3D2N at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort @ Hotel Review at Kuantan, Pahang

When I was a young kid in primary school, my dad used to take us on memorable trips to Kuantan during our school breaks.
Those trips were always filled with excitement and adventure, creating cherished memories with my family that have stayed with me over the years.
One of the highlights during those memorable trips was my dad always book a hotel with a swimming pool, as he wanted us to have the opportunity to learn how to swim.
I can still remember feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation when we arrived at the hotel and eagerly headed straight to the pool. #hehe
It was really fun!
Honestly, the swimming lessons with my dad became a precious bonding opportunity for us; not only taught me how to swim but also brought us closer together as my dad often busy with work and couldn't spend much time with us.
Now that I've grown up, I always have a strong desire to fulfill my dad's travel wishes and take him to places he has always wanted to visit.
Lately, my dad has been talking about visiting Kuantan again, and after months of hearing him talk about it, I decided to surprise him with a 3D2N trip to Kuantan during Puasa month.
Knowing that my parents enjoy private beach and a room with a view of the sea, I choose to make our stay at the Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort.

Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort

In Kuantan, there are only a few hotels that offer a private beach, and Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is among the top choices when searching for accommodation.
When I was researching the resort, I discovered that the resort had recently undergone renovations after the pandemic.
This made us even more excited about the prospect of staying there because we anticipated that everything would be in good condition. 
I spent a total of RM2,200 for our stay, which included 2 rooms for 2 nights, which means that the cost of a room with a a king size bed and a sea view was RM550.00.

The Location

As we traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan during the fasting month of Puasa, indeed the first day of Puasa, so we were lucky to experience smooth traffic without any jams.
The roads were so clear, making our 4hours drive journey easy and stress-free. 
The Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is situated in a small village, called Teluk Cempedak, which is about 10-15 mins drive from the city center of Kuantan.
This convenient location allows us to easily explore the surrounding areas and enjoy the attractions and amenities of Kuantan while still being able to retreat to the peacefulness of the result. 

There are several well-known food chains, including McDonald's, KFC, Subway, and Starbucks, located in the area.
Additionally, a convenient shop is also nearby, providing easy access to essential items.

I really like sitting by the sea and enjoying my Starbucks coffee.

The Lobby & Receptionist

The Resort offers a welcoming outdoor lobby furnished with wooden furniture, providing a spacious and inviting atmosphere.
During the check-in process, we can relax and enjoy the open-air lobby, surrounded by the serene environment.
The gentle sounds of the nearby sea add a soothing touch upon our arrival.
Well, the check-in procedure was also efficient, the staff ensured a quick and hassle-free arrival.
The receptionist warmly greeted me, and explained the layout of the resort, offering helpful information, and ensuring a smooth start to my stay.

The Surroundings

As the resort is located near the beach, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, with a view of the sea.
There are lots of trees and plants around, giving it a tropical feel.
The sound of the waves crashing on the shore adds to the peaceful atmosphere.
It's a great place t relax and get away from the busy city life.
Whether you're walking on the beach or sitting by pool, the resort's surroundings make it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

The King Size Bedroom with Sea View

For our stay, we have booked two rooms that offer breathtaking views of the sea, accompanied by a comfortable king-sized bed in each room.
The room itself is remarkably spacious, comes with 1 king size bed, and a small lounge area, providing good space for relaxation 

The large king bed provides a firm and comfortable sleep during our stay.
It also includes plenty of big pillows, which I really like. #hehe

A lounge chair and footstool are places in one corner of the room, offering a cozy spot to relax and unwind.

Additionally, the room also features a spacious patio area equipped with a chair and a coffee table.

There was a closet near the room's entrance.
Inside, we found 2 white robes, hangers, an iron, and ironing board.

And beside the closet, there is also a minibar that contained complimentary items included in the room rate, such as coffee, tea, mineral water that restocked daily.
Good that mini fridge and kettle are available for our use during our stay. 

Let's check out the bathroom together.
Although it's not very spacious, there is enough room to separate bath and toilet area, which provides privacy and convenience. 

