Who I met in GuangZhou

Finally, I have time to blog about something.
Something about what I have been doing in March.
If you follow my Instagram @hippo19, you probably got the updates that I have been away for a month.
From Vietnam, to Bangkok, and then to GuangZhou
Honestly, it was exhausted! Flying too much sometimes can kill!

I don't have much to write about Bangkok and Vietnam because they were just a short trip.
Although I have been to China many times, it is still good to write about it, so that I can read everything again to remind me of what I have been through after sometimes.

March in GuangZhou is hot, not as cold as it supposed to be for Spring.
I don't really enjoy the weather in GuangZhou because the sky is always so grey.
This post might disappoint some of you as you cannot find delicious food & beautiful scenery photos, also no good place to introduce, but only sum up the people I have met from all over the world.

You will definitely not leaving China without seeing Jenny!
Always look forward to see her to share stories together.
Glad to see her with more confident than before. Great job!

Have been knowing Justin for many years, about 5 years ago?!
He is from Taiwan, but he is taking care his family business in DongGuan.

Sami is very helpful and nice people to work with.
I always ask for good advice when it comes to logistic.

The trip to GuangZhou not only meetup with people we have known, but also meeting new people for future business opportunities.
I think they are very nice people to work with, at least the first impression was pretty good.

Yupa comes from Thailand, but she stays in Shanghai for many years.
She speaks very fluent Mandarin, also write good English.
Working with her has no worries because she is such a kind heart and detail person.

Another new people I met up at the furniture show, Linda.
I was a bit shy when she asked for a pic with us :p
Guess can see it from my face lol

Another great thing about this trip is to meet up with Robert and David.
The beer will serve wherever Robert and David are there. Haha

I like Robert, he is our UK partner who stays in Leeds.
I admire his business-minded, also his humorous and straightforward.

He is David, David Hoyle.
It's my second time meeting him, hopefully third time would be in UK!
David is passion about his works, and he can be very fun with beer talks.

Tom, from Hong Kong.
A very generous and well experience man.

Last but not least, a great dinner with people from different countries; Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
Well, I guess it would be good enough to end this post!

Stay tune to my next post, it's gonna be food post!

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