Born This Way @ Korea Althea Beauty Box #29

Hello pretties!
Welcome back to my beauty post!
Today, I'm gonna share another Althea beauty box with you all!
If you are into K-beauty, I'm sure you must hear about Althea before.
Althea is your one-stop beauty shopping website which brings the K-beauty all the way from Korea to Malaysia.
Ever since it arrived in Malaysia, they have been introducing many Korean products to all K-beauty fans; well the prices they offer are very much competitive too!
Just recently, they have released a series of beauty boxes with different themes.
It's my second time doing an unboxing for Althea beauty box, and you know what?!
I'm always feeling excited to do it because the beauty box surprises me every time. :)
The first Althea beauty box I had was the Althea Total Brightening Box, where you can check my full review at here.
And now, let me start the unboxing with the Althea beauty box #29, Born This Way!

Beauty Box #29 of Born This Way is about creating a soft baby-like skin.
The box comes with total 8 full-size Korean beauty products, from skincare to makeup:
#1 Pure Smile Art Point Pack
#2 Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam
#3 Beuins Nutrient Emulsion Skin
#4 3CE Back To Baby Pore Velvet Primer
#5 Max Clinic Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill
#6 Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow
#7 Etude House Dear Darling Ice-Cream Water Gel-Tint  (Watermelon Red)
#8 Dr Mind Apot Red Mask

#1 Pure Smile Art Point Pack
What it is?
It's a set of very cute point pack pads that comes in a white colour sheet, but in a very colourful fruit face covers.
When you are wearing these pads, they give you a cute appearance, so you can take a photo and share in your social media!

Comes with a very colourful packaging yet great for hydrating on specific areas and perfect to bring along your trips too!
It contains fresh grapefruit extract to even out skin texture and brighten the skin.

How to use?
After cleansing, simply put the mask on face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
Apply this point pack pads to the desired areas for targeted hydration.

My thoughts
It's super fun to play around with the point pack pads.
Also, it has a super sweet fruit smell once the pack is opened.
I love it, not only because it looks cute, also it really help to moisture my dry skin on specific areas such as T-zone and cheeks.
Super love how these adorably desired packs take care of my skin!

Step #2 Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam
What it is?
This gentle foaming cleanser infused with green tea extracts helps to wash off makeup residue and dirt from inside pores, keep your skin feeling clean, young, soft and bright.
As it is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, it also can prevents your skin from aging, dehydrated and damage skin from UV rays.

The cleanser comes in a simple green tube packaging.
I always love this kind of packaging for a cleanser, because it's very convenient to bring around compare to the pump bottle packaging.

Jeju Green Tea ➛ hydrate and recharge your skin
It's a green tea extracts from the fields of Jeju island has abundant plant life which helps for deep hydration and cleanliness as well as leaves your skin smooth and supple too.

How to use?
Squeeze some foam into your hands, with a bit of water to create a lather.
Massage the milky foam into your face, and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

My thoughts
What really made me like this cleanser is it contains the tea flavour.
I love green tea products because they always come with a pure taste, and give a kind of refreshed feeling after that.
I can't say it is a perfect cleanser, but it does provide clean, supple and fresh feeling overall.
Some cleanser might cause dry skin after cleansing, but this green tea cleansing foam doesn't make my skin feel like it's drying out.

Step #3 Beuins Nutrient Emulsion Skin
What it is?
Dehydrated skin can lead to fine lines and wrinkles appearing earlier than they should.
So, it is very important to keep your skin hydrated all day with this highly concentrated emulsion skin made with natural ingredients.
It helps to prevent your skin from dehydrating after cleansing and keeps your skin moisturized all day.
Beuins Nutrient Emulsion Skin is suitable for all skin types, with all-in-one function of anti-aging, whitening, and smooth and moisture skin.
It is a lightweight moisturizer that nourishes, hydrates, and improves elasticity for health baby-like skin.

The emulsion comes in the form of a pink bottle, which definitely can delight you when you see the pink packaging.
It's cute and lovely!
Moreover, it is in a pump bottle instead of a pour bottle, which it's really easy to control how much product you want out of the bottle without over-pour it.

#1 Calendula Extracts ➛healing your skin by stopping outer material activities
#2 Centella Asiatica Extract ➛improve tension and wrinkles, prevent colouring, improve membrane of skin and keeping moisture (FDA approved contents)
#3 Adenosine ➛A kind of protein of skin reforming skin cell effective for wrinkle.

How to use?
Apply all over your face in morning and evening after cleanser, and before skin toner.
For me, I use emulsion in day and night; the only difference is I skip the moisturizing cream in day time.

My thoughts
Recently, emulsion becomes an essential in my morning makeup routine because emulsion is less creamy than moisturizer cream, yet it helps to keep my complexion hydrated from the inside out.
As I don't like to apply heavy creams to clog my pores and also create a thick makeup look, so emulsion is always my best choice!
Beuins Nutrient Emulsion Skin is slightly more watery than moisturizer cream which get absorbed quickly into my skin, and also works well on on my combination skin without drying out.

Step #4 3CE Back To Baby Pore Velvet Primer
What it is?
It's a tone up primer that brightens your skin for a youthful glow.
This velvety-smooth primer helps to cover the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles,skin irregularities and blemishes.
And if your face is oily, it helps to absorb the excessive oil on the skin, whereby your foundation will last longer.

The primer contains in a lovely pink tube for easy control of the product amount and allows anyone to create flawless professional-quality makeup.

