Where I Stay in Taiwan Kaohsiung 台湾高雄 @ The Greet Inn 喜迎旅店 (With Discount Code "IVYKHH")

Hey guys! How's everyone doing?
We're almost at the end of September, and it's hard to believe that we only have 3 months left before we say goodbye to 2023.
Looking back on this year, I feel really lucky because I got to travel to few different countries and see the world with my own eyes.
If you follow me on Instagram @mizhippo, you probably noticed that I just came back from Taiwan.
This time, I decided to explore Kaohsiung and Tainan instead of Taipei, as I've been to Taipei before, and I wanted to see a different side of Taiwan.
I remember my first trip to Taiwan was approximately 13 years ago when I went there to attend some short courses, and then my most recent visit was 5 years ago when I traveled my university friends.
Taiwan is convenient for me to explore on my own because we speak the same language, the transportation system also makes it easy to get around, and I've always loved of Taiwanese cuisine, which is another plus for me. :)
Also, the people in Taiwan are indeed very friendly and helpful; I remember one instance when we were storing our luggage at the Kaohsiung MRT station, and a Taiwanese girl approached us and asked if there was anything she could do to help.
Honestly, it was really such a friendly and heartwarming gesture for us!
Speaking of the weather during our visit to Kaohsiung, we were lucky to have arrived a few days after the typhoon season in Taiwan had passed.
However, the weather during this trip was rather unpredictable, where we experienced 3 days of continuous rain and 2 extremely hot and sunny days, indeed it wasn't the most ideal weather for traveling. 
This time, I had the pleasure of traveling with my good friend, Venny, and it marked our very first adventure together during the 6-days 5-nights trip to Kaohsiung and Tainan.
Well, despite the unpredictable weather, we had a blast; enjoying each other's company, sharing hearty laughs, capturing numerous photos and videos to remember our adventures, and savoring the mouthwatering local food.
I'll be sharing all the details of our trip in my blog, but meanwhile, you can check out the highlights of my Kaohsiung and Tainan journey on my Instagram, where I've saved them in my highlights. 
And now, my Kaohsiung and Tainan trip will begin with a review of the Greet Inn 喜迎旅店 we stayed at in Kaohsiung.

The Greet Inn 喜迎旅店

I first came across Greet Inn through XHS, where you can check it out by searching "accommodations in Kaohsiung 高雄住宿".
There are many good reviews with nice photos and videos can be found on the platform.
After checking it out and reading reviews on various online platforms, we decided to stay there for our first and second nights in Kaohsiung.

Greet Inn has earned numerous awards from various hotel booking websites, including Agoda, Booking.com, Hotels.com and many others.
These recognition are a testament to the hotel's quality and the positive experiences of its guests, which further reinforcing our decision to choose Greet Inn for our stay in Kaohsiung. :)

The Location

The hotel's location is noteworthy, as it is centrally situated in Cianjin District.
It is conveniently close to the City Council MRT station, less than 5 minutes walk, and the famous lively Liu He Market is about 10 minutes walk that provides lots of nice local delicacies, making it an ideal base for exploring Kaohsiung.
Since the hotel is located very close to the MRT station, it saved us a lot of trouble carrying our big and heavy luggage from the airport to the hotel. :)
Follow these steps to guide you to Greet Inn conveniently from Xiaogang Airport: take the Red Line from Kaohsiung International Airport Station 高雄国际机场 > transfer to the Orange Line at Formosa Boulevard Station 美丽岛站 > continue on the MRT to Old Site of City Council Station 市议会 (旧址) > take exit 4 > turn right > walk along Wenwu 1st Street 文武一街 for about 3 minutes to reach the hotel.

The Surroundings

The hotel is located at a lively street in Kaohsiung.
This area is totally a food's lover's paradise right at your doorstep, without the need for extensive travel from the hotel.
For instance, right across the street, you can find the local noodle shop that serve Taiwanese specialties Oyster Mee Suah, Oyster Omelet, Congee, and also an authentic traditional Taiwanese breakfast restaurant that offer Taiwanese Scallion Pancake, steamed dumpling soya drinks, and more.
Besides, there is also a famous local burger joint, Dain-Dain Hamburger 丹丹汉堡 just across the street. 
Well, if you are interested in trying out more restaurants near the hotel, you can just ask the hotel for QR codes, which will give you more information about these places, allowing you to enjoy some delicious food during your stay.

We had the chance to try one of these places called Xing Long Ju (兴隆居), one of the most popular breakfast spot in Kaohsiung, and it really gave us a genuine cultural breakfast experience in Taiwan.
I will share more details about the food we had in the next post.

Moreover, the hotel's surroundings are also very convenient.
Right next door, there's a small convenience store, and just across the street, you'll find a larger Family Mart.
Both are within a quick 2-minute walk from the hotel's entrance. 
I personally think that staying at hotels close to convenience stores offers several advantages as they come in handy for getting essential items or grabbing a quick snack or drink during my stay.

The Lobby & Receptionist

The hotel's lobby is both welcoming and spacious, gives a comfortable atmosphere for guests.
It features a large waiting area with comfortable seating, making it a pleasant spot for guests to wait or to relax after a day of exploration.
As soon as we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the friendly and helpful staff at the reception desk.
The check-in process was also remarkably quick and hassle-free.
Besides, the receptionists were not only knowledgeable but also very polite and patient in guiding us through our queries; whether it was questions about local attractions or transportation tips for our stay, they were always ready to assist and guide us, making our experience in Kaohsiung even more enjoyable.
A big thumbs up to the staffs!

