Saturday with LoVes

Gonna take a break from my Korea diary for this post.
Too much of Korea pictures and writings might lose your interest to read my blog, maybe?!
Anyway, this week is a good week because we only work 3 days in a week!
YEA! Tomorrow is another holiday!!! 

As you can read from the top title, I had a lovely Saturday with 2 friends I love.
I always enjoy friends gathering especially when my 30s started.
That's because gathering is getting less and less after all friends have their marriage life with their hubby and kids.No one actually is free to spend time with you especially during weekend.
And that's why I appreciate each gatherings that have been arranged ^^


Since Kay from Kuching was here the whole weekend, we decided to spent time together as much as possible before she goes back to hometown for CNY.
So we hanged out during the weekend, and had a really memorable and fun day together!

3 of us decided to have Korean food after talking about my Korea trip, and so we came across this Street Cafe, the Best Korean Street Food through my roommate.
It is a Halal Korea cafe which located @ Subang Jaya, right opposite the Inti College.
It's also my first time stepping into a Halal Korean restaurant as not many Korean restaurants in KL serve without any pork.

We were served in a dining area with tatami style.

It's a very nice cafe with variety of Korean food.
Roommate said the boss and chef from this cafe are Korean Malaysian.

Here's the food menu

And the drink menu

Our selca time!
Kay and Roommate are my best friends from my Uni time.
We stayed under the same roof while studying in Michigan, USA.
I have been calling Kay as Kay mummy as she always taking good care of me while we were far away from home.
And I started to call Wan as roommate ever since we shared the same room for 3 years.
I think this name will never fad away eventhough we have came back to Malaysia 10 years ago.

Lunch served finally!
Kay ordered the Korean Noodle Ja Jang (RM12.90)
I ordered Bulgogi Spicy Oktopus (RM16.90)
The 3rd one is for sharing, Buchimgae mix with kimchi, beef, octopus, and shrimp (RM15.90)
The last one is from roommate, she ordered Bulgogi beef (RM16.90)
*Sorry for the last unclear picture, guess I just can't wait to start my lunch!

This corner next to the toilets provides UNO cards, plasying cards, chess games to customers.
I guess that might because most customers are college students from Inti or KDU students?


And I put on myself a special birthday spec as my birthday is coming soon! 
It's on 19th Jan, the coming week!
I actually pretty like the wall behind me, it painted with notes written by customers. 

I highly recommend this cafe to Muslim friends who love Korean food like me!


The interior inside cafe, this is taken at the downstair.


Nice Kpop posters hanging on the staircase when you go up to the second floor.

The interior at the second floor.

I like it, and hope you do like it as well ya :D

The Street Cafe, The Best Korean Street Food
Add: No 28, Jalan SS 15/8, Subang Jaya 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 6 03 5632 9822
Open hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00
They have another outlet @ Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid too!



We need coffee badly after the heavy lunch!
So we decided to have a short break nearby the Korean cafe.
Found this Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe

We ordered what we love, and just chill there with some magazines, and girl talks.


We were only the customers when we visited the cafe.
So, it was pretty quiet till the cafe is full of our super loud laughs and voices!


The interesting part of this cafe is they sell different flavor of bagels.
From plain bagel, to different flavors like chocalate, blueberry, whole weat, apple cinnamon and so on..Too many choices!
Unfortunately, we didn't try the bagels since we were still very full after the heavy lunch.

The Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe
No. 41, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 5611 6553
Open hours: Everyday 10am-10pm, except Monday


After the coffee time, we went for some shopping because we want to get special wedding gifts for our Korean friend, MaSeong.
We spent too much time of choosing the right gift to our lovely friend.
And at the end, we decided to get him a pair of Songket (batik fabric) for him and his wife, also a handmade wind chime for his new house warming ♥♥♥

After the shopping, we had good dinner at The Grafa.
Again, this is introduced by roommate!

Say hi to my roommate~~~


And a photo with my lovely Kay~~~

My phone ran out of batt in the evening, so have no choice to use Kay's phone to capture the nice moment of us.
Ya! That's why some colour differences with the top ones.

3 od us were not so hungry, so we only ordered a sandwich and a lamb chop for sharing.
The food were pretty yummy and in big portion.
I will definately come again to try out their other selection. 

The Grafa
Add: No. 55, SS15/4B, Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 5611 7600
Open hours: Everyday, 12pm - 1am

That's all for this post. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

And, I am ending this post with a nice pic of 3 of us ♥♥♥ 
Thanks for hanging around! LOVE you all very muchies!


Listening to Miracles in December by EXO

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