review Miniface Beauty with Discount Code: Microcurrent Device + Age Defying Hydroblast Gel + Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. :)
Today, I will be sharing another stay-home skin care routine that able to help you maintain overall skin health and improve aging skin.
If you read my previous blog post, I told you guys that I've never walked into any beauty salons ever since the outbreak as I wanted to keep my distance to protect myself and my families.
So, in order to help me look and feel my best of my skin, I'm now more focusing on the skincare products I use at home; not only started by including a few new skincare products, I've also added some beauty tools in my everyday beauty routine too. 
Thanks to Miniface Beauty, a Malaysia's one-stop skincare expert that founded in 2019.
Miniface Beauty offers simple solutions tailored to fit the lifestyles of the modern-day woman, where their quality products are designed with thorough research and loving care, delivering fast, rejuvenating results targeting to your specific needs. 
I'm happy to had had the chance to try out their microcurrent facial device, which is a small portable device to help me build my very own skincare sanctuary, right in the comfort of my home, without the hassle of visiting and paying expensive facial salons during this lockdown period. 
This is gonna be a long post as I will be covering total 3 products from Miniface Beauty, yet I hope you will read till the end as I'm sure this post will sure offering useful information or tips about the microcurrent device, and there will be a special discount code for you too if you are interested to invest one for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. 
So, without further ado, let's get it started!

What is Microcurrent Facial Treatment Device?

Let's first talk about their star product, the Microcurrent Facial Treatment Device (Miniface Miniature). 
The Microcurrent device is one of the popular innovations to combat anti-aging that uses in many premium spas, medical settings and beauty saloons for facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin.
It is clinically tested, safe and painless to use as the device is a non invasive therapy treatment, which operates with low currents that operate in the range of 350-700 microamps to lift, tone, and sculpt your muscles for a younger, rejuvenated, and glowing complexion
Moreover, by encouraging ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, the levels of elastin and collagen are increased helping to keep your skin strong, plump, and supple.

9 Benefits of the Microcurrent Device

There are total 9 benefits of Microcurrent Device:
1. Reduces acne scars
2. Reduces puffiness
3. Lifts and tightens skin
4. Enhances facial contour
5. Increases product penetration 
6. Promotes lymphatic drainage
7. Stimulates collagen production
8. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
9. Decreases redness & inflammation

The Features

The microcurrent device is in white colour, with an overall size 4' long and 2' width. 
On top of the device, it has two round spheres in silver colour to glide on and sculpt face with.
In the middle, you can find the various microcurrent intensities to suit your needs; up to five intensity settings allow you to gradually work your way up.
At the bottom is where you charge the device with the given USB cable.
The device is ultra-lightweight, handy for home use, and also easy to carry around everywhere with the small pink tote bag given in the package. 


The microcurrent beauty device comes in a beautiful square slider box, including an instruction manual in English, Mandarin and Malay languages, a device, an USB cable in a plastic bag, and a pink bag for storage.

Flip over the top of the box, you will find a full description about its features and how to use. :)

How to Use?

Step #1: Cleanse your face thoroughly with an oil-free cleanser before using the device.
Step #2: Apply the Regenerate Miniface Age Defying Hydroblast Gel gently at your desired treatment area.
Step #3: Switch on your Miniface device.
Step #4: Adjust the device to your preferred intensity level and begin your treatment in the 3 different sections; face, forehead and neck.
Step #5: After completing the treatment, hold the button for more than 3 seconds to turn off the device.
Step #6: Rinse off the remaining gel if you find it is too sticky, or gently pat in and continue your skincare routine as you desire.

Here's the user guide of the treatment areas and instructions; starting from face, to forehead and then neck.
For safety purpose, do not use this device without a conductive serum or gel, and remember to tur off the device after every treatment.

It is recommended to use the Microcurrent device once in a 24-hour period and 5-25 minutes per treatment.
For the first 60 days, it is advice to use 5 times in a week.2-3 times a week for maintenance. 
Safe to use for all skin types, include dry, oily, combination and even sensitive skin, but kindly avoid the eye areas.
If you are worry or have any concerns about the device, you can start off with low current intensity for the first few treatments and then slowly build it up as you go.

