What I did at Victoria Market / Melbourne

Well, here is the first update for my Melbourne trip back in Sept.
Sorry for the delay as I promised to update my Melbourne trip earlier. 
I was busy with other works, and finally now I have time to open my drive to do it. 

I have been thinking what should I blog about my trip, as there are tones of good things to share.
Will try to job them down from one destination to another destination till then.

And today, I am gonna blog about the Queen Victoria Market!

The Queen Victoria Market is a major landmark in Melbourne.
It is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vic Market or some people named it as Queen Vic, is a market where you can shop for everything from Australian fruit and vegetables, and local and imported gourmet foods, to cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs. 

This market spread over two city blocks, and now I am heading to another one after I got some souvenirs from the dry one.  

Say hi to Vic Market!

We found a doughnut cart parked at the roadside while we headed to another block (the wet market). 

The long q was non-stopped whenever we passed by the cart.

It's a must try recommendation by Lik Boy, and of coz I'm gonna try it too!
5 small doughnuts for only AUD 5.50, which is about RM16.50.

Lik Boy said the taste is just the same as he had in 8 years ago! Haha!
Please do drop by this #yummylicious cart if you see it around the Vic Market!

Here is is wet market; selling all kinds of seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruits.

I really love how clean and organize their market is.
If we have such a good environment in Malaysia, I really don't mind to go to the market everyday! :p

It's coffee time!
My boss introduced me Market Lane Coffee along the shop-lots that close to the market.
He said the coffee there has unique tastes.
He is dutch, so I truly believe his taste of coffee.

It's a very simple coffee shop for you to just grab and go.
Only 3 people working over there when we visited; kinda busy and long wait.

They even have a simple deco at their waiting area right behind the cashier.

Here's where they make their coffee!

A simple quote from the Market Lane Coffee ~  We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it. 
Sounds so lovely!

Hey, never say no coffee in Australia, as their coffee are very authentic and good, plus very cheap!

Market Lane Coffee
Queen Vic Market
Shop 73-76 Dairy Produce Hall
Melbourne 3000

Closed on Monday & Wednesday
7am -2pm on Tuesday & Thursday
7am - 5pm on Friday
7am - 53pm on Saturday
9am - 4pm on Sunday

Job down their opening hours in case you missed it when you travel to Vic Market!

Time to have lunch!
We had very simple lunch by buying the food from the market.
Coffee, bread with sausage, salad, and pitta bread with chicken.

Looks yummy! Taste good!

We just had our simple lunch outside the market.
Hey, never ask me to do the same thing in Malaysia, unless we have the same weather :p

One last thing you shouldn't miss out at the Vic Market is their fresh oyster!

Very well packed with few lemons for you.

Can't believe the 1 dozen oyster is just AUD10; about RM30!

I have them all by myself because Lik Boy and his sister don't like it.
Haha! I become the queen of the oyster after that!

Oh..I really miss how fresh the taste of the oyster is!

Hope you enjoy this simple post about the Queen Victoria Market!
See you soon!

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