Orange County, a lovely place

After the tiring business week in Chicago, I started my holiday in LA....
I stayed at Orange County where I get free accomodation from Siew Sin
He is one of my Uni mate from WMU...and just moved from Ohayo to LA
I am just that lucky..Nyek Nyek Nyek!
Anyway, I thanks so much for the hospitality...

What's more! Let's check out what did I do in this little town, Orange County...

I started my one week journey from here....

Fly me to my vacation..I was very excited!

After 1 and a half hour flight from Chicago to OC, I arrived at a lovely home with the homemade dinner...Yummy Japanese fried rice from Siew Sin :)

After the dinner and shower, we catched up a bit before we went to bed.
It's been 5-6 years since our last met :(


The next morning, I get up to have a good breakfast by myself.
Sausage biscuit from Chick-Fill-A
Pretty good, but still I prefer the one from Mcdonald!

I shopped a while by myself before Siew Sin pick me up for lunch :)
I had the Japanese beef rice from a little Japanese restaurant.
The taste was so so only...

Siew Sin can't take a day off, so he dropped me off at a shopping area
And took me back after he finished his works.
I was really appreciated that!

Before the sunset, we visited some famous beaches nearby the OC

This is the Aliso beach park

He is Siew Sin, my tour guide in OC...

Here comes the Laguna beach...

Heard of it many times, but didnt get the chance to visit...
Super loving it...

After the sight seeing, we decided to have a good dinner at the Laguna beach downtown

I had the "Bistro Style Cioppino"
Fresh shrimp, fish and clams with tomato, garlic and white wine source
I can't stop telling Siew Sin it was really superb yummy

Good choice we made!
Rock'N Fish is good!

We end up the tiring day with the Korea white wine.
It only cost me USD3.00 for this big bottle.
Tell me it is cheap!!!


A day to remember, where I lost my way to the South Coast Plaze for shopping!
It supposed to take me 45 minutes by shuttle, but it end up more than 2 hours!!!
What a day!!!!!

Siew Sin bought me dinner as his compensation..hehehehe....

I slept very early this night!


I had super duper big burrito from Rubio's fresh Mexican gril before I start my outlet shopping journey!!!

After spending 6 hours plus at the Ontorio outlet for my shopping,
I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory
I ordered Cajun Jambalaya Pasta for my meal and dessert with 30th Anniversary Chocalate cake cheesecake..

Do some packing before I went to bed.
Was extremely exhausted


Last day in OC, I went to South Coast Plaza for the final sprint

I am so in love with the Mcdonald from the States....

Yuhuuu....Dinner time!!!!
Finally I had my American Chinese food after I have begging Siew Sin for many days

Beef with broccoli, orange chicken and my crabmeat rangoon...YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!
I have been thinking of them a lot since I back from Michigan in 8 years ago.

Panda Express, you are the best!

We went to the Newport Pier after the good dinner at Panda Express..

Give me a warm hug please...I am cold..

Im in love with the beaches....

Thank you Siew Sin!
Thanks for your cares, accompanion, hospitality during my one week trip in LA
I look forward to see you soon!!!

The end of the night...
I was a little bit down on that night, as I am leaving back to Msia tomorrow!
I do not want to go back!!!!


Was a bit moody on the last day!
Walked around the Marketplace before I do my final luggage packing

This is where I came for breakfast and small walked when I was alone in OC
Im gonna miss you although you are a bit boring...haha

Siew Sin cheer me up by bringing me to the In N Out burger
A must try in LA, and only available in LA!

I came with 1 big bag and went back with 2 big bags ^^

Bye Siew Sin, I hope to see you soon in OC or KL
Bye LA, I hope to see you in next year again!

Please!!!! I DO NOT want to go back!
Flight please cancel!


Coming up Next >>>>
Of coz on my San Diego and LA day trip!!!


Listening to 自由行 by 杨千桦

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