What is Age Defying Hydroblast Gel?

The Age Defying Hydroblast Gel (Miniface Regenerate) is the ultimate solution to fight signs of aging, acne and dryness.
It is specially designed to go with the Microcurrent Device, which claimed that will take your facials to the next level; enhancing contouring, firming and sculpting effects like nothing else.


The hydroblast gel is formulated in the USA, with 4 key ingredients:
1. Acefylline Methylsilanol  Mannuronate:
- Anti-cellulite, anti-puff firming, and moisturizing
- Protects the skin from free radicals
- Protects collagen and elastin against glycation
- Reduces inflammation, and promote lipolysis
2. Hyaluronic Acid:
- Reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
- Retains moisture in skin
- Creates a plumping effect
3. Argireline:
- Prevents formation of skin lines and wrinkles in similar way of botox (in a safer way)
- Fights signs of aging
- Stimulates production of collagen and elastin
4. Retinol:
- Anti-aging
- Reduces acne and minimizes breakouts
- Improves cell turnover
- Brightens and smoothens skin

It also contains another 8 different plant based ingredients to make it a prefect moisture boosting and age-reversing on its own. 
The product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and suitable for all skin types. 

Texture and Scents

The face gel is in crystal- clear transparency, with a lovely scent of florals.
The texture is in gel type, slightly sticky texture, yet surprisingly absorb very quickly and disappear into the skin without leaving an oily or sticky residue.
In order to do the treatment gently without dragging the skin, it is important to use the gel to give you a good glide with the device, otherwise I think it would be too harsh for your skin if you just use the device itself.
And since the gel absorbs really quickly, keep in mind that it's also important to apply gel section by section as it will dry out very fast before you use the Miniface device. 

How to Use?

Step #1: Cleanse your skin thoroughly before beginning your Miniface microcurrent facial treatment.
Step #2: For optimal results, apply the gel section by section as you progressively use your Miniface device. Avoid applying the gel on the entire face in one go as the gel may dry out before it is used.
Step #3: After completing the treatment, gently massage the remaining gel into the skin for it to be fully absorbed.

What is Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

Rose Quartz Roller (Miniface Self Care) is a dual ended facial massage roller that helps de-puff, contour the face and eyes.
It is made from the healing crystal of love, Rose Quartz which is a perfect addition to your self-love routine, and the power and beauty of the pink gemstone has been used by women since ancient Egypt and China.
The pink gemstone contains natural minerals and cooling properties, and that's how the Rose Quartz stone gives an extra pampering touch in your facial massage while effectively fighting wrinkles puffiness and muscle tension.

7 Benefits of the Rose Quartz Roller

There are total 7 benefits of the Rose Quartz Roller:
1. Reduces puffiness
2. Reduce eye bags
3. Promotes lymphatic drainage
4. Improves blood circulation and detoxification for a healthy glow
5. Increases product penetration 
6. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
7. Soothes redness and inflammation

The Features

It is made with double-sided roller; one is a large end for broad surfaces like face and neck and another side is smaller end for the harder-to-reach areas like under the eyes and the chin area. 
It has an elegant engrave with "Miniface" on the handle and this handle is good to add stability and strength when it glides over your face. 
The metal design is nicely done without any glue or welding to avoid the noises when using it. 


Comes with a clean white triangle box to keep your face roller safe and sound.
The box has doubled it's protection so you can store the beauty tool back to the box every time you finish the facial massage. 

How to Use?

Step #1: After cleansing, use the roller with facial oils, serums or gels, and you can also use the roller when you have a face sheet mask on your face.
Step #2: Start underneath the chin, using your fingertips gently to glide to side of neck and then down the neck.
Step #3: Take roller, start at middle of jawline and go outwards. Repeat it many times as you like.

