Ignite Your Skin Brightness with Neutrogena® Bright Boost

Hey pretties! 
Time flies, it's almost the end of September, and I just noticed that I haven't update my beauty blog since June. 
I've been so busy with daily routines even though I've been staying home for all time since FMCO started.
Well, life goes on no matter how, right?! :)
So, before we are heading to October, the final quarter of the year, I would like to share one of my recent skincare series that I've been using since last month.
Not sure if you realized that as we age, our skin's surface turnover slows down, that means the fresh, new skin that gives us that luminous radiance is now taking longer to resurface, and our skin tends to look dull and dehydrated with uneven tone and texture.  
If you do, then please continue to read on how the new Neutrogena® Bright Boost, their most revolutionary way to help your skin to look more radiant, brighten and well nourished everyday.

What is Neutrogena® Bright Boost?

Neutrogena® Bright Boost is a brand new brightening range to get rid of dull skin, help boost surface cell turnover by 10x for brighter, wide-awake skin. 
It is developed and worked globally by four brilliant young scientist from around the world; USA, France, Singapore and Brazil,  to achieve the dream skin product with the right ingredient and formula for your skin. 
The range is powered by the star ingredient Neoglucosamine, a building block of hyaluronic acid to promote skin plumping, exfoliation, and resurfacing.  
The line consists of 3 products in 3 simple steps, made for all skin types, and also for people in different environments around the world. 
Step #1: Exfoliate - Resurfacing Micro Polish
Step #2: Boost - Illuminating Serum
Step #3: Moisture - Gel Cream

Product Descriptions & Ingredients

Step #1: Exfoliate - Resurfacing Micro Polish, a gentle face polish exfoliates skin not only to remove skin aging dullness immediately but at the same time also cleansing away dirt, oil, grime, impurities and bacteria. 
It has 3x the polishing power compare to a normal scrub in order to smoothen & brighten skin. 
The exfoliate is formulated with main ingredients of Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs, as well as naturally-derive skin smoothers, so it is safe to use as daily face cleanser. 

Step #2: Boost - Illuminating Serum, a face serum which formulated with turmeric extract and Neoglucosamine to visibly improve skin tone, texture & clarity.
In addition, it also works very well to exfoliate and reduce appearance of dark spots & hyperpigmentation. 

Step #3: Moisture - Gel Cream, is made with Neoglucosamine, AHA, PHA to boost surface cell turnover by 10X for brightening and resurfacing. 
The face cream mainly helps to reduce dullness & dark spots for smooth skin visibly, as well as improve look of tone, texture, fine lines in 1 week.


The packaging for the Bright Boost range is very handy and convenient to bring to everywhere.
For instance, the face scrub is packed in a plastic tube packaging with screw cap which are sturdy and allows for clean and accurate usage, the face serum comes in an aluminum dropper bottle that make it easier to spread the content, and lastly the face cream comes in a protective jar & a spatula to prevent contamination.

Texture & Scent

All 3 products from the Bright Boost series smell great, with a faint citrusy smell that leaves me bright and refreshed. 
As for the texture, the Micro Polish is slightly thick but definitely in lightweight consistency which is gentle enough for the skin. Though the rubbing sensation is not harsh or rough on the face, yet I still can feel the dead skin cells are being lifted away from the skin.
On the other hand, the Illuminating Serum comes in a milky finishing with micro-shimmers. It has a bit of sticky feeling to the touch, yet gives the skin a kind of hydrating feeling after it is fully absorbed to the skin.
Lastly, the Gel Cream has a lightweight gel consistency that has a non-greasy finishing and do not leave behind a sticky residue. My skin feels so much hydrated and moisturized after each applications on day and night. 

How to Use?

#1 Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish: apply product to hands and gently massage onto wet face in a circular motion, and then rinse with water and pat dry; use 1-3 times per week.

#2 Bright Boost Illuminating Serum: apply 4-5 drops onto the palm of hand, and then use fingertips to gently massage onto face; use 2 times in a day, morning and evening. 

#3 Bright Boost Gel Cream: apply twice daily to cleansed face and neck, and then smooth evenly in gentle massaging strokes until fully absorbed; use in the morning for all day brightness and in the evening for continued hydration.

My Experiences

The Neutrogena® Bright Boost range makes me happy for several reasons after using them for almost a month. 
First of all, I really enjoy the refreshing citrus scent when I have each of them on my skin, they make my skin feel happy and comfort, I like it!
Then, the texture is very gentle on my skin that do not caused any irritations or redness, especially the exfoliator; not only it did not dry out my skin after washing it off, I can also really see my skin turns out to be much cleaner, softer and brighter everytime I use it. 
At the same time, for both the face serum and face cream are very moisturizing and hydrating which doesn't have the greasier, heavier feel and also doesn't clog my pores as much as the texture so quickly absorbed. 
Overall, I think the Neutrogena® Bright Boost helps my skin feel smoother, cleaner and healthier.
As far as I know some of the brightening products could dry out the skin, and these skincare products are considered a great collection to consider if you want to restore the skin brightness while at the same time help the skin hang onto moisture and give the skin an overall plumping effect.

Where to Purchase?

This brand new & efficacious skincare range is now exclusively available at Watsons Malaysia.
The price range of the Neutrogena® Bright Boost is ranging from RM50 - RM90 which I personally think it's quite worth a try for such a reliable international brand and products. 
Do check them out at the physical Watsons stores or online store at https://www.watsons.com.my/.
That's all for today, I will see you on my next post soon! XOXO

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