6 Days 5 Nights in Guilin 桂林 @ Yangshuo 阳朔 & Guilin 桂林 (Part 2)

Good day, everyone! Welcome back to my blog.
If you've been following along with my adventures in Guilin from part 1 (click here), then you've probably eagerly anticipating this post.
Well, the wait is over!
Here's comes part 2 of my Guilin trip.
This time, I'll be exploring Yangshuo 阳朔, a charming town nestled near to Guilin city.
Yangshuo is a small county located southeast of Guilin city, about 65 kilometers from the city center.
It has a long history, dating back over 1,400 years to the Sui Dynasty.
Known as the "heavenly hometown of travel on earth", Yangshuo is famous for its stunning scenery.
Many travelers are drawn to its idyllic countryside views, beautiful Karst hills, and peaceful landscapes along the Li River, which resemble traditional Chinese paintings.
We spent two nights there, and let me tell you, the overall experience in Yangshuo was very relaxing.
We enjoyed our 2 nights here, even though the hotel accommodations weren't as comfortable as those n Guilin city, because being a small, the options were limited.
Nevertheless, we still had a great time overall. 
Without further ado, let's follow me for the 3 days 2 nights in Yangshuo!

DAY 3 - Yangshuo

Welcome to Yangshuo! :)
After nearly an hour and a half drive from Guilin city, we finally arrived in Yangshuo!

Before began our day in Yangshuo, we first enjoyed a tasty wild mushroom hotpot 野生菌火锅.
It was especially nice to have hotpot on a cold day, made us feel extra cozy and warm.
As I've mentioned before, joining a tour group in China is always a good idea.
They arrange a variety of delicious dishes on the table, and there's always an abundance of food to cater to everyone needs. 
Trust me, everything on the table in this picture is more than enough for 13 people. :)

Hotpot pairs perfectly with some cold beers.

After enjoying a satisfying lunch, we kicked off our first activity in Yangshuo with the Li River Cruise 船游漓江.
I had looked up different stars of the cruise, and it seems like we went with a 3-Star cruise. 
But honestly, it wasn't too bad even though it was 3-Star.
The cruise provided clean environment, good air-conditioners, and comfortable seats.
They even offered us tea while we were on board too!
Well, you can also order some snacks like peanuts by paying for them. 

At the beginning of the journey, we sat by the window and were treated to stunning views of the scenery outside.
Information was provided by the guide over the microphone, and we could hear the guide pointing out the highlights along the river, offering interesting insights and explanation as we sailed along. 

The landscape is decorated with striking hills, steep cliffs, magnificent caves, and quaint farming villages, all framed by the presence of bamboo lining and surroundings. 

After about 20 minutes sitting inside the cabin, we were allowed to go up to the upper deck to take in the view.
The weather provided a cool breeze on the top deck, which for me was much more comfortable than sitting inside the cabin. 


Standing on the deck lets me get a better view of the beautiful natural scenery up close.
I can feel the breeze and see all the details of the mountains, forests and river.
It's a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature.


姐姐这一家很可爱 :)

The lush greenery, towering karst mountains, and tranquil waters of the Li River passed by, painting a picturesque landscape.

Btw, this is the outfit for my 3rd day in Yangshuo. 

It's wonderful to meet everyone from the trip.
认识大家也算一个缘分, 希望有机会可以再和大家一起出游! :)

Sandra asked for a group photo with us, so here you go! #hehe

With a total cruising time of about an and a half, it wasn't overly lengthy, but it was certainly sufficient to take in all the sights we had hoped to see along the way. 
Overall, the cruise trip was very enjoyable!

We had an early dinner, and the dinner at we had Yangshuo on the first night wasn't very special.
But our tour leader brought along Gui Hua Wine 桂花酒 for us to try.
It smelled nice and didn't taste too strong.
I actually liked it, and brought a bottle back to KL to share with my girl friend. :)

After dinner, we decided to purchase additional tickets to attend the local show called Guilin Romance 桂林千古情, at the Guilin Romance Park.
Our tour package did not include the show ticket, so it was optional for us.
Since everyone in the group wanted to go, we also decided to join by paying RMB250 per person. 