The sink area in the bathroom was in generous size, and there is ample counter space available for me to place my toiletries.
I especially like both large and small mirror in the bathroom; where large mirror is great for getting a full view of myself, while smaller mirror is easier for a closer look when applying makeup. :)

The sink corner features a selection of amenities, including alcohol wipes, which I think it's particularly thoughtful in light of the ongoing Covid situation.

I was disappointed to find that there was only a standing shower instead of a bathtub in the room, as I had expected.
Also, despite the bathroom being spacious, I encountered some inconveniences, such as only one hook and no towel rack, making it difficult to hang our reuse towels.

I love the balcony the most.
It's a small outdoor space where we can enjoy fresh air and beautiful surroundings.
My parents and I spent a lot of time there at night, drinking beer and enjoying the sea view with the cool breeze.

Some beautiful views out from the balcony. :)
Well, we can also enjoy the morning sunrise from the balcony too. :)

The Breakfast at Kampung

My parents were somewhat disappointed that the room did not include the breakfast buffet, especially considering the relatively high price we paid for the stay.
Given the upscale nature of the resort, they had expected the breakfast to be included as part of the overall experience.
Well, I personally think that having breakfast included would have allowed us to fully enjoy the dining offerings of the resort, and enhance the overall stay.

In order to ensure my dad could enjoy his favourite hotel breakfast buffet , I paid RM70 per person for the breakfast buffet on our last day
We headed to the Kampung, all-day dining restaurant, which is conveniently situated on the ground floor.
The restaurant offers a delightful blend of Western, traditional Malay, Indian, and local Chinese cuisines.
With a wide range of food and drink options available, we had plenty of choices to satisfy our cravings.

One of the best parts of breakfast was sitting by the sea.
We could hear the peaceful sound of the waves while enjoying our meal.
The cool breeze made it even more enjoyable and refreshing.

The Facilities

One of the main highlights of the Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is its own private beach.
This means that only guests of the resort can access and enjoy the beach, which offers a more peaceful and quiet beach experience compared to public beaches, where may be more people.

I find it is truly a great place to unwind and enjoy the beach without any big crowds; relax on the soft sand, swim in the clear water and enjoy beautiful of the sea.

In addition, the private beach also a great spot to see both sunrise and sunset.
My parents and I woke up early in the morning to walk on the sandy beach and watch the sunrise.
Unfortunately, the weather was a bit cloudy, so the sunrise wasn't very clear.

Despite that, we still enjoyed our walk on the beach, and the peaceful atmosphere.
We listened to the sound of the waves and felt the soft sand beneath our feet.
It was a calming and relaxing start to the day, even though the sunrise wasn't as bright as we had hoped.

The night view taken at the beach.

The resort's beach also has a volleyball court available.
Guest can play volleyball there, which is a fun and active beach sport.

There are two swimming pools at the resort, one for adults and one for kids.
The pools were well-maintained and safe, allowing guests of all ages to have a good time.

Swimming in the pools was a highlight of my stay at the resort, and I really enjoyed spending quality time in the water everyday, both during the day and at night.

The resort offers many outdoor seating areas where guests can sit and relax.
Whether you want to bask in the sunlight, have a chat with friends, or simply take a moment to unwind, there are chairs by the poolside and benches in the garden for you to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the resort.

I am grateful for spending such a memorable trip with my parents at the Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort.
It was a special time for us bonding, laughing, and creating lasting memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.
As we grow older each year, our parents also aged year by year.
We probably neglect to spend time with them due to our works and other responsibilities, but we should really prioritize and make an effort to spend quality time with them before its too late.
I always have a desire in my heart to fulfill all the places my parents want to visit, and will do my best to take them to those dream destinations and create cherished memories together. <3

Overall, Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. 
From the moment we arrived at the resort, we were greeted with warm hospitality, and breathtaking views.
The spacious and comfortable rooms provided us with a relaxing retreat, while the balcony allowed us to enjoy the fresh air ad beautiful surroundings. 
Also, the easy access to the beach is definitely my favourite as I can go for walks, swim or just sit and enjoy the view whenever I want. 
Thank you, Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort! I look forward to visiting again in the future.


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