Day 4: Skiing In Korea!

On the 4th day in Korea, we went skiing!
Yohoo! It was my first ski trip after 10 years back in US.
I did my first skiing when I studied in US.
It was taught by one of my HK friend who love ski boarding a lot.
It was definately one great experience in US to learn skiing because you can't do it in Malaysia.
I love skiing, because it is a kind of sport to play during the cold weather.
Ya, you sweat still, but the feeling is not as uncomfortable as doing other sports in summer.
Winter is perfect! Malaysia is too hot!

We arrived very late at the ski resort after sorting out all the ski equipments at the rental shop.
We have to rent all ski equipments except the ski boots before you went to the resort up at the hill top. And for the ski boots, you can only collect them at the counter right before you go to ski.
The rental fees of all ski equipments and suit is USD50 which equal to about RM160.

This is the rental shop where we rent all the ski equipments and ski suit.
I am pretty impressed with it because all the equipments and suits are well maintain even though they have been renting to so many tourists before.  

We went to the Oak Valley Ski Resort which is one of the famous ski resort in Korea.
We were arranged to one of the condo unit which facing to the ski area.

How lucky we are~~~

It is so so beautiful with so much of snow!
I feel like I am in one of the K drama!

And I kept telling my mum I cant' fall to sleep because I want to stare at this nice view as long as I can! Mum said me crazy! @@

The next morning, after the buffect breakfast provided from the resort, we collected our ski boots from the counter. Super organized and clean!

After dressing up everything. I am all set, and ready to GO now!


My eldest niece.
Don't you think she looks a bit like Korean with very fair skin and small eye?
My sister got pregant of her during her first Korea trip in 10 years back.
Maybe that's the reason why so many people said she looks like Korean?

My youngest niece, also with a very small eye.
She always smile till we can't reach her eye contact. Haha!

My mum and sister didn't want to ski, so they were just walking around the snow park and helping us taking photos.

Although we only have half day to ski, I still think RM160 is worth it all!
It will definately give you a good and memorable experience in Korea!


I was trying to get myself balance but not to fall down.

Happy me with skiing!

Yea! I did it!


Skiing actually can make you feel very tired although we just ski for 2-3 hours because you have to use lots of energy going up to the hill and coming down. 

Obviously, I was making a snow angle on the big snow park!

Oh Ya! Do not forget to mention the condo inside the resort.
The condo is great, big, well maintaining and with good facilities.

This is the big living room.

One of the bedroom with queen size bed, it is attaching with a toilet.

This is the kitchen. It provides simple kitchenware.
You can do simple cooking right here as they have a mini market at ground floor.

This is another room with tatami style, also attaching with a tiolet inside the room.

The afternoon view from our condo.

Nice view, nice weather! I wish I can have the same view everyday when I wake up in the morning!
Definetely can cheer me up all day long! No more weekdays blue!

I seriuosly don't want to leave the resort!

Hungry after skiing!
We had Korean BBQ for our lunch!

 I am so XinFu to have my favourite Korean BBQ at my favourite country!



Again Tatami dining style.
Like the cushion on the floor to keep us a bit warm.

In the late afternoon, we arrived at Mt. Seoraksan National Park.

Ello...Ello...Mt. Seoraksan National Park!
A must take photo right after the main entrance.

Mt. Seoraksan National Park is one of the beautiful national park in Korea.
The whole park is surrounded by big moutains.

It was really a cold day!
We all were freezing and obviously I didn't wear enough!

A photo with the bronze buddha statue.

My face looked very stiff because the weather is bloody cold!

Great view, but seriously too cold to stay outdoor!

Dinner time with a big bowl soup again!

I cannot remember what they called this. But the taste and the overall look just like our ABC soup!
Anyway, the soup in Korea always taste very good!

That's it for the day 4 I spent in Korea.
Posting a skiing selca to end the post today!

Hope you all enjoy reading it. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 


Listening to Crazy of you by Hyorin.
OST from the Master's Sun.

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