My Experiences

It's not a secret that I love to try out the beauty tools and devices, my girlfriends they know about it.
I had quite a few experiences with the beauty tools, such as Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse, platinum microcurrent beauty roller, hot spa shell machine etc back in years. 
I spent a lot of money on investing different beauty gadgets as I believe that home cares is always very important in order to maintain a good healthy skin. 
So, I have been using the Microcurrent Facial Treatment Device from Miniface Beauty for almost 3 weeks, and the results are so worth it to me, especially when you can't visit the facial or spa salons during this lockdown period. 
The microcurrent device gives an instant results; when I said instant results, it means I can see visible differences with one side of the face is considerably smaller than the other after using it for 5 miracles it is!
I use the device every night before I go to bed, and here's the "before and after".
You can see my skin is lifted, tighter, smaller, and also my laughing lines on the left side is less visible compared to the right side which without using the device.
I'm so happy that the device helps my chubby face to reduce the puffiness and bloating.
This device is also best to use if you have a special event or gathering; can't wait for the lockdown over, so that I can surprise my families and friends with my pretty face. #hehe
In additions, it is completely painless; I usually set the intensity to the lowest one for forehead, and the medium intensity for my cheek and neck areas.
I only feel a light sensation when I paused it on the corner of my face, especially on my forehead as the skin on this area is much thinner than the other areas.
All in all, I find the Microcurrent device is great because I do not have to do any injections to get a slimmer or a more oval face shape. :)
I believe everything has it's own beneficial after usages, and I personally think that this device is worth to invest one for home care because it shows instant results where you can physically see and feel how healthy, bright and tight your skin feels after that. 
But my advice is to make sure you use it regularly and be consistent. 
Though I'm not sure how long the results would last long, but I do believe consistency is the key for maintaining and keeping it well, as long as you are willing to spend times on it, I'm sure you will achieve what you want. 
Though honestly that I don't use it everyday, I still love the device for the instant result that makes my skin happy, which makes it worth it. 
Also, compared to the injections and salons charges, I find this device consider one of the affordable method to invest to your skin.

Besides, it is highly recommended to use the device together with face gels or serums, otherwise the device will be too harsh for your skin when you glide and roll it over your skin. 
I like the Age Defying Hydroblast Gel very much as it is not sticky or greasy for the skin, and it goes very well with the device.
I only used about 10 cents amount to apply one area, so a bottle like this could last quite a long time. 
The con would be that you can't apply the gel one time over the face as it will dry out very quickly, so this could take a little bit more time for the whole process. 
I indeed like it's floral scents that gives me face smell great all night. 
And if you are wondering if you should wash off the gel after that...for myself, I just apply my regular serum and face cream as the gel is not bothering me at all with its gentle and light consistency. 

Last but not least, a short review about the Rose Quartz Roller.
The roller is a kind of relaxing face massage tool for me as it is so light and has a cooling effect, so it's so good to use it after a tiring day where you just want to have an easy way to pamper your skin. 
I normally use it when I skip the Microcurrent device. 
After apply my serum or face cream, I let the roller to help the products penetrate deeper into the skin and perform more effectively. 
And I especially like to use it when I have the face sheet mask on my face, it's so nice that I can feel the sheet mask dry out faster as the roller helps for better absorption of the sheet mask ingredients into the skin.
I also find the the smaller roller where you can use around eye area is so useful to help improve the wrinkles and puff eyes, so that it leaves less puff and less fine line around that area. 
While doing my research about this roller, I also read that this facial roller can be stored in the fridge for few minutes before applying it to your skin, and this method will give better results and minimize the pores on your skin.
I tried it on my own, and I really like how the pink gemstone material gives the cooling effect after take it out from the fridge. Nice one!

Where to Purchase with Discount Code

All the three products; Miniface Miniature, Miniface Regenerate and Miniface Self Care are available at
You can also use my special discount code "IVY10" to get an exclusive 10% off from your purchase with no minimum purchase amount (only applicable for official website purchase) 
Also, online purchase are also available on Shopee, Grabshopping, Grabmart (coming soon), Atome & Hoolah apps too. 
For more information, do check out their website at, receive their latest updates on their social media platforms IG @minifacebeauty, FB/minifacebeauty or Youtube channel /minifacebeauty. 
Last but not least, hope you enjoy my sharing for today. Cheers!

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