October but not fest

How's everyone October-fest?
My October was busy.
Mostly busy on works even during the weekend.
No October-fest for me.

I am working towards what I like to do.
I just started it last month.
I hope it can be real happen in the coming months.
Let's keep the finger cross.

I watched only one movie in October ~ Annabelle
The movie was okay. What I mean is just okay. 
I still prefer The Conjuring from James Wan.

I went to Penang for a day trip to do an inspection job.
It was an early flight, and glad that the job went well. 

I finished watching It's Okay, It's Love by Jo In Sung & Gong Hyu Jin
It is a fantastic drama, 
The story touches your heart and makes you wanna fall in love with someone.
Trust me, It is damn good!

After the drama, I fall in love with Jo In Sung.
He is so cute in the 2 Nights 1 Day, Korean reality-variety show.

On the last week of Oct, I traveled to GuangZhou, China.

Work and travelling might look fun
but trust me, it's not easy at all especially dealing with people from different culture.
I still do have cultural shock when it comes to work with the people in China.
Whatever it is, it's my job still.

It is always great to meet up Jan and Jenny again.
We are not only working partners now, but good friends to spend time with. 

Here comes the brand new month, November.
Let's continue to stay calm and enjoy the life.

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