Diary S.T.R.E.S.S

Sorry blog
I have been MIA for almost a month
I am not good in the past few weeks
especially last week
Last week was the most terrible week for me

Workload is too much after the CNY holiday
Customers pushed a lot while workers were still absent in China
I have tons of follow up in my folders
Don't like

My maid has mental problem
We sent her back to the agent for counselling
My family was frightened by the incident from that night
It was so so so terrible

My HTC one was dead
It just dead all of sudden without giving any hints
I didn't do any backups with my phone
6000 plus pictures just gone with the wind

Sorry for the negative messages today
I hope tomorrow will be a better day
Please be good for me

I am off to Vietnam and Bangkok on Tuesday

Hope it's all good!

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