Though it comes in creamy formula, but it's lightweight texture which keeps the skin well hydrated, also the finishing looks matt and powdery when you apply the primer on your face. 
After blended the cream on your skin, it leaves a white cast and instantly brightened up the skin.

How to use?
After sunblock, spread a thin layer over the whole face or a specific area where the skin imperfections you want to hide.
Do not apply too much to prevent cakey makeup.

My thoughts
First thing I love about this product is the lovely pinky packaging, also it is very light and small, which is easy to carry around.
It's so easy to fall in love with it's great lavender smell.
This primer has a natural coverage, so you actually don't need to apply too much, a little bit of amount is good enough to cover the uneven areas.
Since it is in a cream type, I would suggest to use a face sponge instead of fingers to push the cream evenly on your face. 

Step #5 Max Clinic Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill
What it is?
Protecting your skin from UV rays is one big step to create a youthful look.
100% natural mineral powder with SPF 46, PA+++ keeps the skin looking fresh, and brightens your skin tone while covering blemishes and enlarged pores.
It is suitable for people who want non-sticky sun care, hate to wear a separate sunscreen, have skin problems with sunscreens, trouble with sunscreen because of makeup clumping, and doesn't like heavy textures.
It's an oil free and chemical free product that allows everyone in the family to use on both body and face with 100% natural mineral sun powder.

The packaging is cute and compact.
It comes with an all-in-one set, which includes a puff, powder and mirror. 
It's very convenient to bring everywhere with you for retouches because it won't take so much space in your handbag since the weight is just 12 gram. 

It uses 100% natural materials like the other famous brands used in Sunkill which is suitable for all skin types, includes sensitive skin. 
It doesn't contain Benzophenone-3 or Paraben-6, but only 100% premium imported Italian Intercos mineral ingredients.

How to use?
Turn the lid counter clockwise to open, then tap the puff sufficiently on the back of your hand so contents are gradually layered
Spread on your face or body as if pushing.

My thoughts
It looks like a new sunblock + powder together.
It's so easy to use as I don't need to put liquid sunscreen on my morning routine which not only save my times, but also money. :)
With just a few dabs from the puff, I can get an even complexion.
However, I think the colour is quite light, so I think it might not suitable for dark skin.
I have quite a fair skin, but somehow I think this powder is still a bit too "white" for me, however I think this powder does a a very good job at adding the coverage to my makeup routine.
Anyway, compare to my favourite BB cream, I still think BB cream is best to control in terms of the application and have the best natural look.

Step #6 Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadow
What it is?
Giving off a fresh look, and lively appearance with a single touch of the mono eyes eyeshadow.
The pinky coral colour not just to give you a youthful look, and also a monochromatic look!

The packaging looks very stylish with black plastic case and cover.
It's definitely travel friendly and easy to store since it is small sand doesn't take up a lot of space wherever you go.
Also, it doesn't weight a lot because it is just about 2.5g.

It has a very soft texture which provides a super soft look on your makeup.
Probably you need to apply more than a layer because the powder is very fine.

How to use?
Use either your finger or brush to apply an appropriate amount for beautiful eye makeup.
It can also use as blusher on your cheeks too!

My thoughts
It's my first time using such lovely eyeshadow colour and I love how natural it looks in overall.
However, since it is in matt powdery texture, it can be a bit chalky, so for me, it's better to pat the shadow on the lid instead of sweep it on. 

Step #7 Etude House Dear Darling Ice-Cream Water Gel-Tint  (Watermelon Red)
Get a vivid beautiful colour in just one swipe!
This little gel-tint comes with 4 different shades, and this is the watermelon red.
It's a moisture tint that expresses sweet colour like ice-cream as it refreshingly melts into the lips.
Moisturizing pomegranate and grapefruit extract will make for long lasting comfortable wear. 

Super adorable! Super cute! Super sweet!
They represented the gel tint in a form of an ice-cream, don't you think it's such an attractive packaging idea?
I bet you will fall into it even if you are not a person who like cute things. #lol

It's in a watery foam, so it's easier to apply and control compare to a matte lipstick.
The colour is very strong but lovely and sweet.
As my lips looks quite pale, so I prefer to apply at least 2 layers of it.
Love it's smell because it smells so sweet and fruity too!

How to use?
Adjust the amount of product on the applicator tip and apply from the inner lips to the outer lips with natural gradation.

My thoughts
It's a good water gel tint to moisture and refreshing my lips.
My lips didn't dry out the whole day.
Also, I'm surprised with it's longevity as the colour stayed on my lips for at least 6-7 hours.
Lastly, I think it's sweet and fruity smell won my heart the most!
I feel like eating an ice-cream now!

#8 Dr Mind Apot Red Mask 
It's a special gift came together with the Born This Way Althea box.
This mask pack is an intensive skincare on stressed and irritated skin because it helps soothing, improve skin texture and balance up your oil-water on your skin.
I think it's worth a try since it's selling just RM3 for one sheet at Althea website now. :)

Alright pretties!
So, these are the 8 products from the Born This Way beauty box, and the beauty box is only available at @ RM116.00 (for all the 8 items).
The beauty box is always out of stock very quickly, it's well worth to subscribe the newsletter for their latest updates with new product launches!
I guess that's all I want to share for today.
If you guys are using any of the products from the Althea beauty box, do let me know what you think about them yea!
Till then! xoxo

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