4 Fingers Crispy Chicken @ Singapore

Hey all! Hows' everyone doing today?!
Before continue other posts from Kuching, I would want to do a short write up from my last week trip in Singapore.
Yeap, I was in Singapore, for the girl friends' gathering.
It was a fun trip, although everyone feel tired; it was like half died after we all home sweet home.

We didn't get to expose many places in Singapore, even though to get a good coffee.
However, I came across this Finger Crispy Chicken while doing a short shopping at the Tampines 1 shopping mall.
Obviously it was suggested by me, a true Korean fans to try this out. #lol

The store was full of people and long Q whenever we passed by.
We decided to queue up anyway because I wanted to try it out so desperately.

The store is very limited seats available.
So, the best way is to get someone to reserve a table before your food ordering.
If you come alone, probably do a takeaway would be a good option for you; we took about 20-25 minutes to get a proper table for 4.

The complete menu has quite a variety of choices.
All food can either comes in Al-Carte or combo sets with fries and drinks like Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Ice Lemon Tea.

After ordering, you will get a buzzer like the one I am holding, this round buzzer will light up when your food are ready to pick up.

Here is where you collect the food, you can see the area is with all necessary condiments and utensils. 

Happy girl with her favourite food! #hehe

Here comes the food review~~~
We ordered a set with 6 pieces of soy bean fried chicken.
This Ala-Carte set costs S$7,95, which is about RM22.25; kinda expensive if you convert it to Ringgit. #arghhh

Keep in mind that soy bean is always the signature flavor for the Korean fried chicken.

This Calamari looks very good on the menu, a combo with fries and drink costs S$9.95, about RM27.85.
We all think the taste isn't that good, isn't what we expected; it's tooooo salty.

One of the best try at 4 finger, Katsu Chicken Sandwich.
Also S$9.95 for a combo set with fries and drink. 

I personally like it very much because it's kinda special combination of chicken with fried bread. 

Generally, we found the food qualities are pretty down, not very worth the money. #sorry
But, it would be worth for first try if you ever tried any Korean fried chicken before. :)

Ending this post with some of our pictures. #hehehehheeee
Say HI to my pretty babe, Winnie!
Many people said we look like real sister, what do you think?!

You must have seen Kay everywhere in my blog or on my IG @ hippo19.
Another best bestie in my little world whom I wanna intro to you, Stella #lol

Our Welfie!
Missing you all already :(

4 Finger Crispy Chicken
10, Tampines Central 1, 
Singapore 529536
Notes: they have another 4 outlets include Changi airport in Singapore.
Tel: 6572 5522 / 6572 5523

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