The trip to MYANMAR

2010 January, I went to the golden land, Myanmar together with my family.
Sorry about the late posted about this trip.
I actually have been wanting to write this post for a long time, but keep delaying it because I not yet find the right tone and angle to fully express what I wanted to talk about this trip.

Today, since the workload is not so busy, so I decided to sit down here and start the story telling in Myanmar.

When my friends knew about my trip to Myanmar, they kept questioning me why am I going there, is there any good things in that poor country, and bla bla bla. I actually have no idea at all about this country except the famous pagoda. So, I guess this would be my main gateaway reason to Myanmar to get some answers.

OK..cut the craps, let the pictures tell you the story about this country ~~~~

As usual, Mcdonald breakie is always the MUST when I went to the early flight. It can definately cheer me up from the sleepy mode :P

After 2 hours and 30 mins flight, we finally arrived at the Yangon International airport.
Got our money changed, and started the 5 days 4 nights journey.


We had our first lunch before checked in the hotel.
Personally I dont find the first meal was good.
The soup is a bit oily and tasted like bean which I dont really like it.
The fried rice is tasteless and no spcial ingredients. You have to add the 4 extra side ingredients for flavoring。
Lastly, the redbean dessert cake is too sweet!

Luckly, the mananger and waiters in the restaurant are very friendly and enthusiastic。

It is normal to see the street selling everywhere in the town.
They sell paintings and postcards the most.

After our lunch, we checked in the hotel.
Kandawgyi Palace Hotel is a 4 star hotel.

Loving this hotel so much!
Clean, big, comfy bed, and with good breakfast.

Unlucky, the hotel is under renovation.
We couldn't enjoy some activities in the hotel like swimming.
As far as we know, they have a big swimming pool inside the hotel. 
What a waste!

After an hour of resting and cleaning up, we visited the Shwedagon Pagoda in the centre of the city.
It is suggested to visit the pagoda in the evening to avoid the sun burn (Myanmar has a crazy hot weather in the afternoon)

You are not allow to wear your shoes/slipers once you stepped into the building.
Strongly suggest to wear your slippers in Myanmar as many places are not allow your shoes in (Slippers are more easy to take off :p).

There we go, Shwedagon Pagoda

Finally, my another chop on my travel passport!
Yes! Another travel achievement in my life!

Shwedagon Pagoda is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Myanmar.
This Pagoda is the synonymous with Myanmar and consider the oldest pagoda on Earth.
It is covered in 30 tons of gold with a larger number of jewels buried inside the pagoda.

Shining buildings everywhere around the Pagoda.

Aha! What a creative idea! 

They are the volunteers for the pagoda, helping to clean and swipe the floor everyday.

You can see the jewels and golds on the top of the pagoda from this picture.
It is really amazing!

Some night view shots inside the pagoda.

The lightings are pretty!

Oh! Time to say ByeBye to Shwedagon Pagoda.

Hungry and tired! Had our first dinner in Myanmar at this beautiful restaurant. 
Dont you think it looks more like a pagoda rather than a restaurant? 

The waiters and waitresses are all with their traditional customs.

They serve buffet style with lots of variety local and Thai food.

This is Thai noodle soup with its condiments.
I had 3 plates of this! Taste real good!

This is Myanmar traditional dessert ~~ Khok Moke
My mum likes it very muchie!


Early morning after the heavy buffet breakfast at the hotel, we started our journey to BAGO, to visit Kyat Khet Wine Monestery for adoring the receding of Buddha preaches by monks.

These are the daily foods that monks have everyday.

There are more than 200 monks inside the temple, from age 10 plus till 50 plus.
Everyday during the lunch time, they will Q to get the free food from the locals. 

After the temple visiting, we went to the Bago market.
Nothing much there, but just to see the local market lifestyle. 

It is common to see the ladies or even man with the powder touch up on their face.
Guess what is it? It is actually their sunblock.
Are you dare to put it on in Malaysia?:P

Lunch! Big prawns were served! YUMMIES!

Another highlight of the tour is to the Kyaikhtiyo, one of Myanmar's landmarks.
This place is famous for its precarious position and religious importance.
And it is also where the famous Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) located.

To reach the Golden Rock, you have to climb up to the upper area by foot, where the walk distance is approximately 4km (1 hour). It was a long and tiring travel!

