Sept Random

It's Sept now.
I cannot believe we are going to celebrate another new year in less than 4 months.
Time...I don't like it when you are going too fast.

I'm supposed to pack my luggage for my Melbourne trip on this Friday.
But I don't have the right mood to match the outfits.
I feel so old now to do this thing.

I'm so lazy to go to gym and jog these days.
I have skipped at least 3 weeks.
I wish I have the same motivation as last time.
I talk to my belly everyday,
"You are too big, like having 2 months pregnant belly"
I have no idea how to get rid of my big belly.

I do my Korean revision a lot these days.
I started to memorize the vocabularies.
It's very difficult to learn a language
I hope I won't give up so easy and will do it well
At least for this time.
I believe your effort will always paid of the outcomes.

I received few orders in the beginning of Sept.
It's better than August.
I hope I can earn more throughout my career.
Then I can fly more.
I want to work harder when I'm young
I don't want to work more when I get older.
This is what I plan.

It's just a random post.
Good night!

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