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I love shopping!
I always find difficult to ask myself not to do any shopping, even grocery shopping can easily makes me happy.
Shopping just gives me the most satisfaction in my life ever!

6 years ago, before I am with this company, I used to shop at the retails or malls on every weekend.
But ever since I started in a trading industry, I have to travel a lot, especially to China, hence I stopped shopping in KL because I found stuffs in KL are expensive.
So, what if I don't get to travel in few months but my hand is itchy to get something as a reward for myself?
Hehe...That has to give credits to the online shops!

I started my online shopping experience in 3-4 years ago.
If you asked me don't you afraid you will get cheated or paid for bad quality?
Of coz I do, and for sure I have experienced few lousy online shops before too.
That's the reason why I do appreciate good online shops that worth for value.
MilkTee, is definitely one of my favourite online shops throughout my few years experience.

One of the reason I like Milktee is because they have a simple and accessible website layout.
They also do provide refund and exchange policy to their customers which I think it is much secure as a online buyer. But, so far I never have any exchange or refund with MilkTee since they are doing so good!

Anyway, these are the stuffs I got from MilkTee so far.

For all Women Tea @ RM 59

Holla Paisley Jumper @ RM66

Mexico Relaxed Tee @ RM40

Michelle Hugs Short Sleeves Tee @ RM35

Knee Patch Leggings II @ RM26

Hauteur Contrast Collar Tee @ RM37

Mo Money Mo Problem Tee @ RM35

Alea Top @ RM29 (after discount)

Shana @ RM31 (after discount)

I have my 4th time shopping experience with MilkTee since 2012.
I actually have more pieces to share just that I don't have the chance to wear them yet!
I would said Milktee never let me down or disappointing in terms of their quality or service.
Well, I hope this post will help your online shopping if you ever try before.


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