Gamcheon Culture Village @ Busan Korea

Let's continue my Korea journey at Gamcheon Culture Village.
We woke up very early in the morning on the second day as we had many places to cover, since we only stayed there for 2 days.
I wanted to visit this village for long long time because of the up-down colourful housing that located at the mountain there.
For me, the entire view look so gorgeous from the pictures!

We took taxi from where we stayed in Busan, which is about 25 minutes to arrive.
Taxi driver stopped us at the bus stop, in front of the big poster and map of the village.
The map shows the village has a large area, but indeed it isn't that small though. #lol

There's a tourist information office located at the entrance.
I paid a visit inside while all the ladies were taking photos outside; I remember the official website said that you can actually purchase a small booklet from here.

That's the booklet from the tourist information center which cost KWR2,000, about RM7.00.
By having this booklet, you will need to go for chop hunting as there is a puzzle where you can search for chops in some building inside the village.
Once you complete all the chops, you will then get a small prize.
It's fun to have such mission during the visit as it helps you not missing any important spots.

Are you ready with the beautiful village now? Come, let's follow my footstep!

Gumcheon Village, also named as Taegeukdo Village.
It started as a very poor living village in 1900's and became a place of many refugees after the Korean War.
In 2010, the community transformed this place into an arts and cultural village, and converted abandoned homes into exhibition halls, shops, and cafes.
And now, it's also a place for the local art college students to display their artworks to the public.

Hence, it's like a little art exhibitions as there are lots of interesting and humorous works of sculpture and murals along the whole route.
All you need to do is just find a good spot and you will be able to take many nice photos. #hehe

One of the artwork of People, and Birds by Jeon Young Jin.
It has a meaning of; everyone probably wish to let go everything and flying freely in the sky like the birds.

The artwork of Our Village Gumcheon by Jin Young Seob.
It means you can feel the sense of unity although different people stay in the similar houses.

And artwork which full of Korean hangul, Nostalgia by Park Eun Seng.
It's Jeong Ji Yong's poem "Nostalgia" which illustrates the past, present and future.

We walked slowly up to the hill to catch the main attraction of the low-rise houses up at the mountainside.
All houses are painted in different colours, thus it has a beautiful and colourful panoramic view.
It looks so interesting, isn't it?!

I was like "Oh well, I am finally here standing right at this scenic view".
You wouldn't know how much I wanted to visit here after I knew about this place.

You can meet the Little Prince at the observatory deck!
This artwork is from Na In Ju which has a meaning of the little prince and desert fox departed from the stars and came to the village. They stopped during their journey and sat on the banisters to look down on the village.
If you are one fan of the Little Prince, don't leave the village without saying Hi to him!

Not only in Seoul and Busan Tower, you will also get to find many love locks at Gamcheon. :)

There are many stairs to climb up and also some bumpy roads and narrow path around the village.
So be careful with your steps and seriously no high heels if you want to walk comfortably.

This is the chop collection I mentioned above.
I didn't manage to get all as we were a bit rush for the next attraction, also we didn't really follow the map during our trip.
The House of Peace is the only chop I fulfilled.
I will keep and complete it till my next visit. #fingercrossed


It would be much appreciated if we can stay quiet and polite during your walk as this village is still full of residents and I think it is good that we can pay our respect to them.

If you are thinking where to visit in Busan, trust me, this is the place for it!
It's really worth travelling there once if you are in Busan city.

That's my story at Gamcheon Culture Village.
I hope you enjoy the travel journey with me!
Till next time ya babes!


Anfield Yee said...

OMGGGGG.... The village got the Santorini feel!!! I wish I can go there one day! *day-dreaming ing*

minniechang said...

oh gosh so pretty with the color buildings. Would want to visit one day :)

jessytheklchic said...

babe. so pretty la your pictures. as if you are the main character in a korean drama show. haha :D

hiphippopo said...

Hi SinYee and Minnie! Indeed the village is really beautiful. I want to visit there again in future, because one time definitely not enough lol. Hehe

Thanks Jess! Did you slim down a lot recently? I think you did, right?! :)