But if you wish to take a more comfortable approach, you can sit back and be carried in sedan chair, like my dad did. it cost about USD 30.00 person.


Sweat, sweat, sweat a lot under the sun!
Me and my brother took about an hour and a half to reach the destination.

YES! We arrived finally!

On top, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset :)


There you go! The Golden Rock.
It is a small pagoda (7.3 metres (24 ft)) built on the top of a granite boulder covered with gold leaves pasted on by devotees. 

The one night stay in Kyaikhtiyo was not very pleasant.
The bed was very hard, the dinner and breakfast were very bad, and the overall enviroment was bored and dirty too. 

Look at our room of the night!
Arghhh! Didnt have a good sleep man!


As not a pleasant stay, we woke up very early the next day. 
Cant wait to check out from this room!

Almost missed the sunset!

My first pic with my daddy and mummy on this trip :P

Nice cool weather!

To be honest, we cant wait to go back to Yangon, cant wait to leave Kyaikhtiyo!

Dad, mum, sister and aunty took the sedan chair along the Kyaikhtiyo journey, only me and my brother walked with our foot!

Some shooting to cheer ourself up during the tiring journey.

Yes! Back to the city finally!!!!

One the way back to the city, we stopped by the weaving factory to see the local village lifestyle. 
The old building behind me is actually a primary school.

The weaving machine

Cute and adorable twins kids!

After that, we stopped by Shwethalyaung Buddha to take some photos.
The Sleeping Buddha, is the second largest Buddha in the world.
It has a length of 55m (180ft) and a height of 16m (52ft).

And then, the Chinese temple for 15 minuates.

Here, you can see the white elephants.
White elephants are the traditional symbols of power and prosperity, and linked their appearances to the country's improving foreign relations.

 The tiring day ended at the huge Marble Sitting Buddha.

The first family photo!
Wish to have lots of trips with my lovely family every year!

Another spot you have to go in with the barefoot.


Finally came to the last 2 days!
After the breakie at the hotel, we arrived at Thanlyin (Syriam) across the Yangon River via Thankyin Bridge which built by the Chinese Engineers.
It is a good opportunity to see the countryside around Yangon.

Look how dirty is the river!

The main tourist attraction in Thanlyin is the Yeylel Pagoda, a pagoda on a small island in the middle of the river.
It is popular place of pilgrimages.

After that, we drive back to Yangon, and continue the journey at wood carving workshop.

This is an interesting spot where you can find lots of different and funny wood carving like animals all over the place. 

Another local market to visit, Bogyoke (Scott) market.
This is where we get the cheap souveniers like wood carving, magnets and jade bracelets. 

Chilling at the hotel after our dinner. 
And counting down to go back Malaysia!


This is the only good food I found in Myanmar.
The spicy seasoning they put in the soup is so great!

The environment of having breakie inside the hotel is comfy and great too!

This is a highly recommended hotel in Myanmar (except the on going renovation process)

The middle man is our local tour guide.

OKie! Flight MH741! Time to go home!
Bye Myanmar, and I believe I will not come back again!


Little notes about the trip:

We do not enjoy the trip so much because the place is very boring unless you enjoy the temple visits. You are not allow to have any phone calls, internet services in the city (except the Wifi in the hotel). The food is not tasty and special. And the overall environment in the city is dirty and polluted.
Me and my family were actually wanted to go home after the 2nd day!

Yet, I feel more happy about my life after the trip, after seeing the poor people in Myanmar.
Comparing with them, I found myself and my life are being too comfortable and pleasant.
Guess, I should stop my complains but appreciate with what I have in my life!


Listening to Moves like Jaggar by Maroon 5

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Yu said...

Because you didn't go to places that where rich people go. Myanmar has two different classes like India where you can find very little middle class. There are so much nice scenery such as nga pa li beach, bagan and pyin oo lwin where you can't find it in Malaysia. I like Burmese people's generosity and welcoming with their simplest smile which you can't find it anywhere in the world. Next month will be my 5th time visiting to Myanmar with my family to arrange living there for unforeseen future. I am Asian brought up by Chinese parents in UK and travelled to Europe and Asia including Malaysia. Myanmar is my last chapter to end my travel, I suppose.