Conjuring Spirit Premiere Screening

It was nearly 1 year since my last movie review.
Thanks to Seeties Malaysia and Grabnocost, I had the opportunity to watch premiere screening of "Conjuring Spirit" before it release at the cinema.

The premier screening was held at Cathay Cineplex eCurve, on 7th April (last Tuesday).

It was nice meeting up with the Seeties bloggers on that night.
Glad to catch up with old friends; Audrey, Cecilia and Jane, also good to know new friends; Eddy and Selina.

At first, we all thought this is an English movie from the same director of Conjuring.
But then, we only found out it's actually a production from Vietnam. #laughdie 
Anyway, thanks again for the movie tickets, if not I will never get the chance to watch a Vietnamese movie (at least I know I won't spend money to go to the cinema.#lol)

The story happened in an old apartment.
Lan and her son have experienced strange things in their apartment from day to day after they moved in. She cannot move out because the rent there is very cheap and she cannot afford more than that.
So, she decided to investigate the true story behind this apartment.

There are few scenes that scared me off like when Lan was inside the bathroom by herself, a hairy ghost lady showed off with red dress, and whenever the music boxes open with the creepy music etc.
Some scenes are true enough to shock and scare me off!

The movie is now showing at the cinema.
The movie said "Open the box if you dare" and I would say "Buy the ticket if you dare"!

Btw, I have created a new hashtag #hippomovie on Instagram so I can share the movies I have watched.
Please feel free to follow me @hippo19
So see you there!

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