The First Japanese-styled Alpro スギ Pharmacy, the Alpro Sugi Pharmacy is in Malaysia Now!

I've never been to Japan before. #surprise?!
But I've heard many great things about the country from people around me who had visited multiple times.
They've shared their experiences with me, highlighting Japan is a fantastic place to explore.
First and foremost, Japan stands out for its extraordinary commitment to cleanliness and the genuine friendliness of its people.
Second, it's renowned for its remarkable spirit of innovation and creativity.
And thirdly, there are many incredible drug stores where you can shop till you drop.
I really hope to experience Japan for myself one day, perhaps as soon as next year. :)
In the meantime, while waiting for the right time to visit Japan, it's great to know that we can now purchase Japanese products from authentic Japanese drug store right here in Malaysia!
Yeap! The long-awaited moment has arrived!
Starting on 27th Oct 2023, Malaysian consumers can indulge in the famous drugstore shopping experience right in the heart of Petaling Jaya at Alpro スギ Pharmacy, the Alpro Sugi Pharmacy.
This means you can enjoy the essence of a Japanese pharmacy without the financial burden of travel expenses or the worries of excess luggage fees! 

Located at the 2nd floor in The Starling Mall, this expansive 3,888 sq. ft. store marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Sugi Holdings Co. Ltd, a prominent Japanese Pharmacy chain boasting 1,600 stores, and Alpro Pharmacy Group, the parent company of Malaysia's largest prescription pharmacy chain.

Ph. Lee Yin-Chen, Branding, Promotion and Trade Marketing Director & E-Commerce Lead of Alpro Pharmacy: "We understand that stocking up on healthcare and personal care products at drugstores is one of the most popular itineraries when visiting Japan. This exclusive partnership with Sugi enables us to extend our offering beyond acclaimed ‘Made in Japan’ health and beauty products to ingenious homecare and baby care products, right here in Malaysia, hassle-free."

I was overwhelmed by Alpro スギ Pharmacy offers in their shop; ranging from healthcare and personal care to beauty care, as well as baby and rehabilitation care.
They have everything you need for your daily life!
Without further delay, let me introduce you to the special items all the way from Japan that are worth buying at Alpro スギ Pharmacy. 

First, let's check out their "S Select Section" where you can find products recommended as top-rated at  Alpro スギ Pharmacy. 
This section makes it easy for customers to quickly spot the special products in the pharmacy, providing a convenient shopping experience for customers. 

These S Select Moisturizing Body Milk is highly popular in Japan, as they are sold out from whatever the factory produces in Japan. 
Available in 3 varieties: floral scent, unscented and hatomugi for sensitive skin, which are priced at only RM20 for a 400ml bottle, perfect for keeping the skin moisturized.

Sugi S Select Oishi Fruits Green Juice contains 20 billion probiotics, along with 75 types of fermented plant extracts, 21 kinds of vegetables, including Japan's famous young barley grass powder.
It's great for digestion, and it packed with calcium, making it ideal for people who don't eat many vegetables, fruits or milk.

I'm quite impressed with this Cooking Oil Waste Treatment Agent, also known as Oil Hardener.
It makes treating used cooking oil a breeze!
When the used oil hardens, it makes cleaning pans and pots easy, all without creating a mess in your kitchen.

In addition, you should also consider checking out some of the household products at the Alpro Sugi Pharmacy.
I was indeed quite impressed with a few of the products on their shelves.
For instance, they have kitchen drain cleaner uses natural microorganisms to prevent odors and buildup, the washing machine cleaner uses oxygen and enzymes for a thorough clean, and the air conditioner cleaner spray is easy to use and deodorizes with green tea extract, preventing mold and killing bacteria and viruses.

The Vegista Komenuka Power Freshness Keep Bag is a special bag made from rice bran that helps keep your vegetables fresh.
The secret to its freshness is the natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties of rice barn, and also contains something called ferulic acid that helps keep the vegetables fresh.
The great thing about it s that you can wash and use it again. 

Now, let's take a look at the beauty brands that Alpro スギ Pharmacy highly recommends.
One of them is Prieclat U, offering a diverse range of products for both women and men to address various skincare needs, and another one is Soka Mockathat, a best seller in Japan which uses 100% original yuzu from Kochi Prefecture as the main ingredients in their skincare products.

If you're uncertain about your skin needs and condition, you can opt for their advanced AI Skin Analysis.
It helps identify your skin concerns and allows you to understand your skin's condition and requirements before you buy the right products.
The beauty advisors are also available to provide product recommendations, and the best part? This AI Skin Analysis is completely free of charge!

Dr Zero's Redenical Hair & Scalp Shampoo is an award winning product designed to address dandruff and itchiness issues.
It contains Redensyl, a special ingredient for scalp care, and it's suitable for both men and women. 

At Alpro スギ Pharmacy, you can find a special health service called the Occu-AI Test, which focuses on eye health and health risk analysis.
This FREE test helps customers gain a better understanding of their health and body needs.
I personally took the test that day, and was relieved to discover that my sugar and cholesterol level were slightly high.
It allowed me to detect this issue early, enabling me to make dietary changes to control my sugar and cholesterol levels.

There are a wide range of supplements and healthy foods & beverages available in the store.
So, after the health test, you can consult with nutritionist, dietitians, and health advisors who can provide you with guidance on your diet or suggest supplements to enhance your overall health.

Lastly, Alpro スギ Pharmacy has more to offer, including sections for moms and babies, rehabilitation care, a section for Japanese snacks and beverages.

In conjunction with the new openings, Alpro スギ Pharmacy offers up to 70% off on selected Japanese items with Daily Super Deals.
For more information on Free Gifts and promotions, feel free to visit : 
Wait no more! Visit Alpro スギ Pharmacy today and immerse yourself in unparalleled Japanese wellness experience!

Alpro スギ Pharmacy (The Starling Mall)
Add: Lot S-201B, Second Floor, The Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +6019 906 
Alpro スギ Pharmacy (Paradigm Mall JB)
Add:Lot 3F-60, Third Floor, Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru.
Tel: +6019 952 8923 

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