I made my own sandwich @ O'briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

I remember the last time I made sandwiches was during my life in the university when I was working at the dining hall which located inside the campus center.
It was an interesting working experience for me without a doubt because that's the place where I learnt to work in a fast-paced working environment.
Thanks to O'Briens Irish Sandwich for having me on last Sunday, so that I have the chance to recall the memories of working in the kitchen. #hehe

I believe you all must know about O'Briens, and I also believe you all must seen of the outlets everywhere in the city.
To make it short, O'Briens is an life-style Irish sandwich chain cafe, founded in 1988 by Brody Sweeny in Dublin, Ireland.
It has been been expanded to over 200 stores worldwide, whereby they now have 21 outlets in Malaysia which easily accessible to anyone who is looking for a healthy wholesome meal.
However, do you know what actually makes O'Briens so special than the other sandwich cafes?

#1 O'Briens outlets are all design with the latest trend directly from Ireland whereby you can have the chance to experience the Irish cafe style without flying all the way there.

#2 Their breads are baked with special formulated Irish recipe; for example their Focaccia bread is made in the shape of Shamrock which is the epitome of Ireland and represent good luck.

#3 O'Briens believe everyone of us should deserve freshness and finest ingredients; hence, all their sandwiches are using premium ingredients such as chunky tuna in brine, smoked chicken slice and top-notch quality beef.

#4 They even have the sauces which only available at O'Briens with their in-house Irish recipe.

#5 All coffee are freshly grounded and brewed in the style of Italian master roaster with two premium coffee beans which are Arabica and Robusta.

#6 The juices are freshly made at O'Briens whereby it will help retain the nutrients in the juices even though after long hours exposure.

After knowing more regarding O'Briens, it's time for me to make my own sandwich!

O'Briens has 7 breads in the menu which are white bread, wholemeal bread, wholemeal Shambo (in-house specialty, with Irish Shambo shape), facaccia Shambo (for herb lovers), ciabatta (Italian style), multi-grain (high in complex), wrappo (good for diet).
I go with the facaccia Shambo as I wanted to try their in-house specialty.

There are loads of main fillings at the bar with egg mayo, plain chicken, chicken mayo, chicken slice, chicken crisp, chicken sausage, mild spicy herbs, volcanic chicken, piri-piri chicken, turkey, beef, plain tuna, tuna mayo, and smoke salmon.
I like beef so I decided to give a try their premium beef as well as their special chicken crisp which only available at O'Briens.
I strongly suggest you to add an extra chicken crisp as it make the sandwich more crunchy and crispy.

O'Briens has quite a few varieties of cheese too which are cheddar, swiss, mozzarella. brie, feta and parmesan.
Once I decided mozzarella cheese to use on my sandwich, then it is ready to be in the oven.

Oppps! Look at my face of "what to do next"? #lol

#lol After the sandwich is out from the oven, you need the salads to pair with your sandwich.
To avoid the decidophobia of selecting total 18 salads (mixed peppers, roasted peppers, red onion, sweetcorn, black olives, croutons, pine nut, walnut, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, lollo rosa, lollo bionda, watercress, sundried, roasted brinjal, roasted zucchini, and coselaw) that on the bar, I had a simple choices of Lollo Bionda, tomatoes, and red onion.

O'Briens has 10 sauces which are uniquely prepared at their own; basil pesto, cream cheese, honey mustard, aran island, ballymaloe, ceasar dressing, Italian, cranberry, guacamole (made from fresh avocado), and houmous.
Mustard is always my favourite, hence I choose honey mustard for my sandwich before cutting it into half.

During the process of making the sandwich, I realized that O'Briens is not only careful in delivering the right ingredients, but also the food presentation.
Look how precise of each ingredient is stuffing inside the bread!

Tadaa! I am ready to serve my "Beef Sandwich"!

I like the bread which gives softer, fluffier texture, and the filling inside is ensuring that every bite is equally delicious!
Yummylicious is overloaded!

You can create your own sandwich at O'briens too by choosing 1 bread + 1 main filling + 3 salads + sauce @ RM13.90 only.
Besides the fresh made sandwiches, O'Briens also offer salads, wrappos, soups, freshly squeezed juices, refreshing smoothies, gourmet coffees, cakes, Irish snacks and outside catering platters.

Once again, thanks to O'Briens and Seeties.me for creating such creative, fun and exciting workshop!
I truly enjoy all the moments of that day!

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe
Website: O'Briens Malaysia
FB: O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe Malaysia
For delivery service, you can call 1-300-30-300

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