Mr. Dakgalbi and Caffe Bene @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Have been away of blogging 2 weeks since my last post.
I actually had done some drafts but they all aren't perfect yet, so I wouldn't want to post it up.
Hope you will bear with me as I have no inspiration for the writing these days.

There are few outings last 2 weeks together with my besties because Kay was here from Kuching.
She is going to Korea with some other girlfriends, so just dropped by KL and spent a week with us!
How I wish we can spent every Friday evening together!
More outings means lots more to blog and share together! So, hope you can stay with me with lots of patient ya! 

We decided to meet up on her first day in KL at Solaris, Mont Kiara.
I promised to bring her to try out the local Korean food when she is here because she and roommate are another huge Korean fans like me! That's why we are so clicked!
Since roommate is together with us, so I suggested a halal Korean grilled chicken restaurant for that night. 

Mr Dakgalbi has 3 franchises which located at Bukit Bintang, Setiawalk Puchong and Solaris Mont Kiara.

They first served us some starters like soup, salad, radish and kimchi.
I am a Kimchi fans, so visiting any Korean restaurant is very worth while for me because I can non-stop eating the free flow Kimchi. Nyek!

Then, we were given a red apron to wear on before the cooking starts. Cool right? 

There are variety choices to choose from, yet we decided to order their most basic marinated chicken with Korean chili sauce and mixed vegetables, and add on the Octopus Dakgalbi which recommended by the owner's brother. 

The staff did the stir frying job for us, so all we need to do is just sit back, relax, and watching the whole cooking process. As we wonder how long the cooking will take while at the same time we were so hungry, so we just non stop asking "How long the stir fried will take? We are really hungry" 

When we almost finished the octopus and chicken, we added ramen and stir fried again. 
This is what I like the most from Mr Dakgalbi!
I can finish all by myself because I am not only Kimchi fans but also Korean ramen fans. =P

I guess the main highlight from Mr Dakgalbi is the cheese rice, they also named it as rice pizza.
It is like a thin layer of pancake fried rice, slightly crispy at the outside.
OMG, this is superb good!

The food here is very good, and I would recommend you to try at least one time!
But, there are two cons from the restaurant which the food has lots MSG in it, so be well prepare that you need lots of drinks after that. 
Same to the other BBQ restaurants, you will find a big BBQ smell on your clothes, bags, hair, everywhere on your body. This is what I don't like the most whenever I step into the BBQ restaurants. 

Mr Dakgalbi also provides outdoor seats for the customers. 
So, probably seating outside can help to avoid the bad smell from the BBQ? I do hope so! 
Please let me know if that's help and I would love to try it out ya!

Mr Dakgalbi
Mont Kiara Solaris Branch
No. J-G-02 Soho KL
Solaris Mont Kiara
Tel: +603 62065567

So, after the heavy dinner, what's next?!?!

Dada...We came to the Caffe Bene for dessert.
This is a famous dessert shop in KL recently as you can see many people blogging about it, and also posting on FB and Insta!
I wanted to try it since it first launched, yet no chance and no time.
Glad that I make it for tonight with my besties! 

We ordered 2 different flavors of Bingsu for sharing which are green tea and cookie with cream.

I have 2 flavors now, so which one I should try first?!

OK! Let's try the cookies with cream bingsu!
I personally don't like it so much, because I think the cookies is too soft.
Surprisingly, the staff told us this is the hot selling bingsu in their shop?!

But I quite like the green tea one, bet Kay made the right choice of it!

It is a self service cafe, which you have to order from the front desk, and wait for the call to pick up your orders.

Caffe Bene doesn't have a big room, only few seats inside the cafe.
We find it a bit warm inside, air conditioning problem?

Haven't meet each other for few months, a selca of us is a must!
Glad that I have friends like you both! Lots of LOVE!

Little tip!
Both Mr Dakgalbi and Caffe Bene are located at the Soho building.
It is very easy to find them as they just located right in front of the building.
Plus, they both are at the same row which you can just walk to each other.
Oh ya!
Caffe Bene also has another branch at Sunway Pyramid ya!

Caffe Bene
Mont Kiara Solaris Branch
K-G-04 Solaris Mont Kiara
No 2, Jalan Solaris,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

Lastly, hope you enjoy the post, and have a very good weekend ya!

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