HippoLand with Nuffnang~~~

How's the weekend for you?
Mine was pretty quiet as not much exciting activities going on.
Just stayed relax at home, watched Korean drama and do some cooking for Lik Boy.
My current Korean drama is "Personal taste" by Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin.
I have been watching 3 different dramas since "The Heirs" from Lee Min Ho.
I guess dating with such a perfect man must be super ramantic! ♥♥♥ 

I am now at episode 6, 10 more episodes to go.
I believe I can easily finish all during the long CNY holiday coz my parents have no travelling plan in this year.
So, it should be a boring yet relaxing holiday in KL town!


Well, I just checked my Nuffnang page this afternoon and it surprised me the blog traffic!
It has been slightly INCREASED these days!
Thank you so much for reading me!!! Serious, it means lots for me!

I have joinned Nuffnang since Jan 2014, but never been so activated till last week after I added some ads that has been suggested into my site.
All this while, I knew Nuffnang is the site that helps to promote the blogs, and also gives opportunity to the bloggers to generate income through the blog ads.
And of coz through Nuffnang, I have also known many famous bloggers which give lots of inspiration in terms of the cosmetics, skin cares, food, and even the latest fashion.
I feel so thankful to have all these sharing~~~

I love blogging, or I should said I love writting?!
I started writting my diary since Standard 6, till I went to Sunway college.
I have my diary books according to different years, and I still have them all in my cupboard now.
During my uni time in Michigan, I started to update my diaries on website, which nowadays people named it as blogging.
Although I have been blogging since 10 years ago, I never promoted my blog to anyone I know.
Most of the people get to know about my blog through google, probably?!

There is one coincidence that my long lost secondary school mate msg me on MSN; we have not contacted each others since we left the school.
Kit: "Hey! You wasted my 1 hour!"
Me: "What"?!
Kit: "I have spent 1 hour to read your blog entries!
Me: "Oh. How did you find my blog"?
Kit: "I was actually looking for some reviews about the new Karaoke in KD, and accidently I found you blog about it!"
Indeed, I was very happy because my sharing and reviews have get people to read about "me".

And now, I feel even more grateful!

 I checked my stats almost everyday, and today I have seen some improvement~~~

From today's stat~~~~

From this week's stat~~~

From last month's stat~~~

I know this is not something to be proud of compared to the other famous bloggers, but this is really something mean to me that somebody is actually reading me.
And, it is gonna be a big encouragement and motivation for me to write and share more on my blog!
It is always difficult for bloggers to keep the writing passion if the blog has no readers, it makes you feel like a freak talking with no one.
Plus, it is not easy to upload 1 good blog entry with the beautiful words and pictures, ya you need to rephrase it again and again, edit the pictures before it goes to public.
This all need times and effort to do it.

Thank you!
Thanks for those people who started notice and read me!
Thanks for dropping by even just for 1 post!
I deeply appreciate your time!
I will keep up my work in the brand new year to make sure the blog is always alive!


Listening to the theme songs from the Personal Taste!
Love "Dropping Rain" the most!

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