Bangkok ~ Foodporn #1

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I have been thinking how should I organize all the food pictures from Bangkok because I had too many food during the whole trip. Since I had highly recommended the Centre Point hotel, I will then first blog about the food that near its. 

SabX2 Wanton Noodle
It is located from the main road of Petchburi Road (Petchburi 19), besides the Shibuya shopping mall.
It's less than 5 minutes walk from the Centre Point Hotel.

I known this place through a friend who always travel to Bangkok for work.
She told me this is a very famous wanton noodle to try out in Bangkok.
Also, this is my second time to here.

They have dry and soup noodles.
The portion is very small, which cost about THB500 for one bowl.
I personally think it is too costly, but WORTH to try.

SabX2 also has my all time favourite famous pork knuckle rice!

It looks a bit gross in a big bowl like this, but trust me, this is one of the food that you cannot missed out in Bangkok! It is really delicious!

SabX2 always full of people, not only tourists, I also see many locals came for dining or take away food.
So, always go early to avoid the long q, save sometimes for more shopping...hehe!
The operation hours is from 9am till 4pm.

You can find many street foods outside from the wanton noodle shop, like the grilled pork on-a-stick.
It is yummylicious and cheap!

Right next to the SabX2 wanton noodle shop, there is a Crab Fried Rice shop.
The food just so so, I personally don't really recommended it.

We ordered their must order Crab fried rice

Tried their Phad Thai.

Fried seafood noodle that recommended by the waiter. 

Fried crab ball, this one not so bad! Something special to try out though.

My mum is a crepe fans.
She spotted the crepe stall when we walked out from the SabX2 wanton noodle shop.
This stall always busy because the cost for getting a crepe is much cheaper.

My most highlighted food stall that found by my dad, fried egg noodle.
This small little shop is located at the left side when you come out from the side entrance of the hotel.

This is their best noodle, fried egg noodle with pork gravy.
I had it at the last 3 days continuously throughout my trip.
The gravy taste soooooooo good!
And even till now, I still miss the noodle so damn much!

They also have the mee hun with pork gravy.
My brother tried it but he also said the egg noodle still the best!
All noodles are at the same price, THB450 each. 

If you pay attention to the locals' eating habit, you will realize they like to mix the chili powder,sugar, chili vinegar and mix with their food.
So, bear in mind to add all those different pastes and sources also.

Other than the noodles, they also offer chicken rice.
But you can also order just the chicken itself, about THB600 for one plate.

There is a small grilled fish stall stands in front of our hotel.
It opens every evening from 5pm till 9pm.
I told my brother everytime when we passed by the stall that I must try at least once before we leaving.
It is a grilled fish with salt, the meat is so damn fresh!

Another place where we usually had the local food is the food court located at the 6th floor inside the Platinum Mall.
This is not my first time eating at the food court if you read my previous Bangkok post. I been here many times and I always encourage to come to the food courts because that's the right place to get the local food and cuisines.

Told you!!! This is my favourite in Bangkok, my dad was very surprised that I can actually eat the pork knuckle rice everyday!

Fried oyster. The oysters are much bigger than in KL one. U_U

Another type of fried oyster.

My new try and become my another favourite, Fish stomach soup.

Dessert with Coconut milk with sweet taro.

My mum love desserts, and this is one of her favourite, Coconut milk with sagu.

Among all the 4 kueh, I like the one with green vegies.

Must eat dessert, Mango sticky rice. I can also eat this everyday.

Hope you like the post for today.
I will continue the foodporn #2 in Bangkok very soon.
So stay tune ya!

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