Little Korea @ Solaris Mont Kiara

It was my high school gathering last night with my 4 pretty babes.
Sue recommended us the Little Korea located in Solaris Mont Kiara as she knows very well which Korean restaurant is the best to go in that town.

It is located along the main road besides the Maybank, the same row as Public Bank as well.
Very easy to recognize whenever you pass by the main road because you can see the big sign on the building.

The menu is full of different choices. It was difficult to make the right choice.
So, we decided to go with the set menu for 4-5 person.
But to be frank, this set menu can serve for at least 6 person or 7 person if you are not a big eater.
The set cost only RM390.00 which comes with a set of BBQ beef and chicken, fried noodle, fried pancake, stir fried fresh squid and seafood and vegetable steamboat.

Ordered one Makgeolli to share together.

All the small dishes are very good! It is hard to say no to either one!

Especially this steam egg! Super thumbs up!

We replaced beef with pork from the BBQ set because 2 of the babes don't take beef.

My all time favourite, Hae Mool Pa Jeon!


Another plate of pork served.
We don't ask for BBQ it ourself because Sue does't like her hair has the same smell like BBQ.

Stir-fried spicy squid. Pui Ling's most favourite. She can't stop saying good while she is eating it. Haha!

Jab Chae, the first dish that we all finished very fast!

The big bowl of seafood and vegetables steamboat. Not only seafood and vegetables, but also added some ramen. It tastes a little bit too spicy.

The last one is the lamb and chicken.
The BBQ set does not include any lamb, yet they replaced us the beef with lamb.

We all enjoyed the food very much.
All the food we ordered are just too good to say NO!

It is better to make a reservation before you visit because Sue said this restaurant always busy and you might not get a table if you don't make any reservation.

It was a very good catch up after all.
We gossip, talk about the recent news, and laugh about each others.

She is Pui Ling, the most crazy one among the group!

Thanks for sharing such a good place to me!
I will definately come back again for another try!

Little Korea
Address: 5-3, 7-3, 9-3 Jln Solaris One, 50480 Solaris Month Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6203 72170


We had too much food left over last night, so I brought some back for my next day lunch at office.
I cooked all the left over meat with the Korean instant noodle, and surprisingly it taste still very good!
You may also try the same with if you ever have the left over meat ya! :D

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