The park is impressively large, which surprised me because I initially thought it would be a small theater like the one I've seen in other cities in China.
However, as we walked around trying to find the theatre, we discovered many other attractions that we could enjoyed.
What's more, many of these attractions were actually free to access, even the face-changing show 变脸表演 was also free to watch in the public area.

Even though we had already paid for one show ticket, we were fortunate to catch another show with an earlier start time before the Guilin Romance show.
We watched The Earthquake 大地震 show first, and it turned out to be a very touching story.
The show shows how a big earthquake destroy things like houses falling down and landslides.
And it's actually based on a true story and shows how much the Chinese people care about helping after an earthquake.

Here comes the Romantic Show of Guilin 桂林千古情, directed by Qiaoling Huang, Chairman of the Board of Songcheng Performance, a company involved in various projects related to the tourism performing arts industry.
The show consists of 5 parts, all of which are truly amazing.
The visual were stunning, and the decorations appeared incredibly lifelike.
I also appreciated how the show utilized the entire space, where you found yourself turning around or looking up for some of the experiences.
I would recommend this show for those who enjoy watching performances. :)

这里拍张照留恋 :)

After the show, we headed to Yitian West Street 益田西街, which is conveniently located just across the bridge from our hotel.

Yitian West Street is the oldest street and also the busiest area in Yangshuo, dating back over 1,400 years.
It's located at the center or Yangshuo County.
Since the 1980's, it has been a place where Eastern and Western cultures meet.
It's also known as the largest center for foreign languages in China.

The street is busy with many restaurants serving different types of Chinese food.
I enjoyed walking along the lively street and trying local dishes over here.
Besides, there are also shops selling souvenirs, local items, clothes and accessories that provide a rich shopping experience to the visitors.

We actually passed by West Street on our way to the Li River Cruise in the afternoon, so we got to see in both during the day and at night.
Comparting the two, I found that West Street looks much prettier at night, with more people around, and also the lighting makes the street look even more vibrant and lively.

It's always interesting to see the different designs of Starbucks in different cities.

For supper, we opted for McDonald's.
Every country has its own specialties at McDonald's, so it's worth trying at least once. 

Good night Yangshuo!

This is the hotel room we stayed in at Yangshuo Elite Garden Hotel 阳朔万丽花园大酒店
Before booking the tour package, I actually checked the hotel information because I am very particular about hotel details.
Our tour company in KL mentioned that it's not easy to find a decent hotel with a convenient location in Yangshuo due to limited options.
So, Yangshuo Elite Garden Hotel is considered a good choice in the city.
I found that they were right; the hotel is conveniently located opposite West Street, where we can easily grab suppers and coffee in the morning.
The room wasn't too bad either; it was clean and spacious, though the design was quite old with wood construction. 

DAY 4 - Yangshuo

Once again, thanks to Travel Recommendation for providing stable wifi throughout my trip.
The device was very convenient, it was light, the battery lasted longer, and it even had a built-in VPN, which allowed me to access WhatsApp, Google, IG and FB anytime I wanted
I highly recommend you guys checking it out if you're traveling to China.

As Yangshuo is considered a small county, the dishes there are also simple, nothing super fancy.
The dishes served on the table are more like ones you'd find in a village, 所谓的家乡菜.

Yulong River Bamboo Rafting 玉龙河竹筏 is one of my favourite activity in Yangshuo.
Despite the cold weather during the 40-minutes outdoor journey, I found it was enjoyable and interesting.
Even having experienced a cruise before, I still appreciated the charm of this smaller, more picturesque river on the bamboo raft.

Here's my outfit for day 4 in Yangshuo, which also to be one of my favourites. :)

There were fewer people compared to the Li River Cruise, and I'm not sure if it was because we visited during the low season, but that morning, we were the only visitors, which made the Yulong River trip even more special. 

Bamboo farting offers a leisurely journey along the river, with beautiful scenery on each sides.
Lasting about 40-50 minutes, the tour takes you through valleys surrounded by small mountains and a clean river.
The ambiance is serene and tranquil, with only sounds of the rafting and the river filling the air, making it peaceful experience.

