Where I Stayed in Kuching, Sarawak @ J&J Blessing Homestay

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog.
I feel so excited to be back for a new travel post of my recent trip to Kuching, Sarawak.
Can't believe I haven't been on the plane for about 3 years, where I used to travel around at least 4-5 times in a year.
I told Lik that the first place I wanted to go when the pandemic ends is Kuching, Sarawak.
It's not somewhere very far, but I look at Kuching like my second home in Malaysia, I always enjoy going back; not only because I have a bunch of good friends there, the people there are always very nice and friendly to give a very welcoming feeling, also the food there are so damn delicious too! 
Well, it is actually a kind of mixture feeling, excited to be on the plane again, but at the same time also fear of the crowds in the public, but after all I'm happy that I actually took the courage to fly again.
It's sooooo good to meet my friends in Kuching (no more video callings), and also can eat the Kuching food (Kolo mee, Laksa, Belacan Beehun, Kuay Chap etc) that I always thinking about. 
This time, I'm traveling with a friend from Sibu, Winnie; she flew from Sibu and I flew from KL, and we thought it would be a good idea to rent an apartment instead of the hotels.
Thanks to Winnie...she found J&J Blessing Homestay through Airbnb, where we had our 7 days 6 nights stay. 
We both enjoyed our stay very much, so I thought it would be good to share with you guys all the bits and pieces about the apartment with you guys.

First, let's meet my part-time "housemate" Winnie Wong from Sibu. :)
I'm glad to have Winnie as my housemate...she is a lovely, bright and bubbly lady to be with.
I could never get bored when she is around, always very talkative and love to laugh. :)
To Winnie, thanks for all the love and cares during our trip, and I kinda miss us spending time together in the apartment. ♡♡♡

The Location

J&J Blessing Homestay is located at Jazz Suites 1, right above the biggest shopping mall, Vivacity Mall  in downtown Kuching.
I like the location; it is very convenient to get my needs downstairs, such as supermarket, pharmacy, eateries, and also 24/7 convenient store. 
Besides, the location is also very good for our friends who stay nearby to drop by, and also has good access to the Kuching hotspots, and various Kuching eateries within minutes.
For example, the Pot House (煲有骨气) & Quan Yuan Kopitiam (权园茶室) serve good local delicacies, and the Earthlings Coffee Workshop serves very good coffee, are located right opposite, just 10-15 minutes walk from the mall. 

First impression about the main entrance of Jazz Suite 1, so welcoming and cozy. :)

The Owner, Jasmine

The owner, Jasmine is a very nice lady.
She is so friendly and helpful to give us a very clear guidelines with pictures on where to go upon our arrival at the place; for instance, where to pick up the house keys, where to park the car, how to get in the apartment etc. 
You can have zero worries when booking your stay with Jasmine, I have confident that she will try her best to provide great stays for her guests. :)
Btw, you can also check out the guests reviews on Airbnb as she has a large number of good reviews about herself and her property.

The Living Room

First, let's check out the living room.
The living space is not very spacious, but the arrangement of the furniture gives a comfortable and pleasing ambience for watching TV and chilling out.
Also, the living room has installed an AC and a ceiling fan to create a more comfortable environment for the guests.

There is only basic channels are available on the TV, and also unlimited Wi-Fi is provided during the stay. :)
A kind reminder about their Wi-Fi signal, the strength and speed is not very smooth, because the router is sharing with another unit, so the connection is a bit slow especially if you stayed at the master bedroom.

The Rooms

There are total 4 rooms in the unit, however only 3 rooms are open for us, which I think it's generous enough since just the two of us staying.
Let's first check out the master bedroom, also the room that I stayed over the 6 days.
The room consists of 2 x double beds near to the window, a white rack next to the bed, a few wall clothes knobs next to the toilet, and also a wall mirror facing to the bed. 

This is the private toilet attached with the master bedroom, with the basic toiletries provided, such as bath towels, hand soap, toilet paper, shampoo, and shower gels.
It's good to see the toilet has installed a half transparent panel to separate the wet and dry room to prevent the water from splashing around the bathroom. 
I really enjoyed the strong pressured water in the shower, makes me feel sooo refreshed!. #haha

This is the second room that my friend stayed during the trip.
The room is slightly smaller than the master bedroom, yet it has 1 x single bed and 2 x double beds to accommodate 3 person. 

Looking at the size and space in the third room, this room is much smaller than the other two rooms I mentioned above.
The room only has 1 x single bed to accommodate 1 guest comfortably. :)
Same as the other rooms, this single room also has a half body wall mirror, yet I think it would be good to have at least one full body mirror in the apartment so that we can have a complete look at our outfit before heading out. #hehe

There is a sharing bathroom located next to the 2nd and 3rd room.
It has the same size and design as the one at master bedroom, and also provides the same basic essentials, such as bath towels, hand soap, toilet paper, shampoo, and shower gels. 

The Kitchen

If you asked me what I love the most from J&J Blessing Homestay, it's definitely their kitchen!
Look at the kitchen cabinet...full of English cottage design that contrasting white and dark woods, so stylish and classic! 
Also, the kitchen got almost all the kitchen appliances you need, such as fridge, oven, kettle, water purifier etc. 

Tableware are all provided nicely by the owner. 

These Unicorn cups are too cute to see and use. #haha

There is a wooden dining set at the kitchen area to accommodate 4-6 people.
Some snacks and drinks are provided on the table too. :)

In addition, the owner also prepared the laundry liquid for their guests to do in-house laundry. 
For me, this is one of the best thing to stay at Airbnb especially during this Covid period where I practice regular towels and clothes washing to keep clean.
It would have a lot of hassle to pack the dirty clothes back home if we don't do any laundry over the 7 days holiday. :)

The View

The view from our balcony.
The apartment itself also offers various attractive facilities such as swimming pools, children playground, gym, sauna and TV room. 

There is also a small outdoor table setting at the balcony.
Good to chill in the early morning with a cup of hot coffee here. :)

My Experience

Overall, we had a very pleasant stay at J&J Blessing Homestay.
The process of check-in and check-out are all very smooth and fast, because all information sent by Jasmine was so detail and clear enough to follow. 
Like the other people said on the reviews, Jasmine is really a great host, very helpful with all your questions and your needs, and we also found out she is so passionate on doing her Airbnb business. :)
The apartment is well cleaned upon our arrival, and the place gives us a homey feeling everytime we came back from our day tour. :)
I would said the apartment is suitable for family and also a group of friends staying, spacious enough for 7-8 pax, with the entire cozy and friendly ambience provided. 
Do not forget to mention the location once again; it's super convenient to get your basic needs easily.
I'm glad that I've found J&J Blessing Homestay, as I do not need to worry about my stay in Kuching anymore, because I'll definitely going to stay at there again on my next trip to Kuching.
Thank you Jasmine. ♡♡♡

Where to Book?

Jasmine also has another unit under the same roof, which she named it as JJ Totoro Homestay, https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/36151625?source_impression_id=p3_1660115782_FzkSacToDFh0I2SN
My friend told me that both apartments are always fully booked due to the good reviews and reasonable prices for the stays and services, so if you are looking for a stay when traveling to Kuching, do plan it early and lock the stay with Jasmine fast. 
Last but not least, that's all about my first sharing about Kuching, I will come back with another post, which is my first ever boating experience in Kuching, so stay-tuned guys! xoxo

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