The Deluxe Double Room 豪华客房

Venny and I had a deluxe double room 豪华客房 for a two-night stay in Kaohsiung.
To our pleasant surprise, the room exceeded our expectations in terms of size and spaciousness. 
The room was equipped with a generously sized king-size bed, providing ample space for a comfortable night's sleep for one or even two guests.
Indeed, the king-size bed is so roomy and comfortable that we could barely hear each other's snoring. #haha

In addition to the sleeping area, the room featured a cozy lounge space that included a comfortable sofa.
This lounge area offered the perfect spot for us too unwind, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply relax after a day of exploring the city. 

There was plenty of room between the bed and the TV area in the center of the room, allowing us to enjoy our favourite shows and movies from both the comfortable bed and the seating area. 
One of the highlights of the room was the availability of various local and international shows and movies.
This feature added an extra layer of entertainment to our stay.
My girl friend, Venny enjoyed being able to watch her favourite movie every night before going to bed, making our stay even more enjoyable and relaxing. :)

And, at the end of the room, there's a convenient mini bar setup which includes a small cabinet and counter where we can find complimentary amenities like water, coffee and tea, without any additional charges.
Inside the cabinet, there's a mini refrigerator that allows us to keep any beverages, especially the beer we've bought, nicely chilled during our stay. 

It was a pleasant surprise to see the additional sink area within the room, especially because it is separated from the main bathroom where the bathing and toilet facilities are located. 
I really like this private area, which came with a generously sized mirror, that not only enhanced the aesthetics of the room, but also provided a convenient space for personal grooming and hygiene routines.
This setup undoubtedly saved us time, especially when one person needed to shower or use the toilet while another needed to brush their teeth. :)

Shower gel, shampoo, body lotions and and various other toiletries such as toothpaste and toothbrush, cotton buds and razors can be found on the rack for our conveniences. 

My favourite spot inside the room. :)

The best thing about the room is that it has a bathtub, which is really nice!
On our last night here, I decided to take a long relaxing soak in the bathtub, make all the tiredness away, especially the feet that has walk thousand miles a day.
This is the best part ever!

In addition to the bathtub, the bathroom is also equipped with a separate standing shower right next to bathtub.

And then the toilet is located in a separate, smaller room to the right as you enter the main room. 

The Breakfast

Our room included daily breakfast, which was served on the 2nd floor at the Great Bistro & Cafe.
You know what? I've always been a fan of hotel breakfasts.
I think having breakfast in a hotel is one of the nicest thing to do when you wake up in the morning.
You can customize your breakfast with a wide variety of options and enjoy a cup of coffee, setting a wonderful tone for the day ahead!
Definitely a pleasant way to begin my morning. :)

The breakfast area is quite spacious with plenty of seats.
The interior of the cafe has an industrial vibe, adding an unique and trendy atmosphere to the dining experience.

There were plenty of food choices available at the breakfast buffet, ranging from various types of bread to fresh salads, hot dishes in pots, and a diverse selection of fruits.

In addition to the diverse food options, there was also a wide range of beverages available.
These options included hot coffee and tea for those who prefer something warm, as well as cold juices for a refreshing morning drink. 

Other Facilities

Like many other hotels, Greet Inn also provides a gym for its guests, as well as a laundry room.

However, what truly surprised me was that their laundry service is offered free of charge
I've stayed at various hotels in the past, and this is honestly the first time I've encountered a hotel that provides complimentary laundry service to its guests.
This is really a generous offering from the hotel!

In addition to the generous laundry service, Greet Inn also provides a complimentary snack time for the guests.
This means that guests can indulge in free drinks and snacks from 2pm till 10pm, on the 2nd floor, the same place where breakfast is served.

During this snack time, guests can find a variety of treats including bread, different types of biscuits, sweets as well as coffee, tea and juices.
It's delightful offering that adds to the overall comfort and enjoyment of the stay at Greet Inn. 

To wrap it up, I must said that our stay at Greet Inn is exceeded our expectations and left us thoroughly satisfied.
From the comfortable and spacious rooms to the exceptional service provided by the friendly staff, every aspect of our stay was a memorable and delightful experience.
The convenient location, complimentary amenities like laundry services and snacks, as well as the opportunity to explore nearby dining options, all added to the overall appeal of the hotel.
Even though the weather was pretty bad during our trip, Greet Inn gave us a comfortable place to return to after our daily adventures.
Overall, it was a wonderful stay that left us with great memories.
I will recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Kaohsiung, and I will definitely book it again if I return to Kaohsiung in the future.

Before ending this post, here are some good deals for all of you!
If you are interested in booking a room at Greet Inn, you can use my code "IVYKHH" to enjoy a TWD300 discount.
This offer is valid from 20th Sept 2023 to 27th Dec 2023 (subject to daily availability, while supplies last).
Please note that the promotion code is only applicable for bookings made through their official website at https://www.greetinn.com.tw/.
Additionally, you can also enjoy 30% discount when purchasing High-speed rail tickets through their official website too.

Last but not least, don't forget to join the Taiwan Lucky Draw for a chance to win a prize of TWD5,000 at https://5000.taiwan.net.tw/e_list_en.html.
Venny and I were lucky enough to win an Easy Card (iPass card) with TWD 5,000 cash, which we used for transportation and food expenses during our trip. #hehe
So, that concludes the first blog of my Kaohsiung trip, and I hope this review is helpful for your hotel booking decisions in Kaohsiung.
Stay tuned for my next post yo! 

Greet Inn 喜迎旅店
Add: No. 161, Liuhe 2nd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Tel: 07-231-2333
Website: https://www.greetinn.com.tw/

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