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Whether I'm off to work, traveling overseas or attending a wedding, it's important for me to have a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes for all-day wear. 
I've had quite a few bad experiences with poor quality shoes, where the shoe suddenly came completely off the sole while I was traveling overseas, it was such a shame that I had to run to a random shop to ask for glues to stick it back. 
Also, there was one time when I wore a wrong high heels to my friend's wedding, which not only make my feet feeling so uncomfortable, but also causing my feet so painful for the whole week. :(
From that time onwards, I no longer wearing uncomfortable shoes in my life anymore, because I always remind myself that wearing the wrong shoes or bad quality shoes can lead to several problems with my feet; not only injure and scar the feet through blisters and cuts, they also negatively affect foot health, posture and well-being in the long term.
Also for myself, I always think that a pair of beautiful comfortable shoe is worth to invest as not only it protects my feet, but also can be one of the easy and quick way to give my daily outfit a boost. :)
I love shoes, prob lost count how many shoes I have on my shoe rack. :)
Whenever I try on a comfortable shoe with nice design that fits me well, I will just buy without a second thoughts. #hehe
I recently came across Lucca Vudor, a footwear from Singapore which I never expect myself to love them so much. :)

About Lucca Vudor

If you're not already familiar with Lucca Vudor, it is said that they're the most popular comfort work and lifestyle women footwear brand from Singapore.
The brand offers a wide range of shoes for ladies, from open-toe to close, which suitable for different kinds of events and occasions. 
At Lucca Vudor, they put a lot of effort to create stylish and sustainable footwear, using specially engineered for comfort without sacrificing on ounce of style.
And they have one good slogan that I like: "Don’t Choose Between Comfort or Beauty when You Can Have Both with Lucca Vudor".

Quality & Colour Details

One thing that is really unique to Lucca Vudor shoes is that each and every pair is made using lambskin support insoles, which is the Lucca Vudor special invention.
The lambskin insole helps to keep your feet dry and also stay comfortable all day on your feet.

All shoes are made of the softest leather, requires a shorter time to break into the shoes, and also helps to mould to the shape of our feet faster.
The soft calfskin leather insole with special extra cushion ensures the user to have a good and comfortable fit, where it provides good support, comfort, and reduce pain of daily walking.
And the hand crafted supportive back with extra cushion keeps heels from slipping in and out of shoes, reducing blisters and ankle chaff, which I like it the most from the brand. 
There is also extra room for those delicate toes, as they widen each single pair toe box to prevent tightness to your feet, with no painful cuts or rubs.

Noted that since all shoes are hand crafted made by hands, the colouring will have slight differences on each pair of shoes, even the same model have slight variations.

Sizing & Fit

Lucca Vudor uses Asian/European sizing for their footwear, available sizes from 35 to 41 for most of their designs.
As sizing can be different across different brands, varying cuts and shapes, different designs of the same size will vary in terms of comfort and fit, Lucca Vudor has a simple sizing guide for you to follow before confirming the correct sizes.
You just need to measure the length of your foot, measure the length from the top of the big toe to the heel, and comparing it to the table below.

Do not forget to measure for both sides, since it's very common to have both feet that are different sizes, so I will always measure both, and then get the shoe size based on the biggest feet I have. 
In addition, if you have feet size that is beyond this range, you can reach out Lucca Vudor, and they can explore the possibility of custom made a pair specially for you.


Lucca Vudor footwear are packed in a black iconic black box with a simple white logo printing on it.
The lady shoe comes with a pink dustbag and a recycle bag, while the sport shoes only comes with a white dustbag.
I always like the purpose of a dustbag as it is good for storage to prevent the colour transfer, sun exposure, excess moisture and dust.

My Pick; Faizah and Fantasia

So, here's my pick from Lucca Vudor; the Faizah and Fantasia, which both have different styles, designs and colours.
Indeed, it took me a while to choose from the website since there are variety of nice designs and colours, but I'm very happy with my first purchase as these 2 pairs; not only can be a quick wardrobe staple, but they are also just so dang comfortable. :)

Me with Faizah 

Faizah @ SGD119 .90has a classic and versatile choice of comfort shoe that can be worn in all type of settings.
Whether you're wearing them with a business suit or a playsuit, this pair will always look good.
Faizah is available in beige-brown and grey-brown colours, and I picked the beige-brown as I find this colour is a safe choice to go for a neutral outfit and it is much easier for me to team up with most of my outfits in my wardrobe. 

I once posted this pair on my IG story, and I received a lot of compliments about this "Mary Jane" kind of shoe, happy about it. :)
To me, this could be a perfect every day shoe; they are classic to look at, and the low heel is an extra bonus for me to give me a slight bit of height and makes these feel more elevated that a classic ballet flat.
What I like is the midsole, which is the main part of the shoe also provides a very good cushioning till my feet do not feel a thing when it touches the ground, super comfortable.
And the lambskin insole that I mentioned earlier, it really do keep my feet dry (without sweating) all day long even though I wear it without any socks, sooo good!
I wear mine in size 37, and I would say that they do fit my very well.
This shoe makes a great dress shoes for various looks, can be worn with skirt and blouse, or a pair of jeans and simple t shirt, and I also find it's also nice to wear not only on bare feet but also cool to wear it a pair of socks to create a different look.

Here's my OOTD shot with Faizah, and I will share more of my outfit with Faizah on my IG @mizhippo. :)

Me with Fantasia

Meanwhile, as a sneaker fans, I also picked the Fantasia @ SGD99.90 in brown colour.
This pair has the perfect balance between sleek and sporty, trendy and classic, comfortable and stylish. 
Most importantly, I really like the design and colour that give the sneaker a chic retro feel.
Also, it comes with elastic shoe lace which allows enough stretch so that the shoes can be slipped on or off without untying. 
It is available in brown, beige, black, white, but since I do not have any brown sneaker in my wardrobe, so I opted to get this in darker tone to give my look a new try.

The moment I slipped my feet into them, it is naturally very comfortable.
Comparing to the other sneakers, I especially love the extra thick back heel cushion insoles because it really helps to prevent rubbing, slipping, and cutting my skin.
I would said this consider as a perfect covered shoe for me, as the soft leather insole helps to keep my foot gently supported and also relieve pressure off the foot  throughout the day.
I love sneakers, especially those with 10cm high because they made me stand tall in front of my friends, so I can basically wear this leather sneakers everywhere, plus this brown colour is so easy to dress up in many different ways too!

Let's wrap up this post with my OOTD with Fantasia, again don't forget to follow me on my IG @mizhippo for more outfit ideas with Fantasia.

Where to Purchase?

Shop your new footwear now at Lucca Vudor online store at
Well, you can also walk in to their outlets in 3 different location in Singaporeand also the first ever outlet in Malaysia located at Atria Shopping Gallery (Ground floor).
For more details, do check out their official website or follow them on their social media platform for the latest updates and promotion at FB & IG

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