We are lucky to catch the Cormorant Fishing Show 鸕鶿捕魚 live on the river.
The Cormorant is an intriguing bird known for its ability to dive deep underwater and remain submerged for extended periods.
While submerged, it hunts for fish, seizing them with its beak before resurfacing. 

During the trip, I also tried the bamboo rafting, but I found it was difficult and physically demanding.
I couldn't even move from the starting point.
The bamboo stick itself was very heavy, making it challenging to push through the water and propel the raft forward. :)

Appreciate the good vibes surrounded by clear water, green mountains, bamboo forests, and the blue sky.

During our Yulong River trip, we were accompanied by Liu San Jie, who serenaded us with traditional Liu San Jie songs, and also our bamboo raft rider skillfully navigated the river, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for us all.

Well done to her being our Liu San Jie during our bamboo rafting adventure. :)

Arrived at Guilin Lipu Lijiang Bay 桂林荔浦漓江湾, another highlight in Yangshuo.
It is renowned for its picturesque landscape, earning the title of "water among mountains, mountains within mountains, and Guilin's formost bay amidst rivers and mountains."
It is often referred to as the "Jiuzhai" within caves.
I would recommend visiting this scenic area before you leave Yangshuo, it is definitely worth your time and you won't regret it.
Continue reading to discover what awaits you in this scenic area.

We began our adventure with a serene motorboat tour to soak in the stunning scenery along the Lipu River.

The mountain looks like the shape of a hand. :)

The Lijiang Bay is quite big, as we strolled along, we reached a large temple adorned with vibrant and diverse flowers surrounding its exterior.

We also had an artificial dragon boating experience at the Lipu River.

The most exciting spot is the Tiangong Cave 天宫岩, which is basically a network of underground caves.
When I first went inside, I was amazed because the reflection scenery was incredibly special and beautiful.

俗话说:山不在高,有仙则名;水不在深,有龙则灵,在荔江湾美丽的山水中就有一个奇特的岩洞,那就是被称作 "天宫岩" 的喀斯特溶洞.
The Tiangong Cave is a karst cave created by the horizontal splitting of fault rocks, forming a massive, low-lever flat rock ceiling.
It's exceptionally rare and breathtaking worldwide.
Often dubbed the "Jiuzhaigou in the cave", it features a smaller cave within it, traversed by an underground dark river, boasts a colossal karst cave waterfall measuring 10 meters in height and 20 meters in width.
Legend has it that the cave was once home to the fairy Ganoderma. 

When I explored the cave, it looks like a bunch of connected tunnels and rivers, showing off amazing natural beauty.
Inside, there were sharp rock formations hanging from the ceiling and rising from the ground, making the place feel mysterious.
The best part was the peaceful ground where you could see the cave's reflection in the clear water.

Following our visit to Tiangong Cave, we rode a cable car to the mountaintop.

We got to the golden bridge where the floor was made of glass.
It was exciting but at the same time also a bit scary because we could see right down to the ground.
And it was very windy and freezing cold up there on the mountain top, where my face felt frozen, and the wind blew my hair very strongly.

From the top, we can see a good view of Yangshuo.

Because I have a fear of heights, I only walked a very short distance to the main area and then stayed completely still. #haha

Since we were already at the top, we took many photos because I didn't want to waste the opportunity. #hehe

After visiting the golden bridge, you have two options; you can either descend using the cable car or choose to continue walking along the narrow steps to reach the Xianglong Glass Bridge 翔龙玻璃桥, where you can experience walking on a glass bridge and a glass path. 

The Xianglong Glass Bridge stands at a height of 252.6 meters above the ground, with a total length of 526 meters, including both the glass bridge and slideway.
And the clear width of the sidewalk is 2 meters.
Well, just by looking at the long and transparent bridge, it presents a significant challenge for someone like me who has a fear of heights. 

Walking across the glass bridge, three of us held tightly to each other as the glass surface felt a bit slippery under our feet.
With the wind blowing strongly, and the sky darkening, we focused solely on our steps, not daring to glance around.

