Citadines Apartment Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak

During the long weekend in May, I traveled to East Malaysia, Sarawak.
At first, me and my parents thought of going to Australia, but it was kinda rush to plan a long trip, so we decided just to go somewhere nearby to have a nice break.
Well, this is my 5th times I went to Kuching, so this little small town isn't that fresh for me. #heehee

Since I am travelling with my parents and elder niece this time, we have booked an apartment hotel which recommended by Kay, a pure Chinese Sarawakian. #lol
Citadines Apartment Hotel, located in the prime location of Jalan Simpang Tiga.
The location is great since it is nearby to the airport, also it is very convenient with few restaurants and cafes.

Plenty restaurants and cafes offering local and international dishes around the corner.
If you are a waffles lover, do not miss out the Dot Cafe! They offer various of waffles and coffees at reasonable prices.

Besides all the dining spots, the Spring Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in East Malaysia is just located across the road which is accessible via the pedestrian bridge.

The first impression when entering the lobby is very cozy, and the receptionists are very welcoming and friendly.
A welcome drink will be served upon your check in.

The hotel provides free WiFi.
Not sure if the signal caused by too many traffic during that preiod, we didn't pick up good WiFi signal either at the lobby nor in our rooms.

As said it is an apartment hotel, the unit completes with separate living and dining areas.
This gives us more space for a family stay and it is truly homey and peaceful.

This is the master bedroom; comes with it's own TV as well as the bathroom.

The en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom has a bath with shower over.
But, it was a shame that this hotel did not provide any toiletries.
Btw, the beds were made and fresh towels were provided every day.

The second room is very simple, with only 2 single bed, and a closet.

The other bathroom which just next to the second bedroom had a walk-in shower.
Water pressure in the shower is always a big deal to me, and this shower has definitely pass my test! #haha

The living room is comfortable and with ample space to move around.
I would say this kind of apartment hotel is good option for family trips because you can spend as much as previous time with your family rather then go back to your own rooms after the day outings.

One of the cons we found from the living room was the overall cleanliness.
My niece catch a number of ants over the carpet area which we felt very irritating.
I did made a complaint right after our stays, and glad that the management has resolved the issue pleasantly.

We were lucky enough to get the room with such a nice view like this!
Ever since I started my weekly workout, I always want to book a hotel with pool so that I can keep my regular workout even though I am on vacations.

The 4 bottles of water plus tea, coffee and creamer were supplied every day.

The kitchen is equipped with all the necessities like microwave, fridge, electronic kettles, electric stove and mild cooking utensils, it's good enough for you to make a yummy homemade meal if you want to.


The fitness centre is located at the same floor as we stayed.
The place is clean, well-maintained and with full fitness equipment.

The outdoor surrounding is big, and it provides one small pool for kids and one big pool for adults.

Overall, despite some cons that have mentioned, we are quite happy with the hotel in generally.
I hope the management will continue improve their services, and be able to provide the BEST to their customers.

Alright, that's all for today!
Hope this post is helpful for you.

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