Stay Calm, and welcome!

I started blogging back in my university times.
The reason to stay motivated is because I enjoy and I love writing.
I remember one of my highest score I got during my primary school years was writing essays, I will never worry about this subject ever. 
I feel glad and happy that I can keep my interest till now as becoming a blogger.

Although I have been having my blog for 10 years, I consider myself as a low profile blogger since not so many people even my friends realized that I have a blog. 
That probably also because I don't really publish myself to the public and attending the events. 
Fortunately, I am now moving my position to much attention ever since I met Seeties in this year!

Seeties is a mobile app that connects you to what you love the most in your city and local neighborhoods, and brings you thousands of square miles and plenty of awesome into your pocket. 

The apps has various categories like food & drink, culture & landmark, outdoor & sports, stay-cation, nightlife, art & entertainment, beauty & fashion, product, and even own kitchen recipe!

They also have opened this app to other countries like Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and also my favourite Thailand!

Simply download this app on your smart phone TODAY and get yourself to explore wherever you go!!!
It would be so helpful to have all experts to tell you what to eat, where to go, what to discover when you travel to other countries!

It was so great that Seeties is finally launching on 3rd December 2014!
We, as their experts have been waiting to show off ourself to the public for long long time!
And Yea! Finally it is going to be public soon!
Sincerely thanks to Seeties for giving me such a big honour to be one of the experts in the group!

To celebrate Seeties coming to the town, Seeties is launching nationwide JUMP contest!
It's the first time ever in Malaysia for a start-up to throw this one of a kind campaign.  

Simply follow the below steps and get your self to win a FREE skydiving at 10,000ft that worth RM3000 from today till 3rd Jan 2015!

1. Log in with your Seeties account on If you have not yet registered, visit

2. Upload a selfie of your Jumpface through Seeties JUMP page. Imagine yourself falling down from the plane. Be creative!

3. Share your Jumpface on Facebook and invite your friends to vote, as many time as possible but limited to one vote a day. 

For more details about the Jumpface campaign, you can visit 

It was a big shame that I cannot participate in this campaign as I have acrophobia.
Anyhow, I hope you will participate and start your Jump campaign today to challenge yourself before 2014 ends!

Before this post end, don't forget to follow me on your app!
I see you there!

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