Before reaching the glass bridge, we struggled to decide whether to go forward due to our fear of heights.
However, we realized it would be missed opportunity if we didn't conquer our fears since we were already there.
So, we encouraged and supported each other, gathering the courage to face the challenge.
We're relieved and proud that we successfully made it to the end!

There was only one way down, and that was by sliding.
It was both exciting and fun, with the last slide being the most interesting as we descended from the mountain's peak all the way to its base.
The entire process was incredibility fun!
You can watch my sliding adventure on my IG Story, saved under the "Guilin" highlight. 

It had been a tiring day in Yangshuo, but despite that, I truly had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Experiencing so many beautiful landscapes and engaging in various adventures was beyond what I had expected from this trip.
If you are in Yangshuo, I highly recommend following this itinerary and visiting these places.
It's truly worth your time and you won't regret it!

For our last dinner in Yangshuo, we enjoyed some Chinese white wine 白酒
I felt grateful to our tour leader for providing us with diverse culinary and beverage experiences throughout the trip.

Finally, we got to try the famous local specialty in Yangshuo, Beer Fish 啤酒鱼.
It's spicy and delicious dish with tender meat that's free from any fishy smell or taste, making it very appetizing. 

DAY 5 - Guilin

After 2 days in Yangshuo, we went back to Guilin one day before we flew back to Malaysia.
On the last day in Guilin, our tour leader took us to a Dong people village 侗族村.
If you've read my previous blog about the shopping stops included in the tour package, this visit is consider one of them.
The Dong people are famous  for their silver accessories and ornaments, which they believe improve health.
It was a good visit to learn about the history and culture of the Dong people, and see their traditional houses and daily life.
However, when they began selling their products, it became uncomfortable.
I was actually interested in a silver comb, but was taken aback when I knew it cost RM1k or more, so I decided not to purchase it.

For lunch, we indulged in a buffet lunch, which was a highlight of the trip.
However, we were only given one hour to enjoy the extensive variety of dishes.
I felt disappointed with the tour leader's arrangement, as she spent a lot of time at the Dong people village, approximately 3 hours, seemingly for her own benefit. 

After lunch we went to the New Dreams of Lijiang Show 梦幻漓江.
It wasn't a good show at all, but since it was included in our tour package, we just go along with the tour arrangement. 
However, overall, I founds it to be a bit of waste of time, especially after having watched a good one of the Romantic Show in Guilin.

Had a great last dinner in Guilin with the group.
开始有点不舍得 :)

After dinner, we walked to Zhengyang Shopping Street 正阳路步行街, which was conveniently located within walking distance from our hotel.
The street was happening, featuring clothing stores, snack shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes.
Although it was enjoyable to take a leisurely walk, we were feeling a bit tired and needed to pack our luggage, so we returned to the hotel to relax for a while.

Remember the biggest man-made waterfall 漓江大瀑布, that I I mentioned in my first blog?
On our last night in Guilin, we  had the pleasure of staying at the the Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel 桂林漓江大瀑布饭店
This hotel is a 4-5 establishment in Guilin, offering exceptionally comfortable rooms, a clean environment, and a diverse  international breakfast buffet.

Since it was our last night in Guilin, we decided to visit a nearby restaurant for some beers and supper.
This Fried Guilin Noodle 桂林炒米粉, was perfectly suited my taste buds.
It's spicy flavour with a hint of sourness really hit the spot for me!

Indeed, it was the perfect way to end our time in Guilin!

Lastly, a big thank you to our tour leader, Jay from Airlink Travel Agency and our China tour guide, Xiao Jie
Your hard work in planning activities, sharing valuable information, and ensuring everything went smoothly during our trip were greatly appreciated.
I'm truly grateful for all you did to make our journey so much fun and unforgettable.
Thank you!

That's all about my Guilin trip back in Dec 2023, Thank you so much for reading my blog post. 
I hope you all enjoy my sharing, and don't forget to click HERE for the part 1 write up.
I hope soon I will see you soon again on my next travel post
Have a great day guys! XOXO

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