I said "YES" at St. Klida Beach @ Melbourne

It was our second evening in Melbourne.
The sunset view was beautiful.
The weather was cool and slightly windy. 
We spent about an hour by walking along the St. Klida Beach.

St. Klida Beach is located at St. Klida;
it is about 6 kilometers south from the Melbourne City Center.

It said it is the most famous beach in Melbourne. 
Indeed a very nice place to chill. 

It was pretty quiet to walk along the stretch of waterway in the evening.

I trust St. Klida will be good in early morning too if you are a sun lover.

We also very much enjoy the nice view of the great city of Melbourne by the pier. 
It's really really beautiful!

As well as the wharf areas of Melbourne pier along with all the visiting ships.

We fully revel in this splendid scenery.

While walking back to our car, I saw many flowers lying on the field.
Lik smiled and said I could pick them up.

The music started to play.
My heart beat jumped very fast and my hand shake with sweat cold.

It's our love song ~Nothing's gonna change my love for you~

After all, it's a YES! for him.
I can see Lik was quite nervous too. *hehe*

We are finally not single and available anymore! *lovelove*

7 days more to go before our ROM.
I am nervous but yet excited to upgrade my status. 


Maple Shuh Hong said...

havne read yet. but u finally blog about it!!!

Maple Shuh Hong said...

read it! omg, quite excited for u! Should do a video about it, so we can witness it lively, ahaha

hiphippopo said...

Thanks Maple! Look forward seeing you again!