Music Talks @ Standing Egg 스탠딩 에그

Hello August!
I just came back from Bangkok last Sunday.
The trip was awesome with lots of delicious food, good massages, and heaven shopping!
I will update my blog with the hotel I stayed this time, and all the food I had during my stayed.
So stay tune ya!

And for today, I would just do a short catch up with the current musics that I have been keeping my eyes since last 2 months.

I have been searching who is the band since I first in touch with their musics
Unlike the Urban Zakapa and Bbahn from my previous post with very less information can get from the internet.
Glad that at least I know whom I am listening to from the Standing Egg. Lol.

Standing Egg is an indie mixed band from South Korea.
The band consists of 3 members.
It's very cute that they named themselves as Egg 1, Egg 2 and Egg 3.

Egg #1
Clover 클로버
Vocal and guitar

Egg #2
Han Kyul 한결
Double bass

Egg #3
Hana 하나

Standing Egg's music is different with those K-Pop, with no heavy beats.
They play their own instruments and write their own songs.
What I like about this band is their musics are with soft and comfortable melodies.
If you love soft musics like ballad or acoustics types, I am sure you will fall in love with their musics too!

Instagram: Standing Egg

Despite the musics they played, I also like their how they designed each of their albums.
Simple, neat cute and clean.

P/S Picture taken from Google searched :)

Anyway, I have picked up 3 of my favourite songs among all their albums

#1 Once again with 한소현

# 2 Sunlight is painful.

#3 Say that you love

I hope these musics can fill you with warmth and happiness.
Have a good weekend!

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