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Recently, I realize there are lots of changes during pandemic time. 
Apart from the normal life norms, there are also lots of new trends in every industries, where I noticed human are really creative in a way to survive thru tough time. 
One of the biggest business pattern changes during MCO is many businesses started shift to online, from physical to virtue store.
As for myself, I had also started venture in online business. :)
To all the netizen; who had followed my Instagram @mizhippo knew I had a humble startup of my own clothing line
This online store has been in my to-do-list for years and I am glad that I finally had jumped start it last year.
There are indeed a lot of things to look after when developing own brand, especially I'm running "one man show" all by myself. 
Not only focusing on the collection, product quality, packaging also plays an important role when it comes to online business as I always believe a good packaging will give good impression to the brand and products. 
So when I was looking ideas and designs for, I stumbled upon Hellosticker, an online sticker printing services that operating in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Who is Hellosticker?

Hellosticker is the biggest online sticker printing company in Southeast Asia.
Aside from stickers, they also offer a variety of high-end printing services, such as business cards, digital booklets, offset booklets, posters, flyers etc,

Why Hellosticker?

It's important to build and create brand awareness for an online business, and sticker printing is one of the cost effective method to get your message across to your target audience. 
It's budget-friendly, long lasting, and attractive to be used on the packaging of your products or as a promotional tool.

And the reasons I choose to work with Hellosticker is because:
✓Affordable: they offer prices up to 30% lower than traditional printers
✓ Free delivery: offering free shipping with no hidden cost
✓ Speed & reliability: products can be delivered as fast as 2 working days, with over 98% in-time delivery
✓ Best service: get assistance from a dedicated Key Account Manager for complex printing projects
✓ Pay on credit: offer flexible payment terms, for instance, credit payment terms to corporate clients

What Hellosticker Offers?

At Hellosticker, you can customize and print your stickers just the way you want it, with a selection of sizes, material types and finishing. 
It's like an one-stop sticker printing solution to cater your customized requirements and needs. 
They offer individual, sheet and roll stickers with a wide range of materials to choose from, depending on what works best for your desired use and how you would like it to be. 

Individual stickers are the stickers that are precision cut to the exact shape of your design.

Examples for the individual stickers

Sheet stickers allows you to fit multiple sticker designs on one sheet.
Not only you can design the shape of the stickers you want, you can also make your stickers with the materials you like, such as kraft, paper, silver, holographic, and warranty.

Examples for the sheet stickers

Roll stickers are specialized in customize stickers and labels in roll form, and the stickers are made with different cuts and shapes.

Examples for the roll stickers

How Does Hellosticker Works?

Hellosticker made the process easier than ever before to create custom stickers in just a few minutes.
Simply pick the sticker you want; individual, sheet or roll stickers, and then choose the sticker size (up to 8 sizes), shape and colour that match your products, services, brands, events etc.
After that, enter your delivery post code to calculate prices and delivery time. 
You can also add your custom quantity to check the prices and delivery time accordingly. 
Once you choose the prices, you can upload your artwork to the pop up screen and Hellosticker will then proceed your order.

Well, that's all for today's sharing.
Thank you for reading this write up, and I hope this sharing helped you in some way. 
Last but not least, don't forget to check out more info about Hellosticker at
See you soon on my next post! :)

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